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  1. Just to let you all know I am not dead. Dealing with some health and other issue. Miss you guys. Will be back playing when I am able.
  2. 409 in 146 on warrior 513 in 153 days overall
  3. Hey guys as some of you might have notice I have not been on as much as i use to. Real life has been hectic. I will try to be on when I can, and will be checking the forums daily. I have a couple of large commission painting jobs(2 full 40k armies and a couple knight titans) usual spring outdoor work(flower beds. opening pool ect) and the largest of all is training our new boxer puppy. I will try to be on at least once a week as time allows.
  4. Kodan all the way. Who can resist a teddy bear in belly armor.
  5. Great idea and great art work. I will be there as real life allows.
  6. It is going to be hard to choose they all look great.
  7. I was lucky enough to have my compounds portal come out at a near perfect fortress for Wither Skeleton farming. I have got 4 skulls just working on it and would like to open it up for everyone to use. You can access it by going to the nether hub, then the red line, use the first lower exit. Take the rail road all the way to the end. There will be a portal there and a ladder down to the fortress. Just follow the signs. There is also a blaze farm there. It is nothing fancy just go under the spawner and beat them with a stone sword. Enjoy Fizz
  8. I will be there. .Sorry had to wait to find out if I had to go out of town again.
  9. Hope you are feeling better Chains
  10. Letting everyone know I won't be on TS or GW2 until this weekend because I am at WVU with my daughter. It is her spring break but she has to work so I came up to stay with her awhile and this laptop does not have the horsepower to run GW2 and does not have a extra usb for my headset,but it will play minecraft so you will see me on there Chains.
  11. Hope your feeling better, Go when you can, it is not a emergency just don't ignore it. I was doing a little fathering in that post. Sorry it is hard wired after 21 years. You may want to go to the drug store and get you some B6 or any B complex vitamin that has B6 in it. also most carry some sort of splint for carpal tunnel, Here are the exercise you can do and if you can take it, Aleve (generic works just the same and is what I use) is the best anti inflammatory pain medicine for this type of pain, Keep taking it for a total of 10 days even once the
  12. Your friend :Kit hope you feel better. Now the surgical RN: You are describing what appears to be carpal tunnel syndrome. It can come and go. It caused by repetitive motion(probably from your typing) causing by a thickening of the tendon sheath in the "heel" of the hand impinging on the nerves of the hand causing numbness tingling and pain in fingers and palm. . I had severe CTS in the right hand and still have severe to moderate in my left. You need to have it checked It can be treated with medication, physical therapy and B vitamin complex. and in severe case surgery, though at you age I d