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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering. I'm still here and logggin into WS just about daily...though I've been focusing on PvP. I've co-founded a circle with well over 60 geared exiles and we routinely win premade BGs..PST for invite! . Also, I've managed to, by sheer force of will and determination, legitimately earn most of the 1500 arena set with another warrior. Would have preferred to keep the rating in the fold...but w/e. Maybe one of you 1800's can help carry me the rest of the way soon! Love Always and Forever, Azi
  2. Azzimov


    Yo, Somebody ought to promote me so that I can update the gmotd or something to at least give the appearance that some of us login. Where everybody at? Is everyone waiting for drop 3? I could really use a warrior partner for 2s arena and now that bronze age is goin' i need to hit up stormmaiden and skullcano. Love Always and Forever, Azi
  3. Somebody wanna update meh? Azzimov (Stormtalon, Kel Vorath, Swordmaiden, Skullcano)
  4. It's been a rocky road as a healer in PvP...especially as a Medic. Healers were God mode for a while there. Then came the huge nerf about 6 or so weeks ago alongside the PvP stat changes (PvP Offense/Defense). That nerf made healers in PvP largely irrelevant...essentially dead weight on any team. About 3-4 weeks later, there was a slight buff...but I don't think it went far enough. I'm happy to report that, at least in my opinion, the buff that went out last week ( 10% buff to healing, 10% nerf to damage) seems to have put things in the right place. Healing in PvP now seems fair.
  5. I will be on this evening and available for medic healz or dps. I haven't been in skullcano yet so I definitely need to learn.
  6. So...the patch was fairly kind to healing medics and for that I'm grateful....but when you have 2 healers with over 1.5 million healing and another damn near close to a mill...and you still get shit on....i'm just man?
  7. Jiggles does make an excellent point. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, get a tricked out non-apple lappy and throw linux on it. You can go on step further though....if you want to improve your chance of getting laid while you're doing homework at the coffee shop, throw an apple sticker on top for a bit of hipster flair. You can laugh yourself all the way to the bank while you're getting blown.
  8. I want to work on this, but for the past month or so...whenever I log in at 8pm on Tuesday and Wed....theres nothing going on. Did I miss a memo or something? Upon getting the lay of the land at 8pm...I've just been knocking out dailies and beating my head against the wall in practice BGs .
  9. I love my macbook pro 15". I paid about 2k for it about 4 years ago and it is still fairly beastly for what I use it for (it's not my gaming machine).
  10. Hi saparino. 20 year dev vet here. I'm willing to answer any questions you may have. My background is in systems integration, enterprise services, front end and mobile. Lots of languages. - Azz
  11. Healing medic here....looking for a 2s arena partner. Preferably warrior...but whatever will do. I haven't been in the arena yet, so my rating is whatever that is. I thought I hit up the MCG board before looking elsewhere. HMU . - Azz
  12. Welcome squeex. Your musical tastes are diverse and respect there. I'll cya in game . - Azi