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  1. Couldn't agree more. Love maple. Complexity will probably still get in during the expansion tournament, but that's fine... just happy team 8 got in because going through the process to be able to get into the lcs seems like a ton of work, and they deserve it. GGs all around boys.
  2. Believe and you can do it! It is a struggle, but most league players have been there!
  3. Wowz... looks really pretty. How much did it run you?
  4. purrrrrfect! knew something like this was coming.
  5. Welcome, and good luck on your candidacy!
  6. You from kato? I'm currently living in coon rapids myself.
  7. This is for Krauser because I just realized you're a fellow MN.
  8. Welcome. Good luck to you.
  9. Just saw the very interesting fantasy football thread. I'm not a football guy myself, but have a lot of experience in the fantasy hockey. Would there be an interest if I were to host a fantasy hockey league? Not trying to budge into the fantasy football you guys are doing, I just got excited.
  10. Swan

    Where my Dota ppl at?

    feel free to add me on steam! I play maybe one or two days a week. find me at misterswan
  11. Welcome to MadCast! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  12. I can't currently. We're going to reset the modem/router to factory defaults today, and try that out.
  13. I guess I was wrong. It seemed to be working for a while... now it's a little different, but still having issues. I figured it was working because it installed league no problem, but now i'm just running into a different bunch of stuff. A. I can't keep connected to league's chat service B. League keeps losing me... like members of my party will be in the queue for a game, and I'll still be in the loading room (i know this happens from time to time with people, but I thought I'd include it) C. On league I am missing invites D. Steam keeps freezing E. When steam isn't frozen and I try to install a game... I push it up to queue and it just shoots it down to 'requires update (not queued)' so nothing is installing F. The internet is hit or miss as far as random browsing goes. This is with almost a complete fresh wipe and install of windows 7. (installed flash, java, windows updates, ect.) So on one of leagues connectivity issues troubleshoot pages I ran an analyzer they recommended... I'm having issues at the moment loading things, so I can't tell if this is it, but this should be a link to the results: http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/restore/id=43ca253f-1333-90be9f0f-9af2-4c43-b62a Do you think it could be hardware related? (btw at first before I even re-installed windows I bought a new wireless adapter thinking the problem was that mine had broke, so i'm doing this with a brand new wireless adapter)