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  1. @MadCast: Apoz has applied to become a RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has thus earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating Apoz as our newest addition to the admin ranks. MadCast: Apoz, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congratulations!
  3. Sadly the EA for this has been pushed back to October 6th.
  4. Your permissions on the website and in Discord have been updated. Please note that your login name for the website is now: MadCast: Angelix .
  5. You are using nexusmods right? And the vortex mod manager?
  6. Hey hey! Glad to see another new Streamer! I myself started streaming recently and managed to hit affiliate about three weeks in. Granted, I was mostly streaming a very niche game that doesn't have many streamers but has a fair amount of people who want to watch people stream it (Dwarf Fortress). With that said, I also started hanging out in other streamers chats while they were streaming said game, and we talked about the game and about streaming in general. Most of those streamers became followers of mine, as did many of the other viewers. You want to try to form or get into a community based around the thing/s you play and stream. This can be significantly harder if you're just starting out and you're only streaming the top streamed games, as most people are going to flock to 'those streamers'. The biggest thing to realize is that it can take time, and requires patience. Don't let yourself get too discouraged too quickly, but tough it out and keep going. I'm willing to talk about any questions you may have when it comes to interaction, building followers, hardware/software setups for streaming, etc. Just catch me on Discord, I'm around all the time! Good luck, and have fun streaming!
  7. Your permissions have been updated! Keep in mind that your login username is now MadCast: FS Welcome back!
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  10. Google podcasts is.. odd. It should show up pretty soon. I see 1, 2 and 4 myself.
  11. That's right, TWO new episodes of the podcast Tableshop: Talking Shop on Tabletop have just been uploaded and published! This is a two-part series where we delve into the things that us GMs wish we knew before we started, where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and other things! Episode 3 is with a wonderful group of people who are newer to the GM scene, all with a little less than a years worth of experience (Some with SIGNIFICANTLY less than a year). Episode 4 is the converse of that, with a couple of people that have over a decade's worth of experience! These were recorded back to back and the second group did not hear or know anything that the first group spoke about. Some of the similarities are interesting, but you can definitely tell the difference between the 'new blood' and the 'old blood' in these! I had a TON of fun recording these, and I want to thank all of the guests who showed up: @MadCast: The Prince @MadCast: majorhoward @its-tzarina @horsedolphin3 for Episode 3 and @MadCast: Munsa and @MadCast: BedderDanu for Episode 4! Give a listen, please leave ANY feedback, and don't forget to check out our awesome new logo made by the one and only @MadCast: Kitty Stark! You can find the podcast at or wherever you normally find high quality podcasts!
  12. But you -could- with the Windows 10 version is the point I was making. It's all cross play compatible. I could run a server or realm or whatever on my PC, and connect to it with an Xbox, a Switch, and a phone all at the same time.
  13. Kitty must not know that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is Bedrock and is compatible with all other bedrock versions.