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  1. But you -could- with the Windows 10 version is the point I was making. It's all cross play compatible. I could run a server or realm or whatever on my PC, and connect to it with an Xbox, a Switch, and a phone all at the same time.
  2. Kitty must not know that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is Bedrock and is compatible with all other bedrock versions.
  3. You could do Rimworld, but it's a pale imitation to the glory that is Dwarf Fortress.
  4. Wow. Home Improvement is the show with Tim Allen that Bob Vila only guest starred on. Bob Vila's first show, 'This old house' ran from 1979 to 1989.
  5. Your permissions have been updated and your name has been changed to MadCast: Apoz as requested. Please be aware your new login username is MadCast: Apoz
  6. Hey all! As we're amping up for another new episode of Tableshop, it's time to open the floor for more questions! If you have any concerning the pros and cons of running a game Online vs running a game Offline please post them here!
  7. Oh yeah, the first episode is a prime example of "Winging it"
  8. Hello all! I am incredibly pleased to announce that the first episode of what was originally being called a 'DM Workshop event' that transformed into a podcast! We have an official name for it now. Tableshop: Talking Shop On Tabletop. The first episode is currently available on and spotify, and will be trickling out to the other major podcast providers within the next day or two so you can easily grab it from whatever podcast source you choose! The link to the main public page is here: Please be advised that this first episode is very rough, and we're finding our bearings, but this has the potential to grow into something fantastic for us, and for any of you that want to learn more about what happens behind that ever present screen. Please drop any comments you may have here, and look forward to another thread soon where you can ask questions to be answered in upcoming episodes!
  9. Hello! In this thread you can post questions you'd like answered, or specific points you'd love to hear touched on in the upcoming first episode of the DM Workshop! These can be for specific people (Such as myself, or Prince, or Munsa, etc.) but for the most part the questions will probably just be asked of whoever wants to answer them. The topic of the upcoming episode is: Planning vs. Winging it or, How to prepare for the pure chaos that is players.
  10. Hello All! After some discussion and a lot of thought, the format of this project is going to change a bit. Instead of a set time with members of the community present in a discord channel, we are instead going to treat this more like a podcast and prerecord the conversations between myself and the DM 'guests' as it were. This allows a lot more flexibility in when we can get certain people to be available for the conversation. This will also allow people who want to listen to these conversations to do so on their own time, and not be forced to set aside a specific chunk of time in order to participate. With that, we will be fielding questions from you, the community on anything about the particular upcoming topic you would like us to touch on. I will be making another post here soon where questions can be posted for the upcoming 'episode'. We may also hold a small free-form conversation after each episode has been released in case there are any questions that were missed, or didn't get asked in time and people would like more clarification on. This will be a LOT more informal, and could end up just being a bunch of us chatting about whatever. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about this update, please don't hesitate to let me know!
  11. MadCast Town Halls are meetings where representatives from current games branches and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. The next Town Hall will be in our Discord July 6th, 2020 @ 9PM EST. In addition, senior admins will be available and opportunities will be given for FMs and candidates to ask questions or express input about MadCast's game offerings, administrative policy, and other matters of concern.
  12. Hello all you fabulous table toppers! I am starting up what will be a regular or semi-regular event centered around providing would be DMs of all experience levels with the information and tools they need to successfully run a game of their own or to possibly make their own games better. I wanted to start this because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who aren't sure if they want to try to run a game on their own because they don't think they'll be any good. Well, none of us were great when we first started. It takes practice, but with these workshops I'd like to provide the community a chance to hear from some of the more experienced DMs we have here. There are already a fair number of us willing to lend our time and our knowledge to this endeavor. Because when everyone is more knowledgeable and confident, the more the tabletop community as a whole is uplifted. It will work like this: In between each session I will post a poll with several different topics available for vote. Whatever the most voted for topic will be what is covered in the next session. The first half of the session will be discussion from one of our experienced DMs about the specific topic, while the second half will have more of a Q&A feel to it, though still hopefully centered around the topic of the day. I don't see it being super serious of a discussion, as we're all here to help us all have more fun with tabletop. I have not determined a first session date as of yet as it may vary due to the fluctuating schedule of the DMs. For now though, please vote in the poll about what you would like to hear and learn about during the first session. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know! Also, if you are a DM and I have not approached you yet but would like to volunteer your time, experience and knowledge to this, PLEASE let me know!
  13. Munsa, you helped me get back into tabletop after a several year hiatus, then you allowed me to assist with this grand undertaking and I'm immensely grateful for it. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this hobby and how much I enjoyed being on both sides of the table. I appreciate everything you've done, and I'm with you in any way you need. I will also be here to help move Tabletop into the future! Thank you.