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  1. Oh snap! lookit that! *ahem* I, FS, HAVE FULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ToFM AND WILL ADHERE TO ALL RULES FORTHWITH. I would Prefer MadCast: FS cuz its cooler, and hyphens are for superman-64 fans. Thank you!
  2. People who put pineapple on pizza think that the live action The Last Airbender was the best iteration of the story.
  3. I think that Future Man would be right up your alley! Time Travel, an Apocalypse, Future Time Soldiers, and Kieth David with Herpes! *EDIT* OH! Also an abundance of immature humor woooo! https://youtu.be/7wgNIKrlYh0
  4. Pancakes are the literal worst, you cant even begin to finish them without them turning into a sweet sticky mush. Waffles hold up 100% better to the wear and tears of such large amounts of butter and syrup. #Wafflegang
  5. F-S

    Intro - FS

    Pleasure to meet you, and I can attest that all of my time with MadCast has been grand!
  6. F-S

    Intro - FS

    Great Tidings, MadCast, My name is FS. Some of you might remember me, others might know me IRL(sucks to be you). I was introduced to this community playing GW2 with Jiggles, and from there I got to meet a great many friends playing most of the same games I did. I'm mainly now playing Apex Legends(Caustic/Mirage main), Destiny 2(crayon titans 4 lyfe), Borderlands 3(Moze Main), MTG:Arena(im better than jiggles), Overwatch(woo tanks 5ever), DBFZ, and Tekken 7. Jiggles has been keeping me informed of the awesomeness that is your living campaign through 5e, and about the other game
  7. F-S

    Yo Mama

    Yo mama so fat, when she reads silently to herself she hears her stomach growl in her head... also HI EVERYONE ❤️
  8. Pointing out that the tags are over the top amazingly wonderful...especially 'jigglessucks', that ones the best
  9. Shhhhhhhh....don't be lettin people know about the hootie thing...its a secret >.>
  10. Well this is just frikkin awesome! Lemme just take a sec to thank Lister and BROTARK on their fine interview leading to much entertaining conversation and fun! Was honored to take part!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzrSVlOg_d0 that apollo brown though....
  12. MadCast: FS - Nelios(sniper), Subjection(sorcerer)