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  1. Relaxing after a long hard day's work.
  2. In a cage match? Putin, easily.
  3. If they're going to have 5 major conferences and a Group of 5 then it should have been an 8 team playoff from the start. Power 5 champions and best Group of 5 team get in, with 2 at larges. 1 Clemson vs 8 UCF 2 Oklahoma vs 7 USC 3 Georgia vs 6 Wisconsin 4 Alabama vs 5 Ohio State But it would be pretty difficult to schedule with 2 extra games after the main bowl games. Can't play on the first weekend of January because that's NFL wild card playoffs. They would have to play the semifinals on Monday or Tuesday then the championship game on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. This game is a lot of fun and I will be there. Edit: something came up and I won't be there.
  5. Why are they singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame when they're already at the ballgame?
  6. It really is a masterpiece. Massive, beautiful, highly detailed world with every climate and landscape imaginable. Hope they will use the same formula with Mario Odyssey.
  7. Changed my mind, I'm getting Splatoon 2. Pearl's ill rhymes and Marina's sick beats did it for me.
  8. I will pass on the squid kids. I've been playing BOTW's Trial of the Sword and even the "Beginning" trial is pretty challenging.