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  1. We can have any and all rooms that we'd like... at a cost. What we should do right now is figure out which of all of the rooms to use for those first rooms. 6 room points is going to fill up quickly, even doing 1 room point rooms for maximum utilization is only 7 (including the theater) rooms to start. Also the core building is going to be at no cost but we do need to buy any and all rooms and additional room points so while we have 8000 from donations to be able to fully use the 6 room points we will need a minimum of 15k or 7000 more than has been donated. Our 'Campus' is a modified 'College or large school' - A center of scholarly learning, concerned with a particular vocation, magical practice or bardic tradition. Contains lavish private quarters for up to 10 instructors and communal, if not entirely stark, living for up to 90 students. Comes with a free theater that costs neither room points nor gold. We just split the difference on the living quarters and instead of 100 mismatched rooms we are going to have 50 decent rooms. All of this in consideration I think that something like Tavern Smithy Garden (Druid Grove) Dinning Hall Chapel Stables Theater Feels like it ticks a lot of the boxes for everyone. Remember we were fortunate to have Trithemius find us a great parcel of lake front land not far from Moda Curas. We will be able to have docks and air docks and black jack and hookers or whatever else anyone could want and we can do it as a company, off the top of the cut or continue on a donation basis or even solo commissions would totally be possible. Plus we have a dedicated team of DM's and even if there is something that isn't explicitly contained in these 'Fortresses, Temples & Strongholds' books, or if you'd like to see about adapting something from another system of headquarters such as Franchise from Acquisitions Incorporated. We can be as basic 'this is the new screen we sit at between sessions that replaced the camp' or as ambitious as we'd like.
  2. @MadCast: Munsa "And so without even getting the chance to tell you his cool backstory Interlopers Inc. has slain the [REDACTED]"
  3. I just did a shift bid and I don't know what my schedule will be on the 1st. right now I work until 9:15pm on the 1st and could join after that but if I have a new shift who knows what I will be working.
  4. Date of Purchase (Posting): 02/22/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 1604 Gold After Purchase: 1529 Items purchased: 1x Spiked Armor (75gp)
  5. Hello @MadCast: Cloud and welcome to our wonderful community!
  6. Date of Purchase (Posting): 02/21/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 2104gp Gold After Purchase: 1604gp Items purchased: 10 Potion of Healing's - 500gp
  7. @MadCast: majorhoward and @MadCast: Kitty Stark "Your mother was a badger and your father smelt of Goodberries"
  8. I would be down for B tomorrow if there's room and @MadCast: Khaos is still planning on running it.
  9. I would be down for 'B'. I think there are way more then enough people that need to do 'A' but if it comes to needing 2 groups and are short I would gladly help my dear friend Trithemius.
  10. chapel - 1 room slot Cost 2,500gp A small chapel containing religious imagery, seating, iconography and proper accoutrements, alongside a modest library of holy texts and literature. The air hums with the resonance of hymns, and the comforting soul of the divine.
  11. I don't think that MOST of the other cons apply if we do this. because really we are combining the mobile and stationary base concepts to mitigate a lot of the cons. Kato isn't sure why people are all that bothered about means of travel that don't just involve turning into a gas cloud with him but he respects that its important to his friends.
  12. This would give Kato and Legoless a chance to mount that daring rescue mission the elf was asking about...
  13. All I did was put @MadCast: Kitty Stark map in DungeonFog and add a dock and a tower that could be used for an air dock if that ever was to be needed. This one is properly scaled per her map and sized for r20 70px grid.
  14. I didn't even notice that before you pointed it out. Can not unsee.