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  1. @MadCast: Qrow seems kinda sus Honestly its not been too terrible. I work at home, I usually never go to the store that often, just 1 or 2 times a month and thats the same. I still caregive for my mom and the only real difference is that my dad moved up to the cabin when covid hit and he could work remote so my dad has been around a lot more. the kids are distance learning and so they are home instead of at school but its all good. Dad fell off the wagon with everything so he left about 2 weeks ago to go to rehab for a month and I feel like sometimes the family expects that I should have
  2. @MadCast: Quanta is level 40 in Tarkov. We are all really proud of him.
  3. Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers way up
  4. Well shoot. there goes my plan to change my name to MadCast: MunsaIsMyMeatDaddy
  5. I am going to need to back out and switch to Thursday, I had something unexpected come up on Saturday.
  6. 3rd level fighter Sarka for Friday the 3rd
  7. Friday 26th @ 9pm. Sarka Stik, 2nd level fighter.
  8. Thursday June 18th @9:00PM est - Sarka Stik, level 1 some kind of fighter probably
  9. I can be an alternate for Friday May 1@9pm Kato 6 druid/1 cleric
  10. Good idea, thank you for taking the initiative to do that. I know going to the last page and counting to see if there was any slots available wasn't terrible but it was a little tedious.