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  1. you should get it. its like really fun
  2. @MadCast: Qrow seems kinda sus Honestly its not been too terrible. I work at home, I usually never go to the store that often, just 1 or 2 times a month and thats the same. I still caregive for my mom and the only real difference is that my dad moved up to the cabin when covid hit and he could work remote so my dad has been around a lot more. the kids are distance learning and so they are home instead of at school but its all good. Dad fell off the wagon with everything so he left about 2 weeks ago to go to rehab for a month and I feel like sometimes the family expects that I should have made sure that he wasn't drinking but at the end of the day I can't control that, he lives in a house that is on my property but he doesn't live with me so its not like if he was hiding drinking I could have really known but it is what it is. Glad he is getting the help he needed. I was probably a little depressed a little because of LDND and @MadCast: JigglesTheFett DND games ending with all of everything, I guess its not just like in a bubble covid but covid and the state of the nation and people of color being murdered by the police and the family stuff and friend drama and and and always feels like I am emotionally drained and sometimes I wake up and I don't want to reach for my phone because I don't want to get any bad news. I haven't been sleeping. I use to go places, not a lot but sometimes I would go down state to my brother's (Dan) or sometimes I would go down to visit Jiggles and I don't think I have gone there since before covid. Right before covid I had my exwifes brothers exgirlfriend and her baby staying here for a few month because she didn't have anywhere to live and that was a little stressful too... it was the weekend before my birthday I took her to her parents house and then my state locked down and my dad was here when the lockdown started so its like I never caught my breath after that. I use to entertain ladies too, I had a few different casual arrangements and thats kinda been thrown out the window too because of this and thats a bit of a drag. I am friends with some people that live down by my sister in another state and if it wasn't the end of the world I would honestly like to try and take a vacation and stop and see Jiggles and my sister and friends and maybe try and get out of my head a little. I have some projects around the house, nothing major but like these ceiling tiles are shitty and I need to just rip it out and dry wall it instead and I haven't done it. I have to rearrange the bathroom and the seal in the tub faucet is not working so it drips and it would only take an afternoon to move everything and redo the tub but I haven't done it. Sometimes boy 1 gets angry with his step dad and I feel like hes projecting anger at him from his mother and I and I don't know how to make that situation better. My car has some kind of electrical issue that I don't really know how to fix so I haven't been driving my car since last December and just ignoring its an issue. With all that thou TBH I am still working and not driving or going anywhere means that I have saved a lot more money this year than I typically do. I never had any credit when I was younger, instead of building credit and getting a mortgage I was really fortunate to purchase my house on a land contract. I have been saving about 60% of my income since I bought my house, both from my work @ home job and the work I do for my mother. my dad has 2 cars and told me I can always use the Spark for whatever I need to do and while I appreciate that it makes me feel like I am taking advantage of my parents sometimes... I know intellectually I am not but just in the back of my head Im like I am suppose to be doing things for them instead of the other way around now. Little things like tonight, boy 2 (AKA 'best boy') was playing Among Us with some of us on MadCast and after I had him head to bed people had nice comments about him and that made me feel like maybe I am not completely failing at everything so that was neat. ... I mean, 'its going'
  3. @MadCast: Quanta is level 40 in Tarkov. We are all really proud of him.
  4. Oh for sure. I might break my prepurchase rule for her.
  5. Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers way up
  6. Well shoot. there goes my plan to change my name to MadCast: MunsaIsMyMeatDaddy
  7. I am going to need to back out and switch to Thursday, I had something unexpected come up on Saturday.
  8. 3rd level fighter Sarka for Friday the 3rd
  9. Friday 26th @ 9pm. Sarka Stik, 2nd level fighter.
  10. Thursday June 18th @9:00PM est - Sarka Stik, level 1 some kind of fighter probably
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