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  1. Well shoot. there goes my plan to change my name to MadCast: MunsaIsMyMeatDaddy
  2. I am going to need to back out and switch to Thursday, I had something unexpected come up on Saturday.
  3. 3rd level fighter Sarka for Friday the 3rd
  4. Friday 26th @ 9pm. Sarka Stik, 2nd level fighter.
  5. Thursday June 18th @9:00PM est - Sarka Stik, level 1 some kind of fighter probably
  6. I can be an alternate for Friday May 1@9pm Kato 6 druid/1 cleric
  7. Good idea, thank you for taking the initiative to do that. I know going to the last page and counting to see if there was any slots available wasn't terrible but it was a little tedious.
  8. I want to give you 2 dollars just so that you can be the coolest one here
  9. I would like to see more @MadCast: Ascent and @MadCast: Icarus pls
  10. MadCast: Chibiushi

    Yo Mama

    yo momma so disappointed in her child. because you are her child and a huge disappointment.