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  1. blind pick is the devil. Mirror matches... *shakes head*
  2. Yes I am applying for full membership.
  3. I bought him on his release day, hes wicked cool takes some getting used to, not really used to playing mid laners very often, so I have to adapt my build ideas to that fact, I rush Rod of Ages and then Liandry's Torment and he pretty much destroys everything after that. so much fun.
  4. Hey all, my name is Evilbox, box for short, I was recently browsing the League of Legends forums and came across the MadCast recruitment thread and my interest was immediately sparked. I am a 22 year old Engineering Tech, looking for a gaming community to grow with and create the type of lasting friendship that comes from a group of gamers. I play League of Legends somewhat religiously, IGN - Evilbox00, I am currently low ELO but my skill level is getting better and better the more I get into the game. I am also what some would call an "MMO Addict," played 7 years of WoW and just moved on to Final Fantasy 14 Online, also hoping to find people to play with on there as well. I am very interested in becoming a member of this community, and I hope to be accepted into the MadCast ranks.