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    I enjoy PC gaming, pretty open-minded to it's content, however consoles aren't to my liking anymore.
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    Winning, Not losing, And Always Winning :)
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  1. Ya'll are mad brahs, me and daevax will be eating you out in pvp all day erry day.
  2. Kso, I'm not being biased, i've experimented and came to the conclusion. Sith is more fun, and alot easier to get by than Pubes. Pros of Sith: - Your a badass. - You can still be a good guy (aka wuss) - By level 25 you ACTUALLY have enough for a damn speeder (and then some.) - There is always people online in every map. - Pvp doesn't suck. Pros of Pubic: - Your blue... - Uhh.. cool companions? - Somethin.. somethin? Reasons why? I made a Sith, never got bored until I got PUB STOMPED 5 warzones in a row. So I was like Wah Tah Fah, is the classes on Pubic better or some shiet?? My guild (who you shall never know) was like nah nah nah fellow sith, try a pubic out, and come back when you say F*** that shiet. 1 day later I come back to Sith, laughing very hard after wasting a day of the Pubic faction. So my guild was like, how bout dat shiet? And this is how it went. First couple worlds (I was a jedi guardian so parties weren't an issue.) TROLLED general chat soooo bad that I had to ignore half of the players on there which SADLY was about like 40? (Which is nothing compared to Sith.) I finally get to lvl 14 (cause im not gunna pvp without sprint, fawwk that shiet) I pvp, and im excited to kick some c*cky Sith arse. We got pub stomped, and I came in first. My face: (>X.X)> So I brush it off, hit lvl 20 and go to pvp again. And guess who I see :kekekegay: HEY ITS JER! (whoever plays Jer for crimson hope). I'm wetting my pants goin awe yeah we gunna win homie. (Ofc, i never told him who I was). But.. we lost. Once again.. (>X.X)> Wah tah fah. SO. HERES MY FAVOURITE PART :3 I hit lvl 25 and I NOT ONCE spent money on equips, because I got pvp armor with all my failure warzones. And im ready to go roam and kill Sith's in tatooine and HAHAHA I can't afford a speeder. I DID ALL THE QUESTS >.> Pvp'd! Listen'nd TO THE WUSS STORY LINE. BUT I GET NO SPEEDER??? Y U SO CRUEL PUBICS.. So I rage quit (because who in their right mind would walk and do tatooine missions *lawlz*). And right back to my beautiful Assasin. :') My guilds like hey big boi, how was Pubics, ofc i told them everything i told ya'll and they said hahaha, so you understand why they win pvp alot when you quene? I'm like nah? Cause theyre all tanks and vanguards? They chuckle "hell nah, its cause they only group quene, we just trolled you to make you try pubic" I wasted a day of my life for nothing. Damn pubics..
  3. If your wondering what to look for in finiding us, type both Mine and Daevax's names backwards, and there you go . No more hints biatches.
  4. HAII GUYSS! IT KAHNY, AND ITS BEEN DURR WHILE. Anywho back to the mature stuff =.= I'm now declaring war on Crimson Hope as we (Me and Daevax.. who haven't picked a guild name yet) are now going to mortally hunt you in every world. May the first man die! That is all. SITH POWA!
  5. We were in a Dominion game when 2 trolls came, started telling bad jokes, then making awful sounds through their mic's. They asked not to ban them, or else they'd crash the vent server. They weren't lying.
  6. Hahahaahaha. I can't wait till I can hit the casino, I'll lose everything .
  7. HAHAHAH Thaoden made my day. This is factual information. * I think i made up the word "factual" *
  8. I have... 500 DOM WINS That is all.
  9. I stopped at 2:00, I'm gunna go wax my ears now.