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  1. Hello, This would be like my 4th re-introduction for MadCast. Lol I was here in the beginning and the serious OG's may remember me slightly as a medic/support player for Battlefield. A bit about me, I'm currently 37 years old, I live approximately 600 yards down the road from Maday himself, which is also where my PC setup is. I've been driving for the last 17 years or so and finally coming to a huge change in life where I should have time to get back into games a bit. While I'm not the most talented player I am clever and sneaky. I pride myself on figuring out ways around the enemy lines and keeping my fellow squadmates alive. Although I play a variety of games both on PC and Xbox I mainly stick to games like Ark, Fallout series and some shooting games like Sniper Elite. I dreadfully avoid COD and warzone alike. I have enough anger in my life, I dont need to add to it in my free time lol. I've currently been playing Valheim with Maday and looking at New World sometime in the near future. I'm excited for the new Battlefield to hit, I'm just hoping that I have a PC that will handle it without too many issues. Anyways, hope to meet and greet more here soon. Always good to come home, return to your roots and the like and cant wait to get started!
  2. Followed by "Jester you little shit, gimme my dog tags back"
  3. Hey guys and gals (if there are any still) Im Jester, been gone a long time but since Maday was able to redo my pc I'll slowly be working my way back into the Gaming World. Im a weekend warrior at best. In the past I've enjoyed the Battlefield series but Maday is always trying to find me something else to get involved with. A bit about me. Im 32 years old. Recently married to a beauty of a gal. She might end up trying to do some games on here as well. I have two boys. My oldest is going to be jumping at the bit to get a chance to play damn near anything. Sad to say he will be the gamer I never was. I work close to 100 hours a week which is probably the only reason why I am a weekend warrior. Anywho, hope to meet some new people and enjoy some good Gaming! Jester
  4. See..family. Thanks for all the support. I always believe there is light at the end of any tunnel. I am being evicted but I do have a place to go so Im not really worried about it. Worse thing that can happen is I'll throw my back out from moving a bunch of crap. I imagine I'll be back on track by the end of summer. Worse thing thats really going to happen so far is that I gotta move back in with the parents for a bit. Oh well. Save on a few bills in the mean time. First day of vacation and Im sitting in the garage on my laptop lol - kind of rained out but thats alright still having a great time.
  5. Hey peoples. I just wanted to apologize for my absences as of late. I thought things were going down a positive road for me for a change and then things took a bad turn and now Im trying to manage my way back. I know I was trying to set up a poker tournament but with the events that have happened recently I really havent even had time to sit down on a computer to do more than file some paperwork for work. First event: Not so big of a deal, but my computer completely died on me. I had to quickly go buy a computer and ended up getting a laptop bc if Im going to upgrade my gaming gig Im not going to buy all of my pieces from Best Buy. I'll eventually get with Maday and have him do a total upgrade. The laptop I bought can handle basic games, like the poker situation. But nothing too fancy. Second Event: Car accident - So I just purchased a 2010 Ford Escape XLT - its my baby, but I havent so much as made the 2nd payment on it when I slammed into a deer just on the outskirts of the city. What makes it worse is that I was covering for someone at work on my day off. I was kind of forced to come in. The cop wanted to give me 6 points on my license for driving away from the accident. I talked him out of it. All I did was drive a quarter mile down the road to a parking lot to see if there was damage, which there was..nearly 5 grand worth. Ended up finding out that my deductible was 500 dollars, but for some reason my other car is 50? So I really had to pay out the ass on that one. Third event: Kind of goes along with the 2nd, but I needed a rental car for work b/c Im a courier. My rental cost me almost a grand for 18 days. I was told I needed insurance purchased through them (rental place) before I could take the car off the lot..this was a lie. I had coverage through my insurance agency and b/c of this lie it cost me almost 400 dollars extra on my bill. I paid half in cash and half in credit b/c Im leaving for vacation July 3rd. But I am fighting the bill and am hoping to receive my credit back for the insurance part. Fourth event: I deem the "inspection" - I received a letter in the mail telling me that my Landlord wanted to do an immediate inspection on my apartment. We had 48 hours to clean up everything and call him setup the inspection. We failed..according to his projections anyways. Our plastic blinds were backwards, and that is a costly fix (took him 2 seconds to pull it out and reinsert it the correct way). My bed was too close to the wall which will eventually rub the paint away from the wall. Who cares? You repaint after every resident moves out anyway. But there has been no rubbing away. The bathroom floor is sticky. I've called him on this matter but he never chose to take care of it. For some reason during the winter the toilet leaked. We kept a towel around the base and changed it every now and then and some of the lint stuck to the floor. In my kids room he nit picked about a couple of stickers that were on the closet door. My son had brought home a couple of those gold stars from school. I thought I had found them all, and had explained to my 5 year old that he cant put it on anything except for his personal things. Each sticker I was fined 50 dollars. By this time Im a bit agitated by this guy and I just sit down in the family room with my youngest son. Landlord walks into the kitchen and sees the child safety locks on the cupboards and says well thats a 100 dollar fine for each one of these. Im like really? 100 dollars for EACH? The door probably cost 8 bucks in its self. He said its in your lease not to nail, screw or glue any child locks. I said yes, Im aware, these are suction cup. Im within my rights. Then the guy gets upset, starts swearing at me while Im holding my kid, getting into my face. I handed my son off to my woman and I got back in his face and told him Im not paying for a damn thing. He shoves the eviction notice in my hands and tells me to get the fuck out in 30 days. After doing some investigating I found that my Landlord is losing his house and has no where else to live. My lease was the next one up so he is making an excuse to kick me out so he can move in. Since I seem to have friends in high places I contacted my attorney and he found some major flaws in the eviction notice. He's halted the process and my Landlord has til July 5th to come up with a valid reason as to why Im being evicted. I havent heard a peep from the guy in a week. The fifth and final event: Family issues. I know this probably isnt the place to give all this personal information but I do feel like this place is my 2nd family and so I dont mind being this personal. I finally found a good job..like really good. It doesnt even feel like a job to me. Its a cake walk, things are going good and then my dad gets laid off and my sister gets fired from her job. So my mom and I are pooling our money together to help cover bills for the entire family. Again, eating into the vacation fund which I had planned to have around a grand to go up with is now looking like less that 150 bucks :/ but family is family and you gotta do what you gotta do. So again I apologize for my absence but once things calm down a bit I will be back again. Im keeping faith on things and trusting that things will be okay. I know that in life you gotta take the good with the bad. I just didnt want all the bad all at once, ya know? Lol
  6. Im probably one of the only one of my friends who might be purchasing xbox one. The reserve price of 499.99 Im waiting for maybe a bit more information. All of my xbox buddies are actually swithing to ps4..go figure since I just recently revisited my console gaming area. Now everyones going for something else :/ Im a bit shocked I havent seen Scooba make a statement here. He usually has a ton of valuable information. I usually look forward to his reviews..where are ya man!!?? For me, its not really the internet options. I mostly play games like Fallout and Skyrim, jazz like that. Kids play the arcade games so Im not sure the pricetag is really going to be worth it..unless they release Fallout 4 on the new consoles..then its almost a must..Im an addict..cant help it. I too, agree that the controller for the xbox is way better than ps..which is kind of strange for me to say since I grew up on playstation. Twisted Metal baby..loved it!
  7. Yeah this is all play money. Once an account is made they give you a couple thousand in virtual money. The club is called MadCast Poker Club Club ID is 614338 Password is madcastgaming Its a fairly quick setup from pokerstars.net. Just let me know when you do sign up, I have to accept ya into the group. Thanks again for joining.
  8. Sorry its taken me so long to respond, my email said I had only one response to this thread so I assumed there wasnt much interest. The way my schedule is looking is that I will most likely have Saturday nights available unless I get called in. So, to the admin that would like to schedule this with me, get ahold of me and let me know what Saturday you might be available. I'll set up the tournament. I have a few things to discuss with the person I co-host with so please PM me - I can even send ya my # if you want to communicate that way. I plan on doing this just a tad different this time, and I think it will spark a lot more interest. Im thinking an 830pm time frame. Some tournaments can last up to 2 hours. So I know you peoples will want to do at least 2
  9. This isnt the official announcement or anything, but I was wondering if there was an admin that would like to co-host this with me. Im looking for either a friday or Saturday time, any time of day, preferably at night. Im looking to promote this big with actual prizes involved. I want a large number of people to join this one, I'd say over 15 people If anyone might be available in the next few weeks, please PM me and we can discuss availability. I definitely would like to co-host as my schedule seems to differ week by week and I'd hate to throw a big event and somehow not be able to attend. I'll be poking at people on facebook, and on the madcast facebook page, after we get everything set and I'll announce a clue of what the prizes will be. I think with the addition of actual prizes might influence more people to play and maybe even play more seriously. No more all in on a pair of 2's. I know thats half the fun but I dont think with this group of people that will be anything to worry about. Get ahold of me. Thanks.
  10. I dont remember when but I had seen an article that said the U.S. is extremely behind when it comes to internet. Like the average connection in China is 100mb, the top of the line is the 1G, where the U.S. was only like 10mb (this was a couple of years ago though) - I'd like for them to force the issue out to get the better connection. The more it spreads the cheaper our 100mb will drop, which I think right now is basically $1 per MB if you go for the 100, Im currently paying around 28.99 for I believe 30..
  11. Yeah over the years Im getting quite jealous of your parents backyard lol. Who needs a man-cave when the porch looks that nice? Btw, if its still your job to take the pictures of finished jobs I wouldnt mind traveling along again. Especially those 40k+ jobs..
  12. Sounds like Cindy is the overall winner here..she did better each tournament til crowned Champ!
  13. 2nd That..I'll be buying it day one. Already trying to find beta information and ish
  14. BUMP!! 1 HOUR TIL WE PLAY!! Make sure you sign up for the TOURNAMENT..not just to the club!! We only currently have 7 people enrolled, we could use a lot more
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