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  1. oh, am I late to the party?
  2. This thread is still around? My longest thread of all time. May be the only reason newcomers have seen my AV, ha. Guess I'll post a recent enjoyable song,
  3. How old was that VelociRaptor drive? Hah, I had one many years ago, I can't imagine it's recent. M.2 is a nice upgrade, as is the RAM. Same gfx card, but that can easily be upgraded in the future. No NAS in RAID somewhere?
  4. Have a much belated happy birthday wishes from ole luda.
  5. luda

    Law School

    Good to see you're still doing well
  6. I've spent upwards of $600 on packs and expansions. I don't really like to look anymore. I have started buying Amazon coins to buy HS packs and expansions now to get some savings. I'll probably open around 100 packs total this expansion.
  7. Let me be the first to welcome Scooba into the fold of Blizzard gamers elite enough to receive a closed beta invite.
  8. Good luck to those hoping for closed beta invites. I didn't need any, just a Blizzard employee on my friends list.
  9. It seems my old account got flagged for the beta. I'll take it. Hey LT,
  10. In the words of Reaper during his ult, DIE, DIE, DIE