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  1. Welcome back, you rogue! Check out the MadCast Adventurer's league if you'd like to get into some more 5e goodness.
  2. Let’s start with where Band of Blades came from. A prior system, Blades in the Dark, was released in 2016 or so to widespread acclaim in the indie RPG community. It spawned a line of games run on the “Forged in the Dark” core system, including Band of Blades. Where Blades in the Dark is a game about a gang of scoundrels surviving in a dark fantasy city infested by ghosts and powered by the blood of enormous demon whales (don’t worry, we’ll play it soon enough!), Band of Blades is a gritty dark military fantasy, focused on a mercenary company called “The Legion.” Their world is bese
  3. You did not sincerely think you could get away from the Cinder King that easily, did you? The future is mutable and inscrutable. This is but one possible future, and I’m afraid it will not be kind... 6 Months Later... Mado Curas has fallen. Legoless Erenaur finds himself hiding on the second story of a burned out building in the northern part of the city. He peers out a broken window at an intersection below. Ranks upon ranks of humans in malicious black armor stand at attention, guarding a tall humanoid with a crown of green flames. Soon two monstrous corpse golems br
  4. @MadCast: RedJustice: “I would say that bears are difficult terrain.”
  5. Bring out yer links to free battlemap archives! I’ll go first: Over 150+ Maps: Maps made from overhead shots of Witcher 3 Locations: 40+ More Free Maps:
  6. “Fellow smashers! Bathos travel far and wide and find many worthless trinkets and baubles! But good news! Bathos find clubs! Many big clubs to smash! Bathos bring things to trade for gold so Bathos can buy bigger things to smash. Win win!“ The emporium now carries additional inventory at prices listed here:
  7. I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions. Please note that due to time constraints, my sessions will be shorter than most, lasting between 2.5-3 hours. Accordingly, all efforts to keep combat moving quickly will be thoroughly appreciated. With that in mind, for the first thirty seconds of your turn, your PC will have a temporary condition called “Prepared.” While this condition is active, all attack and spell rolls will enjoy a +1 to attack and a +1 to spell save DC. The idea here is to offer a small boon to reward proactive play. Additionally, t
  8. Which mission Red? As mentioned in the discord “scheduling” channel, I am planning on running the goblin war camp session tonight starting at 9:30 pm PST. The following people have “signed up” (in no particular order). Major Howard Cloud Chibi (Previously ran this module so lowest priority :P) Kitty I’d like 5 but could do up to 6.
  9. I can run a “B” session in the after dark slot (9pm-11:30pm PST) on Saturday the 15th.
  10. Date of Purchase (Posting): 2/12/20 Gold Before Purchase: Not sure Gold After Purchase: 0 Items purchased: Elixir of Glam
  11. @MadCast: majorhoward I responded to you by DM.