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  1. I pledge 15 gold if I go a week without going to the gym three times at least. I pledge 15 gold if I pull an all nighter doing school work.
  2. I don't do enough dungeons to have favorite unpopular paths- but I'd love to learn them!
  3. Should be available! Looking forward to it, let's win this week!
  4. Thank you Maday, I've fixed it now. I'll remember from now on.
  5. Thank you, I have read the terms and conditions of full membership and accept them. It's my honor and pleasure to finally join as a full member! Thank you especially to MadCast: Mist for introducing me to this wonderful community as well as all the wonderful people that make this community a joy to be a part of. I would also like to formally apply to change my username to MadCast: Pried for simplicity, expediency, and the interest of avoiding confusion.
  6. I was stuck moving allllll day today D: Finally done! Still sad I missed the map I was looking forward to the most though... :<
  7. Hey! that's really cool, I'll be sure to swoop in and do them! Thanks!
  8. oh gosh I hope everything is ok! good luck and see you when you guys have things worked out!
  9. Pried

    Intro - Exia

    One day Fashion Senpai will notice my shoulder armor...
  10. Omega-Senpai, good luck on your candidacy.
  11. Q. Fierce was the third Madcaster to ever play with me, after Kit and Lanthun. We met randomly in Queensdale and he was super friendly, helping me with map completion, gave me some pocket money, and helped me through my first dungeon. Since I can't post a comment on his thread like a full member, I just want to say for anyone reading this that his kindness and generosity towards me when I first came to the guild really touched me and made me eager to be a part of the MadCast community when I was still unsure about applying for candidacy etc. Even as an associate, he showed the exemplary behavior and warmth that I have come to love about MadCast. Best of luck on the candidacy Q <3