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  1. I am not sure what award this would qualify for, but @MadCast: jax_skellington and @MadCast: LizzieJayhave been so helpful and accommodating on the discord server with the Poketwo bot. I just recently came back to being active on discord and saw this and have been asking so many questions and sometimes I feel like I am pestering but that have been nothing but helpful and welcoming to me into playing with the bot with them. They have been amazing.
  2. I am leveling one of everything, so I have all options available at launch of SL. Right now, my mains will be Horde, I am working on a few alliance toons, to get all of the allied races unlocked so that way if I do play Ally I have all options available. Currently I am loving the new leveling experience, making it easier to level all these toons, and I am leveling each one in a different expansion so I am not getting bunred out from repeating quests over and over 4-5 times.
  3. This seems very fun, I have yet to play Among Us with anybody but Random people and it has not been very fun.
  4. It has been an interesting year that is for sure. My job went 100% work from home which I like as I drove 22 miles one way to work each day and was putting miles on my car and with traffic 1.5 hours of my day was spent sitting in a car. Due to working at home, I was able to cut a lot of expenses and start saving money. I got rid of my car(it was a newish car, I was paying almost 450 a month car payment, plus 250 for insurance). After not having a vehicle for a bit decided I wanted something to get around with, so at the young age of 41 I decided to buy a motorcycle. Granted I had never ridden before, but grew up around them. So it was a fun learning experience. Had it for a month and a half now and I love it, it's been a nice destresser on the weekends when I just want to go for a ride for a bit(I am outside the city some, so its nice 2 lane highway desert scene. I will post a pic in discord for those who want to see it. It was nice going from 450 payment/250 insurance to 100 bike payment and 40 for insurance. I have been very thankful to keep my job through all of this and we are being advised we will work from home until at least summer of 2021, so it's been a great relief not having to worry about the stress of dealing with what may happen when forced back into the office. While Phoenix has had a huge spike in cases, I am lucky to say nobody I know has contracted it and we have all been taking precautions to keep that up.
  5. I for one can I say I am definitely not a space hamster.
  6. Same here, I have always found it fascinating, but didn't know where to start and got overwhelmed when I tried to look for information.
  7. I hope everybody is doing ok. I am really sick this weekend. Not sure if it's normal cold, sore throat stuff or not, but will be taking precautions jsut in case. I was not concerned of this, but as soon as I woke up sick, the fear mentality took over. I hope everybody takes care of themsleves during this time.
  8. Do I need to have the most recent expansion piece to take part in this?
  9. So I started playign in 2012. First Champion release after starting: Ziggs or Sejuani\ First CHamp played: Ashe First PEnta: What's that? Favorite CHamp: Teemo Cutest CHamp: All the TEEMOS!! I haven't really played SR in over a year, other than the ocasional bot game to get my quests compleed. I spend all my time playing TFT now and ARMAs when I need the quest.
  10. I like this idea. As an ex-employee of Blockbuster for 10 years with a movie/TV collection that numbers the 1000s I would like to see what can be come up with.
  11. @Enzee what have you done? This thread needs to die, nobody ever needs to know about pineapple on pizza and yet, here it is again. HEATHENS!!!
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