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  1. I for one can I say I am definitely not a space hamster.
  2. Same here, I have always found it fascinating, but didn't know where to start and got overwhelmed when I tried to look for information.
  3. I hope everybody is doing ok. I am really sick this weekend. Not sure if it's normal cold, sore throat stuff or not, but will be taking precautions jsut in case. I was not concerned of this, but as soon as I woke up sick, the fear mentality took over. I hope everybody takes care of themsleves during this time.
  4. Do I need to have the most recent expansion piece to take part in this?
  5. So I started playign in 2012. First Champion release after starting: Ziggs or Sejuani\ First CHamp played: Ashe First PEnta: What's that? Favorite CHamp: Teemo Cutest CHamp: All the TEEMOS!! I haven't really played SR in over a year, other than the ocasional bot game to get my quests compleed. I spend all my time playing TFT now and ARMAs when I need the quest.
  6. I like this idea. As an ex-employee of Blockbuster for 10 years with a movie/TV collection that numbers the 1000s I would like to see what can be come up with.
  7. @Enzee what have you done? This thread needs to die, nobody ever needs to know about pineapple on pizza and yet, here it is again. HEATHENS!!!
  8. I got into hockey last season, I wouldn't mind trying out fantasy hockey.
  9. I can not afford the game at this time, but I am such a huge fan of the series, I will definitely be there this night, to hang in discord and take part in the debauchery. This sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to it Oreo.
  10. @MadCast: RacerDelux I played the game years ago. IS there a way to "start over" I want to keep everything I have but start over at level 1 to learn how to play the game again. It is so changed since the last time I played I could not figure it out. That being said I would love to try it out if it become the game for October.