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  1. I am down for Sunday, March 8th. Level 4 Warlock, I will edit if I level before then.
  2. How about we commit to a phase one and put a solid plan in for phase two, I believe getting more room points is achievable but will cost a lot. I am seeing that phase one could be: Magical Enchanter Smithy Garden (Druid Grove) Dining Hall (or Tavern) Chapel Stables Theater (Comes with the base campus) Phase two, based on peoples requests can be: Training Grounds Tavern Soup Kitchen Baths
  3. If possible could you crop/centre around the head/upper torso when you are making the token please.
  4. If I know in advance I am available all days except Wednesdays. Feb 29th I am completely unavailable.
  5. If you think that will be a better choice, I support it. 51% of player characters that are active. I believe that would require 10 people to agree.
  6. I think we are very close to a consensus on the initial build of our Campus (College or large school in the Fortresses, Temples, and Strongholds book). As @MadCast: Chibiushihas complied are good choices that should be agreeable by everyone. I guess we could be democratic and vote for this as the final. I propose that if greater than %50 of players agree we can start construction.
  7. Any interest in a Dinning Hall - 1 room point Cost 2500 gp Every 7 days, a banquet may be held in this room. The owner of the structure rolls 1d4 (or 1d8 if the banquet includes a meal prepared by an individual with proficiency in cook's utensils), and divides out the result as points of inspiration to those present. Only one point of inspiration may be given to any one individual. If the meal would have been special, beneficial properties (as with the goodberry spell or similar), those properties apply to all individuals present that consume the meal.
  8. I would like to nominate @MadCast: BANJO RL and @MadCast: Nimdar for the FM-Run Event Commendation for running Rocket League Mafia the last two weeks.
  9. You are going to need a better sales pitch than that. How does the whole thing work(in character and meta)? Why am I supposed to trust a dwarf such as yourself? My gold pieces are mine and although I am new to not being a street rat, I still value it.
  10. Someone has made a build calculator and build sharing website.
  11. I can be there by at least 11PM with the possibility of being on time.
  12. @MadCast: Support Welfare according the Rhykker, the devs left a lot of content out of the beta and there is plenty of new content.
  13. For A I am available every night with the exception of the 15th. If you need to run it on that night I would be about 1 hour late.