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  1. This is for @Pantyzzz who reminded me. People around here should appreciates it.
  2. @MadCast: Chibiushi WWOD - What Would Ogma Do
  3. I am a huge fan of open world pvp and I think things will play out differently during the rest of the beta. The game does not even have a release date. They should have an open pvp server for us that like to get dirty.
  4. Tee level 5 Warlock for Tuesday, March 24th @ 8PM.
  5. My build requires this stat priority: %Damage (%Occult or %Element also works) > Crit Hit Chance > Crit Hit Damage > Spell Life Leech > All Resist > Health For gems all I need is Alexandrite, all of the Alexandrite.
  6. I have already per-ordered the game and we have a group of people interested in the game.
  7. I was looking for a way to look that up, that is great to have that resource now.
  8. People started to panic buy here yesterday and many of those items on the list are not on the shelves. On a serious note, my sister-in-law's brother has been exposed to people who have tested positive and my team captain in my rec sports league was on a flight with someone who tested positive. I believe they both tested negative but I was exposed to my sister-in-laws brother before he knew. Be aware that it is easy to be exposed to people with it and that although it is not super deadly, it can affect people's live close to us. It's funny until it's not funny, (until it's funny again because people need to retain their sanity, then it's not funny because someone close to you is in critical condition). This is from me personally, please be sensitive when requested.
  9. Date of Purchase: 03/07/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 1157gp, 7sp, 2cp Gold After Purchase: 1147gp, 7sp, 2cp Shield - 10gp
  10. Tuesday March 10th @8PM, Tee the Warlock. I am 107 xp short of level 5, which should be gained on Sunday, so put me down as level 5.
  11. I am pretty flexible and can make any day of the week work. For weekdays I prefer start times before 11PM.
  12. I am down for Sunday, March 8th. Level 4 Warlock, I will edit if I level before then.
  13. How about we commit to a phase one and put a solid plan in for phase two, I believe getting more room points is achievable but will cost a lot. I am seeing that phase one could be: Magical Enchanter Smithy Garden (Druid Grove) Dining Hall (or Tavern) Chapel Stables Theater (Comes with the base campus) Phase two, based on peoples requests can be: Training Grounds Tavern Soup Kitchen Baths