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  1. Date of Purchase: 03/25/2020 Gold Before Purchase : 1986 GP, 44 SP, 17 CP Gold After Purchase: 386 GP, 44 SP, 17 CP Plate Armor (1,500 GP) 2 Potion of healing (100 GP (50 GP Each))
  2. March 25 @ 10:30 pm Kyrus Willowfriend (He Who Smites) Level 5 Gold Dragonborn Oath of the Ancients Paladin
  3. Friday the 27th Kyrus Willowfriend (He Who SMITES), Level 5, Oath of the Ancients Paladin
  4. Saturday the 28th. Kyrus Willowfriend, 5th level Oath of the Ancients Paladin
  5. I'll hop on and do this with you Lizzie if you need another person to be a guide.
  6. Kyrus Willowfriend will sign up for the Sunday, March 22nd 10 PM slot. 5th Level Oath of the Ancients Paladin
  7. @MadCast: AngleOfDeath did your friend quit or was he fired? There's a massive difference between the two when it comes to benefits from his state. An employer can't make a unilateral statement like "if you aren't here, I'll consider you quit" without supporting evidence to the state. Let him know he may have unemployment or other options. may be able to help. He needs to keep text messages and such just in case.
  8. I'd like to say amost any evening and weekends. My schedule includes a lot of travel, so I'm going to stay vague like that.
  9. How will Living D&D work? Are we at our current D&D levels or are we agreeing to a set level?
  10. The real question is: Will there be any story resolution in the Tabletop RPG as opposed to the Shooter RPG? lol Also, I'm not planning on DMing any games any time soon. The last time I got to be a player in anything more than a 1 shot was a couple of years ago in a campaign Munsa ran. I'd like to mess around as a player for a bit.
  11. I won't be working so late after tonight, and will be down for some shenanigans whenever you are! Don't worry...I didn't roll a gnome barbarian this time...or a pact of the blade warlock Oath of the Ancients Paladin ftw!
  12. MUNSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA INVITE ME! I have a D&D Beyond account with just about all relevant information unlocked. I don't want to GM right now, though. I would love to play some.
  13. MadCast: Stan


    Can't tonight. Going to work out then see Shazam. I'm down when I get home, and during the weekend.