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  1. @doublestufforeo@MadCast: The Prince@MadCast: Munsa@MadCast: Dez Thank you all for having the courage to come out and speak up on this matter. Thank you for bringing new information to the table, and thank you for fully representing the ideas that you wanted MadCast to hold. I'm sorry that you weren't backed up sooner by the admin team, and I'm sorry that I didn't have a full understanding of what's going on.
  2. Another year, another Destiny 2 Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway! Sign up to join in the fun on August 29th at 7 PM EST. There will be in-house crucible, a Prophecy race, a scavenger hunt, and more! The winning fireteam (of 3) gets $20 gift cards to the Destiny store for each member!
  3. Yeah, I've been in the table top hobby for years. I need to up my painting and basing game.
  4. How is the market for that?
  5. When you start talking about operations and insurance, you've gone beyond side hustle and into the land of small business owner. I used to umpire baseball games on weekends. I filled out a tax form, and payed those taxes back at the end of the year. I would umpire on weekends at tournaments and could could take whatever weekends I wanted off. That is what I mean by side hustle. Just a bit of weekend work or ebay swap sales. Stuff like that. Also known as beer money!
  6. Since nobody else has answered, I'll put out the call for Sunday afternoon at 8:30 PM EST for a discussion.
  7. As many of you know, I'm a work-aholic. I work long hours for my employers, I owned my own business for a time, and I always have something else going on like the corn farm or the ranch my brother and I own. I play games like it's a job and I can't stop being a moderator because I like putting in work. I'm thinking about starting another small work project, but only have broad ideas so far, but there's always something better, smarter, and (obviously) that I haven't thought of. So...what is your side hustle? I want to hear your ideas!
  8. My schedule is chaotic at best. Tell me what day and time is most convenient and I'll plan around it accordingly.
  9. Destiny 2 is relaunching Vault of Glass this season and we are happy to announce we have 2 full raid teams set to go in and give Atheon the business. We will have folks that will be screen sharing in Discord, and there may be some folks streaming. If you want to watch, we will have a viewing channel for any Twitch stream. Anybody that watches Discord Streams please stay quiet while we figure out what we are doing. The day 1 raid experience is usually a 24 window to complete the raid and certain conditions of the raid (Triumphs). This includes increased difficulty, but also usually includes rewards for those that complete the challenge such as special emblems and triumphs. If you'd like to participate and didn't reply to the Townhall mentions, the discord messages, or the poll, please let me know your availablity ASAP, as we could use back ups in case of life happening. Team 1 MadCast: Mandalorian MadCast: doublestufforeo MadCast: TheMaesen MadCast: NastyTaxi Judd (associate) Trout (associate) Team 2 MadCast: LizzieJay MadCast: Kitty Stark MadCast: horsedolphin3 MadCast: FairyPrinxe MadCast: FancyPants Dende (associate) Fillers MadCast: Suix
  10. I put a couple different guides up. This was the first raid guide for Destiny, so all of our usual sources weren't as refined. I mean, Datto sounds happy, so that should tell you something.
  11. Gauging interest in Day 1 raiding. Please submit your answer on this straw poll if you want to give it a try. https://strawpoll.com/292k1xqhr
  12. Same as Qrow, but will step out if a person that needs a drop will attend.
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