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  1. Won't be home till late tonight.
  2. It would work better for folks who want to attend Sleepcoma's D&D event. If you're a little late that's okay, those who still want to play PS2 past 3pm can stick around.
  3. Would it work better if we started at noon? Went from 12pm EST to 3pm EST?
  4. Try and get us some more people for Sunday Ops.
  5. Fixed. I'll probably be playing all night Fiddler if you can make it in the evening.
  6. Time for another Sunday Ops. Timing is going to be consistent and we'll be meeting at the Indar Warpgate at 3pm EST. We may or may not be operating on Indar, but it's a good place to meet up and decide on where to go. The event will be scheduled for two hours, so if you're going to show up plan to stick around until 5pm EST. If you want to stay longer you can. I'd like to get a full squad together so we can do some harassment. Lock down specific control points, take and hold towers and other key buildings. Nothing too big, but we'll go in and be an awesome spec ops team. Expect the squad to be
  7. This semester sucks for letting me play during prime hours. I had to work yesterday afternoon so I couldn't get a SNO going. This week I'll be able to get one and starting Monday I'll be on my reading break so I'll have more time to play.
  8. Crit rockets = luck. Unless you're Steell who always has Falcon with the kritz. Backstab = skill.
  9. Team Fortress 2. He exposed his back so often it was embarrassing. Edit: Let's not forget all the 100% ubers that were lost.
  10. College internet acting up.
  11. I've noticed a few areas that kill my frame rate, notably Crossroads Watchtower. One nice change I think Malacca will like is that you can change the colors on the HUD. You can set the color of each faction's nameplates and other elements (like cap points) on the UI.