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  1. I know....honestly I forgot that I put Starks in there....damn
  2. ok...I just need 1 point from Starks, since now apparently Lacy decided to get his head out of his ass and play......oh boy
  3. My mara, Bro'sohka is in full ranked gear and ready to roll. I have been a bit absent from the game since my daughter doesnt seem to like to sleep, but hopefully coming back very soon
  4. Man, you guys really know your stuff in this game. Im just starting out and learning. Mainly been playing bot matches to learn characters and get them leveled up a bit.
  5. What lvl do you need to be and do you have to have the expansion? I just recently started playing Diablo. Im lvl 50 now.
  6. I honestly dont even know how to setup keybindings in the first place....
  7. OK, time for a bounce back win....cant go 0-2!!!!
  8. Thank you all very much! Now if I could just get this baby to sleep and get rid of the three day migraine I have had, I could get back in the game!!!!!
  9. Thank you all! I hope to be a great addition to a fantastic organization! Thank you. I have read the terms and Conditions and will adhere to them!
  10. Im good with Fractional points as well....they are always more fun imho
  11. I am definitely in for a pvp event, I will destroy anyone who stands against us!