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  1. ...*ahem* brushes off dust It's time for another round of the Dojo this evening! I won't spoil too much of today's topic for you all, but be ready to do a bit of soul-searching. I'll be there 15 minutes before the start time if anyone has any questions from prior topics discussed or about the game in general. I look forward to seeing you all there!
  2. Let's face it: No one likes to lose (unless if you're @MadCast: Stan). At the end of the day, we want to work hard for our wins and take the easy ones when they come. But as we all know, Hero League and Team League (if not a full 5) can throw too many variables at you at once. What may look like an easy game on paper, or after the draft, or sometimes halfway through the game may end up being a loss. So what can we learn from these and how can we practice effectively so that we can make these variables a non-factor? During our previous Dojo, I had offered to help review a replay with a par
  3. First, it was nice to have ya back! Second, the best way to improve in the game is practice, practice, practice. But, viewing replays and recognizing what you could have done differently can help shape your practice so it isn't just brainless repetition. Edit: You can also look at this neat little thread... 😉
  4. Our weekly event strikes once again! Hop into the game and discord to have some fun!
  5. Hey everyone, we've got this coming up tonight! I'll see you all tonight at 9pm ET!
  6. I do not know the validity of this site, but it looks like it covers a good chunk of basic ground for free. there are other coding hubs out there as well that may be able to teach you a think or two. I would look into the background of this site a bit more to make sure everything is truly "free," but this may be a good starting point.
  7. Hey Bullet! I got your friend request last night, but was having issues with HotS and (wonderful frozen main screen bug, probably will have to reinstall ) I look forward to getting some games in with you!
  8. You also have map-specific comps that mostly work just BECAUSE it's that map. The Medivac rush is an incredibly annoying (and nearly impossible to prevent) strategy on Sky Temple, but it sees the most success there because it is the largest map in the game (not counting Warhead Junction because to me, that map doesn't exist :^) ). There's also the double-specialist route on Tower of Doom where you split your lanes specialist-specialist-main unit (usually tank, burst/range dps and healer) and constantly shove the lanes, take towers early, and win teamfights strictly from talent tier advantage (
  9. I threw some into the pot just now via mobile and forgot to add a note. I can give whatever info you need to isolate the donation to put towards this!
  10. The rewards are pretty easy to get this time around. I'm glad to see this over the "play 75+ games to get a small mount" ordeal.
  11. Welcome to this side of the neighborhood, futs! Feel free to toss me an add and invite whenever you see me on! I've been super busy with work as of late, but hopefully my weekends will look better.
  12. Welcome, Deluxxe! Feel free to add me in LoL (Sanjo). Hit me up for a game anytime you see me on.
  13. Well shoot... now he can kick me again.... Welcome back, Stan! Lookin' forward to working with you again!
  14. Sanjo

    Intro - Fox

    Welcomex Fox! Best of luck on your candidacy, and I hope to see you around for some LoL!