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  1. Greetings Folks, If anyone is just getting started or needs some help getting through content in D2R and you see me online, feel free to send me a whisper. Just tell me that you're with MadCast if your tag isn't going to be familiar to me 😃. I'm not playing hardcore (at least not for now), mainly just refamiliarizing myself with the game so that when/if Ladders commence I can get off to a good start. I have an 84 Javazon, 80 Hammerdin, and a few more characters on their way up. I just recently started farming keys for UBRS, and once I have a character geared for that I intend to start doing some runs. I can usually pop into Discord if that's desireable. My battlenet tag is Angelix#1727 Cheers!
  2. Having had countless interactions with Munsa over the years, most recently during his Blades in the Dark Campaign, I would like to extend my thanks to him for his active service to the community as both leader and friend. Bravo Zulu, you have earned your rest amongst the Elysium.
  3. I see your ostrich, and raise you a cane toad.
  4. Angelix

    Among Us - New Map

    I case folks hadn't seen this yet... https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/18/22338782/among-us-airship-map-accounts-update-innersloth
  5. Was watching Felicia Day & the cast of The Guild playing some table top on Twitch today and thought I would share the game's link. Looks pretty... metal 😃
  6. Update to my last, my wife loves her weighted blankets. She says they help with anxiety, and help her sleep a lot better. She has two of them.
  7. I recommend the following tweaks: Material Reagent: Any object resembling a boomerang (Reagent not used up, as it returns to caster after use) If cast as a 1st level, keep the description as is. If cast as a 2nd level spell or higher, caster may choose to make the transition permanent, providing that the ally is willing. 3rd level spells are fairly powerful. You would be giving up the ability to fly, or cast a fireball, in order to swap positions. I could not see most folks willing to use this instead of their other spells for a 3rd level cast in most circumstances, especially given the availability of Misty Step. My reasoning is as follows: Misty Step is a 2nd level spell, and provides a 30ft escape as a bonus action. The only clear benefit to your spell in most situations is that it can be cast at 1st level, but with more limited effect. Your spell is something that is arguably similar in effect to Misty Step, but with the limitation that it will not work if the ally is not agreeable, and cannot be cast if there is no ally around. Your spell has the potential to put a caster somewhere less than ideal, whereas Misty Step has no such limitation. Both spells share the same range, so there's no advantage there. This spell is also an action, rather than the bonus action that Misty Step uses, making it more punishing to use. EDIT: I just noticed that you changed your description to using a bonus action as well, so ignore this point. I believe that when you weigh the Pros vs the Cons (can use at level 1, vs everything else) that it would be balanced as a permanent effect at level 2. An alternative to my suggestion above would be to keep your description as is, but that if cast at level 5 or above, the caster and ally may swap positions once each round as a bonus action (by the caster) for the duration of the spell, the range of the spell would increase to 60ft, the spell would increase in duration to 10 minutes, and the caster and his ally would remain where ever they are when the spell expires.
  8. My wife uses one and seems to like it. I'll ask her if she thinks that it's worth the price.
  9. Folks, a little background, as I haven't gotten around to writing the story of her arrival to Doskval. Heritage: Tycheros (weird) - demonic telltale - Her eyes are solid dark purple, surrounding void black pupils that contain drifting constellations and galaxies, and she has feathers instead of hair. Are they an ancient inherited memory of humanity's loss, sea charts to unknown wonders or terrors passed down through her bloodline, or a window to another reality? Alicevil does not know. Details: Her family comes from a long line of Leviathan Hunters, though aside from Alicevil and her sister, the entire clan perished at sea while Alicevil was still a young child. Alicevil has been tormented by guilt since she was a young girl, because although she fought off a spirit's attempt to possess her, she was subsequently unable to protect her younger sister from the same fate. Her younger sister has been missing for almost a decade and a half. Raised in Tangletown. Heritage point - Finesse Background: Academic - A Sparkwrights field researcher. You see potential to blend electroplasm with technology, or Spark-craft, in everything you do. You see the Sparkwrights work as a practical application of your own powers as a Tempest. You are interested in determining if the ghostfield and spiritwells themselves are a valid source of renewable energy that could be tapped to power the lightning barriers, though every possible use of this power is worth exploring. Background point - Tinker Heritage Story: Age 13, drifting at sea on a raft of Leviathan hide littered with still blinking eyes, countless hours on watch observing dark sinuous waves that hinted of creatures within, weeks of draining herself dry every day running current through ocean water to separate the salt and make it drinkable, whilst generating a gentle breeze to keep their derelict vessel's sail filled and pushing them towards land. Alicevil and her sister eeked out enough nutrients by gnawing on the flesh of the leviathan hacked from the creature, but even for those raised in Tycheros it was nightmarish subsistence. Made shore only to narrowly avoid possession and immediately lose her 6 year old sister. Method for removing salt is called electrodialysis. Psychic break after ghost takes her sister. Background Story: A decade passed before she had recovered enough to even think of using her tempest power and, realizing that her mundane methods of searching for her sister were not going to bear fruit, or solve the issue of her sister's possession, she decided to become a researcher with the sparkwrights so that she might better control her power and increase her odds of finding her sister. Tentively, she began to explore her capabilities once more, and consider their application in light of what she learned with the Sparkwrights as a field researcher. However, as her knowledge grew, so did her burning desire to put her newfound skills to use and find her sister. After numerous expeditions in search of her sister resulted in missed deadlines and lack of work progress, the Sparkwrights regretfully fired her, informing her that if she were able to get her life sorted out, they would consider taking her back into the workforce.
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