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  1. Sacrifice massively slows down the game and, once you are past the first or second level, essentially becomes god-mode. At that point the interesting part of the game is done, as there is no further challenge. I find it useful for unlocking abilities or skins, but have come to feel that it really detracts from the game if your intent is to overcome the true challenge of this unique game, which is the clock.
  2. I think a really good suggestion tonight was to play all our big risk of rain games in the future with the death artifact that wipes the group if a single person dies. It will force more creative and cooperative play, and prevent folks from falling behind.
  3. I intend to purchase for early access as soon as it's available. I'm up for starting a scheduled group run for anyone who cares to join me. If someone is interested in streaming the game on Twitch, or any other developer supported streaming service, I'd be up for that. I could see it being a pretty fun experience, as the ability for the audience to interact and influence the game sounds like it will be unprecedented and potentially highly amusing. Imagine Critical Role, where the viewers get to decide the odd decision for the group. I won't be leading such a stream myself, but would be willing to participate if someone decides they want to run with it. I'll save any such ambitions for post retirement ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  4. Since we were discussing Risk of Rain as potentially falling under this category... I took the screenshot below as soon as I finished my blue portal infinite kill prepping for an Acrid Monsoon Mastery run. Apparently you can use the obliterate portal on the last round, but it didn't spawn for me, so I had to fight the boss. Incidentally, I saw Illidan on my way to the final boss, and he told me I was WAY over prepared. If you stand on a pillar during the last phase, and drop 5 or 6 equipment missile stikes on the boss, you get a fair amount of gear back with pretty much no risk. Should work for melee builds too, which is something to consider. Once my poison drained him to 1 hitpoint, which I could've done even with no equipment or missile strikes at all since it has a 1% health drain per tick, a single attack is all it takes to kill him. In this case I used another equipment salvo. It also appeared that his AOE carousel of death does not reach you if you are standing on the pillars or ramp. However, I had 6k+ shield, and 4-5k health at that point, so it's possible I just wasn't noticing the hits. At that point, I also had 40 or more teddy bears as well as the rejuvenation horns and a bunch of other items. I ran this with the artifacts that let you select your items, let you loot from monster kills, and that cause both allies and enemies to do friendly fire (which means splash damage hits your own character if you are too close). I used the last artifact (Chaos) to self proc thorns in the early melee game using gasoline. I do not recommend gearing up like I did... it's really not necessary.
  5. Hello MadCast folks, It's getting down to about a week until the vote takes place for my membership. If you've met me in game or in Discord, and I wasn't just a silent lurker in your channel, please leave a comment on my super secret Candidate thread ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I've been enjoying hanging out with folks again, between spectating/cursing Rife's Slay the Spire games, playing some D&D under Major Howard, and watching Qrow die, die again, and die so many more times that the imposters actually tried not to kill him (but failed). Epic, Pushover and myself also had a great Risk of Rain 2 run... where I learned a LOT. I'm sure the next one will end better ๐Ÿ˜ƒ If for some reason I have not yet met the minimum number of comments required to vote on my Candidacy, please let me know and I'll start reminding folks before I leave Discord that their comments would be appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Thanks, I've been looking for a python book ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. So... who else REALLY wants to play this?
  8. Sounds good to me. I'll wait and see what other folks can do ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. I'm a PST time zoner, and therefore likely working until 7PM EST, getting home roughly an hour later. Probably the earliest I could commit to that evening would be 8PM EST. If that doesn't work, I'll attend the next one.
  10. I would be interested in attending such a session Kal. While I have been using Roll20 a fair time now, and enjoy setting up macros for my personal use, I am not very familiar with the DM side. I tend to have a lot of ideas for my characters, and if I can save DMs some work by creating items, tokens etc, then I'm all for it. This is especially true for my current moon druid's animal forms, which use the druid's proficiency bonus rather than the animal's if the druid's proficiency bonus is higher, and also may gain some of the druid's feats, meaning that you can't even just use the base stat block of the creature. I also like to inject lore about my character into the games I play, so having an interesting in-game way of doing that without creating tons of work for the DM would be great. Furthermore, I have paid for a few of the source books on Roll20 (Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters, and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes), and would like to ensure that I'm making best use of those. I'm not certain whether or not I'll have the time to invest into becoming a DM until I retire, but having a background (perhaps "Fable Weaver") that includes tool proficiency Roll20 would definitely help at that point ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I wouldn't mind creating a table top game at some point, and a related novel in one medium or another, and invite players to partake in the world. The webcomic Girl Genius is a source of inspiration for me in that respect. I have a roll20 game that I use for character generation ideas, so that's probably where I would get the most initial use out of this session. Appreciate you taking the time to do this. Cheers!
  11. Just watched Rife stream Slay the Spire over discord until 2am, and discussed deck builds the whole time he was playing. Incidentally, it turns out that I'm an authentic non-removable curse. He was having some very poor card draws on important turns pretty much every game.
  12. Adventure Name Session # Date DM Name "The Road" pt. 2 Wednesday September 9th, at 2000 EST - This adventure takes place after "The Hatchery" #1 for this character 09 Sep 2020 Major Howard Starting Level Starting Gold Starting downtime Starting Renown Starting Magic Item(s) 5 1 Unknown Unkown None XP Earned Gold +/- Downtime +/- Renown Earned Magic Items +/- Unknown +30g Unknown Unknown None Current Level Gold Total Downtime Total Renown Total Magic Items Total 5 31g Unknown Unknown None Downtime activity Researching "How to tame raise a Dragon" hatchling. Alicevil speaks Draconic and has +8 to Investigation Checks. Adventure Notes Mr Doom Magic the highroller hired the poor bird thing that no one wanted, for a small fortune, in exchange for personal protection. With the merchants properly assessing the group's worth, Alicevil received the bestest offer ever to help guard the caravan, something she was already going to do. Later, Holier than Thou and pretty little thing dug up and rescued the Oathbreaker Head from a sandy death of ant bites and heat induced illusions. He seemed very trustworthy. Really. After the mostest alert person ever failed to notice rattling undead creeping not so quietly up to their camp, hilarity ensued. The group killed a number of zombies, then spectres, then more spectres that a wraith raised, then more zombies and then the wraith and one last spectre, and a final zombie with an arrow where the sun doesn't shine. Also, one poor merchant received an ashy dispersal burial, but no one remembers his name. Alicevil played whack-a-mole, but the gopher (giant badger) used lightning and the zombies did not have a hammer. Afterwards, Mr Super Important Paladin who was also Super Big Paladin failed to force Mr. Doom Magic to grovel, which later incited "unrest" within the party. Silly boys and their egos. Fortunately, it did not inspire undead, who were now just dead. Mr. Angry Paladin almost fought an entire tavern, but due to godly miscommunication ended up in a dance off, and won. An indigestible attack meal and a porridge killing encounter was followed by some very poor scouting, and then the Cult of Dragon lost their food wagon to a two bat and chipmunk three pronged flame attack. The Cult may be pretty hungry the next time we meet them, should that occur. Apparently we aren't supposed to kill them all, which really was a shame, as they were very nosy and apparently terrible people. They did speak about having been discovered, and needing to take action, but really, maybe that just means that they'll go cry in their tents, and starve to death. Alicevil and sneaky sneak antagonistic harper lady discovered that the wagons held vast treasures likely taken during a recent heist, but if the sneaky lady took any treasure during the fire, Alicevil wasn't that interested. The wild will supply all of her needs, gold is but a distraction. The dragon cult wagons decided to leave the caravan, and the group decided that further intervention would be a bad idea, and made their way to Waterdeep, in order to report as asked. @MadCast: majorhoward, are you able to elaborate on any of the "unknown" spots on my logsheet? I'm not too familiar with ADL. Thanks!
  13. I have the game, but haven't played it yet. I did play Wildermyth a fair bit.
  14. Thanks for Hosting tonight @MadCast: majorhoward๐Ÿ˜ƒ Excellent voice acting!