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  1. I see your ostrich, and raise you a cane toad.
  2. I case folks hadn't seen this yet...
  3. Was watching Felicia Day & the cast of The Guild playing some table top on Twitch today and thought I would share the game's link. Looks pretty... metal 😃
  4. Update to my last, my wife loves her weighted blankets. She says they help with anxiety, and help her sleep a lot better. She has two of them.
  5. I recommend the following tweaks: Material Reagent: Any object resembling a boomerang (Reagent not used up, as it returns to caster after use) If cast as a 1st level, keep the description as is. If cast as a 2nd level spell or higher, caster may choose to make the transition permanent, providing that the ally is willing. 3rd level spells are fairly powerful. You would be giving up the ability to fly, or cast a fireball, in order to swap positions. I could not see most folks willing to use this instead of their other spells for a 3rd level cast in most circumstances, espe
  6. My wife uses one and seems to like it. I'll ask her if she thinks that it's worth the price.
  7. Folks, a little background, as I haven't gotten around to writing the story of her arrival to Doskval. Heritage: Tycheros (weird) - demonic telltale - Her eyes are solid dark purple, surrounding void black pupils that contain drifting constellations and galaxies, and she has feathers instead of hair. Are they an ancient inherited memory of humanity's loss, sea charts to unknown wonders or terrors passed down through her bloodline, or a window to another reality? Alicevil does not know. Details: Her family comes from a long line of Leviathan Hunters, though aside from Alicevil and her sis
  8. I'm not really going to get into the legalities of VPN use, since that's not really my area of expertise, and in any case I tend to veer hard towards "lawful good" IRL lol. That said, I would like to offer a word of caution to anyone using VPNs. If you are using a "free" VPN, then you are the product that the VPN company is selling. If you are not comfortable with that idea, then I strongly suggest paying for a VPN service through a reputable provider.
  9. I'll admit, I'm not incredibly familiar with the overall timeline of Faerun. I've read most of Salvatore's books, and some others, but that was several years ago so I'm a little rusty on the lore. I did read the series that covered the death of Mystra and the rise of Midnight who replaced her, but apparently that happened very early on in the chronology. Now I want to go look up the history of Faerun 😃
  10. Yeah... full disclaimer, the artwork isn't mine, but I use it for this character 😃 You had me second guessing my pantheons lol. Here's an open source reference for The Raven Queen:
  11. Sounds good. Are you able to name the pantheon being used in your campaign? I'll probably maintain the raven motif with my character, even if her deity is not that particular deity. I could also add background fluff to account for her deity if that makes it easier (extraplanar emissary can be fun 😃) I separated and bolded the line stating that the dagger was wielded by Asanzi, to make it a little easier to determine that Mizz Black was not in fact in possession of the Raven Claw. I can understand the trepidation leading up to that discovery lol.
  12. I have a character that I would like to bring in at level 4 or later, should the opportunity arise. This is a character that I played several years ago, but the game ended far too soon, and I would love to revive her for another campaign. I have an extensive character background that I'll post here. Any references to a deity or region below can be changed if they do not fit this particular setting. Mizz Black is a Shadow Sorcerer (2) / Hexblade Warlock (2) Half Elf - gains 2 Charisma, and 1 point in two other ability scores. Can live to 180 years Has darkvision 60ft
  13. It's similar to Divinity of Souls (DOS2), if you've played that. However, it is still in early access, so I believe there's a level cap of 4, and only the first chapter has been released. Also... There are still a number of abilities that do not function correctly. I just don't want you to be disappointed by your first experience. If you are interested in experiencing a polished and complete version of what this studio can produce as a final product, I definitely recommend DOS2. I really enjoyed it, and all you really need is one other person (and the lone wolf ability) in order
  14. This is a thread for crew name suggestions for our Vigilante Crew. What are we? We are... Mysterious vigilantes who prefer to terrorize our foes, and who live within a secret lair hidden inside a Leviathan Hunter shipwreck / floating shanty town. Who are we? My Preferred Names: We're the Gallows We're Gallow's Kiss We're the Shattered Shine - Dark Tower reference + alliteration + it also refers to the shattered sun We're Kraken's End - Subtle reference to our Lair, the Leviathan Hunter ship Blood Tide + a symbol of our struggle against great evil We're the Mis
  15. Looks interesting, but I'm not immediately drawn into its design. I think Monster Train and Slay the Spire really nailed that aspect of the solo game, and Hearthstone and MTG also have designs that are fairly appealing. Then again, I'm also not a big fan of non-fantasy or non-sci-fi games in general, so that might be part of it.
  16. Yep... by starlight... and in a storm 😃 That's the reason for this line: Like a dawn that no one had witnessed in human memory,
  17. I've created a brand new melee focused dwarven ranger (Shrikessa Plumpkin) if you want to create a warlock Munsa.
  18. What a great concept 😃 Although... you could probably mix in a max str cleric or melee ranger and it would still be viable. Barbarians, once introduced, would also work. As for our MP game... I think we could just both be warlocks, with Devil's sight. Plant a globe of darkness on enemies or ourselves, and then just eldritch blast everything 😃 Thoughts?