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  1. Having had countless interactions with Munsa over the years, most recently during his Blades in the Dark Campaign, I would like to extend my thanks to him for his active service to the community as both leader and friend. Bravo Zulu, you have earned your rest amongst the Elysium.
  2. I see your ostrich, and raise you a cane toad.
  3. I case folks hadn't seen this yet... https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/18/22338782/among-us-airship-map-accounts-update-innersloth
  4. Was watching Felicia Day & the cast of The Guild playing some table top on Twitch today and thought I would share the game's link. Looks pretty... metal 😃
  5. Update to my last, my wife loves her weighted blankets. She says they help with anxiety, and help her sleep a lot better. She has two of them.
  6. I recommend the following tweaks: Material Reagent: Any object resembling a boomerang (Reagent not used up, as it returns to caster after use) If cast as a 1st level, keep the description as is. If cast as a 2nd level spell or higher, caster may choose to make the transition permanent, providing that the ally is willing. 3rd level spells are fairly powerful. You would be giving up the ability to fly, or cast a fireball, in order to swap positions. I could not see most folks willing to use this instead of their other spells for a 3rd level cast in most circumstances, especially given the availability of Misty Step. My reasoning is as follows: Misty Step is a 2nd level spell, and provides a 30ft escape as a bonus action. The only clear benefit to your spell in most situations is that it can be cast at 1st level, but with more limited effect. Your spell is something that is arguably similar in effect to Misty Step, but with the limitation that it will not work if the ally is not agreeable, and cannot be cast if there is no ally around. Your spell has the potential to put a caster somewhere less than ideal, whereas Misty Step has no such limitation. Both spells share the same range, so there's no advantage there. This spell is also an action, rather than the bonus action that Misty Step uses, making it more punishing to use. EDIT: I just noticed that you changed your description to using a bonus action as well, so ignore this point. I believe that when you weigh the Pros vs the Cons (can use at level 1, vs everything else) that it would be balanced as a permanent effect at level 2. An alternative to my suggestion above would be to keep your description as is, but that if cast at level 5 or above, the caster and ally may swap positions once each round as a bonus action (by the caster) for the duration of the spell, the range of the spell would increase to 60ft, the spell would increase in duration to 10 minutes, and the caster and his ally would remain where ever they are when the spell expires.
  7. My wife uses one and seems to like it. I'll ask her if she thinks that it's worth the price.
  8. Folks, a little background, as I haven't gotten around to writing the story of her arrival to Doskval. Heritage: Tycheros (weird) - demonic telltale - Her eyes are solid dark purple, surrounding void black pupils that contain drifting constellations and galaxies, and she has feathers instead of hair. Are they an ancient inherited memory of humanity's loss, sea charts to unknown wonders or terrors passed down through her bloodline, or a window to another reality? Alicevil does not know. Details: Her family comes from a long line of Leviathan Hunters, though aside from Alicevil and her sister, the entire clan perished at sea while Alicevil was still a young child. Alicevil has been tormented by guilt since she was a young girl, because although she fought off a spirit's attempt to possess her, she was subsequently unable to protect her younger sister from the same fate. Her younger sister has been missing for almost a decade and a half. Raised in Tangletown. Heritage point - Finesse Background: Academic - A Sparkwrights field researcher. You see potential to blend electroplasm with technology, or Spark-craft, in everything you do. You see the Sparkwrights work as a practical application of your own powers as a Tempest. You are interested in determining if the ghostfield and spiritwells themselves are a valid source of renewable energy that could be tapped to power the lightning barriers, though every possible use of this power is worth exploring. Background point - Tinker Heritage Story: Age 13, drifting at sea on a raft of Leviathan hide littered with still blinking eyes, countless hours on watch observing dark sinuous waves that hinted of creatures within, weeks of draining herself dry every day running current through ocean water to separate the salt and make it drinkable, whilst generating a gentle breeze to keep their derelict vessel's sail filled and pushing them towards land. Alicevil and her sister eeked out enough nutrients by gnawing on the flesh of the leviathan hacked from the creature, but even for those raised in Tycheros it was nightmarish subsistence. Made shore only to narrowly avoid possession and immediately lose her 6 year old sister. Method for removing salt is called electrodialysis. Psychic break after ghost takes her sister. Background Story: A decade passed before she had recovered enough to even think of using her tempest power and, realizing that her mundane methods of searching for her sister were not going to bear fruit, or solve the issue of her sister's possession, she decided to become a researcher with the sparkwrights so that she might better control her power and increase her odds of finding her sister. Tentively, she began to explore her capabilities once more, and consider their application in light of what she learned with the Sparkwrights as a field researcher. However, as her knowledge grew, so did her burning desire to put her newfound skills to use and find her sister. After numerous expeditions in search of her sister resulted in missed deadlines and lack of work progress, the Sparkwrights regretfully fired her, informing her that if she were able to get her life sorted out, they would consider taking her back into the workforce.
  9. I'm not really going to get into the legalities of VPN use, since that's not really my area of expertise, and in any case I tend to veer hard towards "lawful good" IRL lol. That said, I would like to offer a word of caution to anyone using VPNs. If you are using a "free" VPN, then you are the product that the VPN company is selling. If you are not comfortable with that idea, then I strongly suggest paying for a VPN service through a reputable provider.
  10. I'll admit, I'm not incredibly familiar with the overall timeline of Faerun. I've read most of Salvatore's books, and some others, but that was several years ago so I'm a little rusty on the lore. I did read the series that covered the death of Mystra and the rise of Midnight who replaced her, but apparently that happened very early on in the chronology. Now I want to go look up the history of Faerun 😃
  11. Yeah... full disclaimer, the artwork isn't mine, but I use it for this character 😃 You had me second guessing my pantheons lol. Here's an open source reference for The Raven Queen: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Raven_Queen
  12. Sounds good. Are you able to name the pantheon being used in your campaign? I'll probably maintain the raven motif with my character, even if her deity is not that particular deity. I could also add background fluff to account for her deity if that makes it easier (extraplanar emissary can be fun 😃) I separated and bolded the line stating that the dagger was wielded by Asanzi, to make it a little easier to determine that Mizz Black was not in fact in possession of the Raven Claw. I can understand the trepidation leading up to that discovery lol.
  13. I have a character that I would like to bring in at level 4 or later, should the opportunity arise. This is a character that I played several years ago, but the game ended far too soon, and I would love to revive her for another campaign. I have an extensive character background that I'll post here. Any references to a deity or region below can be changed if they do not fit this particular setting. Mizz Black is a Shadow Sorcerer (2) / Hexblade Warlock (2) Half Elf - gains 2 Charisma, and 1 point in two other ability scores. Can live to 180 years Has darkvision 60ft Advantage on saves against charm, and cannot be affected by magical sleep Charlatan Background Skills: Deception, Sleight of Hand, Forgery Kit, Disguise Kit Two Sorcerer Class Skills: Insight, Persuasion Any two Skills from Half-Elf Race: Perception, Stealth Half Elf - 27 Point Buy: Str 8 Dex 12 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 16 Background: Charlatan (False Identity - Kat the Bounty Hunter) You have always had a way with people. You know what makes them tick, you can tease out their hearts' desires after a few minutes of conversation, and with a few leading questions you can read them like they were children's books. It’s a useful talent, and one that you’re perfectly willing to use for your advantage. You know what people want and you deliver, or rather, you promise to deliver. Common sense should steer people away from things that sound too good to be true, but common sense seems to be in short supply when you’re around. The bottle of pink-colored liquid will surely cure that unseemly rash, this ointment—nothing more than a bit of fat with a sprinkle of silver dust—can restore youth and vigor, and there’s a bridge in the city that just happens to be for sale. These marvels sound implausible, but you make them sound like the real deal. Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Sleight of Hand Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, Forgery kit Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a disguise kit, tools of the con of your choice (a signet ring of an imaginary princess), and a belt pouch containing 15 gp Feature: False Identity - Kat the Bounty Hunter You have created a second identity that includes documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allow you to assume that persona. Additionally, you can forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as you have seen an example of the kind of document or the handwriting you are trying to copy. Hexblade Warlock - Raven Claw Matron - Unearthed Arcana: Warlock & Wizard Hexblade Warlock 1st level Spells added to list: shield, wrathful smite Warlock Cantrips Known: Eldritch Blast, True Strike Warlock Spells Known: 3 - Shield, Detect Magic, Hex Warlock Spell Slots: 2 (Refresh after short rest) Hex Warrior (Level 1) - Proficient with medium armor, shields, martial weapons. If proficient, non-two handed melee weapons can use Charisma instead of strength or dexterity for attack roll. Invocations: Agonizing Blast - When you cast eldritch blast, add your Charisma modifier to the damage it deals on a hit. Repelling Blast - When you hit a creature with eldritch blast, you can push the creature up to 10 feet away from you in a straight line. Hex Warrior (Level 1) - Proficient with medium armor, shields, martial weapons. If proficient, non-two handed melee weapons can use Charisma instead of strength or dexterity for attack roll. Hexblade's Curse(Level 1) - Bonus action to curse one creature you can see within 30 feet. Lasts one minute. Gain bonus to damage rolls against cursed target equal to your Proficiency. Any attack roll made against cursed target is critical on a 19 or 20. If cursed target dies, regain hitpoints equal to warlock level + Charisma modifier. Ability recharges after short or long rest. Sorcerer - Origin: Shadow - Unearthed Arcana: Light, Dark, Underdark! Quirk: Your heart beats once per minute. This event sometimes surprises you. Eyes of the Dark (1st Level) - Gain darkvision 60 feet. You can cast Darkness by spending 1 sorcery point, and can see through any Darkness spell you cast using this ability. Strength of the Grave (1st Level) - If damage reduces you to zero hitpoints, make a constitution saving throw DC 5 + damage taken). On a success, you instead drop to 1 hit point. Cannot use this feature if damage is radiant or from a critical hit. Font of Magic - 2nd Level: At 2nd level, you tap into a deep wellspring of magic within yourself. This wellspring is represented by sorcery points, which allow you to create a variety of magical effects. At level 2 You have 2 sorcery points, and you gain more as you reach higher levels, as shown in the Sorcery Points column of the Sorcerer table. You can never have more sorcery points than shown on the table for your level. You regain all spent sorcery points when you finish a long rest. Origin Story The years had not been kind since Dreth's capture. Decades of living in the pitch black murk of Shadowfell had felt more like centuries. He was a stud, blind to his surroundings, but well groomed. The shadowvar used him as a breeder, despite his lack of power, his lack of the family gift. Apparently lacking the power himself did not mean that he couldn't impart it to his children. His terrifying children. Perhaps his only sanity, a hedged bet by his invincible captors to prolong his usefulness, was the presence of his wife. She bore his burdens, assuaged his fears, discarded his guilt. Finally, in what was either their worst mistake or their greatest miracle, they were going to have their own child. Sheer trepidation threatened to still his heart at any given moment, but hope prevailed. The laboratory was well guarded, but Asanzi did not care. He was Talon, first amongst those with the fortitude to consider themselves his peer, and a terror that the shades and all their vaunted prowess could not anticipate. Unfurling dark gossamer wings, he drifted over the walls unseen, his passing converging with the breeze so as to create no conflict amidst the elements. Moments later he was descending deep into the labrynth, still undetected, testing himself against the perception of their finest as a mere show of sport: their defences posed no significant threat to one of his ilk. Hubris had led to this juncture, their pilfer a mere annoyance compared to the sheer audacity of their ambition. The shadowvar would learn a lesson, though not those in this particular complex of course. Eventually, when he was done asking questions, they would have to settle for whatever their afterlife had to offer. Other generations of shadowvar, however, would come to terms with a novel concept, something that they had all but weeded out of their heritage. Dread. Dreth heard the incursion and knew, despite decades of unspeakable horrors, that something new stalked his prison. The shadowvar did not plead. Yet they did. The shadowvar did not scream. Yet they did. For hours. No room was left untouched, no person or object sacred. All was laid waste. Then light blossomed for the first time since he was taken, a single spark of retinal searing pain. "Ahh, the father". The voice struck Dreth like a tar-laden sponge, grasping, digging into his thoughts even as he reeled in confusion. "Witness the price of their trespass. There is no forgiveness, only retribution." Dreth's wife fell, a dark blade ending her existence in a swift slice, a mercy to be sure. But his mind broke, unwilling to comprehend, as another thin red line slowly widened, revealing the child within his wife's discarded form. Then a hand reached out of the carnage and the vengeful apparition froze in place. Asanzi's eyes glanced briefly to his ornate dagger as if seeking confirmation, before once again relaxing into his more natural predatorial stance. "An unlikely fate. A deal is struck and a remnant remains, but not their pawn. A fitting beginning." Turning his eyes back to the fallen father, Asanzi's tone softened. "Be at rest." The blade struck once more and Dreth's shattered mind ceased to be, none left to bear witness as the child was plucked from the carnage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The relationship between Asanzi and Mizz Black is better described as Mentor/Pupil than as Father/Daughter. He views his role not as Protector, but as Provider. He provides her with the opportunity to excel, and the knowledge to do so. He believes that coddling someone, in particular someone who wishes to pursue his particular line of work, is a good way to diminish their potential. Teaching Mizz Black to be self-sufficient is far more important than protecting her. That said, while Asanzi might not go out of his way to protect Mizz Black, his wrath in the event of her untimely demise would be a sight to avoid. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Whispers Asanzi, chosen of the Raven Queen, is a member of Dark Whispers, a network of assassins who intervene in events that would shift the stability of the realms towards chaos. Short term chaos is fine, and expected during any major transition in a society’s status, but anarchy as an end state is completely unacceptable. The members of Dark Whispers normally act independently, since the primary purpose of the network is to pool resources such as contacts and information, but they are all followers of the Raven Queen and will work together towards a goal when a threat is sufficiently extreme. Aside from their loyalty to the Raven Queen and their aversion to chaos, the only common factor that they share is their proclivity and skill at dealing death. There is no bias towards race, class or method. Asanzi’s standing within Dark Whispers is Talon, meaning that he acts directly on behalf of the Raven Queen. As one of the Raven Queen’s chosen, an honour that is distinct from that of Talon, Asanzi wears the Mask of Fate, an artifact which protects the nature of his identity from all who see him, including Mizz Black. Any attempt to divine his whereabouts or to reveal his actual identity are challenged directly by the Raven Queen herself. Those who gaze upon Asanzi see a wraith-like being and, upon close inspection, a portrayal of their death reflected within his eyes. Mizz Black, while not a member of Dark Whispers, is an associate of the organization due to her upbringing. Her skill is not yet at a level that would warrant her receiving full membership, though her loyalty is not in question and she embraces their cause as her own. Mizz Black spent her youth in Shadowfell, cared for by unseen servants and exotic creatures and, later in her teenage years, tutored by Asanzi himself. Her nursemaid was the satyr Mihkyl, who sang her lullabies and taught her to weave power into her words. From the moment she left the womb Mizz Black had a natural affinity with the darkness that her parents had sorely lacked, and she surprised even Asanzi with her mastery of the element. Her physical strength never recovered from her near brush with death at birth, but Mizz Black was otherwise quite healthy and made up for her weakness with an active lifestyle. Lithe and daring, she spent her free time engaged in urban exploration and used stealth to bypass the frequent dangers she encountered in the dark city. Asanzi taught her to see beyond the cold logic of a situation and to trust her instinct. The facts could always change or be hidden, but if you could read into a person or situation, you could discern the correct path amidst the lies. He also schooled her in martial skills lest she rely too heavily on the magic she favoured and become crippled by her reliance on the mystic arts. This training served a secondary purpose as a deception, as most practitioners of the arcane do not enter battle both heavily armed and armored, and surprise is a key element to winning any fight. Similarly, he taught her to delve between the deceptions of her opponent and properly measure her own relative strength, so that her intuition could lead her to victory or, that not an option, survival. Mizz Black had an innate talent for blending into the shadows, but Asanzi also encouraged her to blend in socially, in all manners of society. Asanzi frequented Waterdeep on many occasions, for reasons usually but not always benign, and Mizz Black frequently accompanied him. She spent time in the various Wards, learning the speech, dress, lifestyle and nuances preferred by each. She learned to become one with her environment, wherever she might find herself, so as to always belong. Social camouflage became second nature, and she learned to intuitively avoid the pitfalls and traps set to catch impersonators mid faux-pas. While so engaged, she also plied her hand at bypassing the actual traps and locks of those who understood the folly of solely relying on so called sentient creatures to protect their interests and belongings. Upon reaching her 18th birthday, Mizz Black left Shadowfell for Waterdeep, to begin the training that might eventually lead to an offer of full membership within the Dark Whispers. Aware that her particular talents were better utilized when working within the constraints of the law, Mizz Black selected her targets based on the threat that they represented to the overall stability of the realm, so long as a bounty existed for their capture, dead or alive. She generally preferred dead, as it was the simpler solution and her adopted family’s preferred method of solving problems. Given her disposition towards the living, her perspective on death, and her matron deity, she viewed the moral difference between “dead or alive” as trivial, differing only in so much as it might influence the outcome of events subsequent to the bounty’s capture or demise. If her bounty being alive would result in a more favourable end state, then she would attempt capture; otherwise the corpse would be delivered to the appropriate authorities. After several years of work as a Bounty Hunter, and several more as a member of the Stormlust Adventuring Company, Mizz Black now feels like part of the Waterdeep streets themselves. She has mixed with every rung of society while deftly avoiding the attention of those who consider themselves important. She generally only pursues bounties who contradict her values, and embraces new identities for every foray, avoiding the vane trappings of fame while on the hunt in favour of retaining the element of surprise and honing her ability within the profession. All captures and kills are atributed to her alter ego, Kat the Bounty Hunter. Most of her trade can be applied directly to the art of assassination, and Mizz Black views this as ideal work until such a time as she is ready to more directly serve the Raven Queen’s purpose. ------------------------------------------------------------ After leaving the “High Spirits” beer hauling galleon to begin her journey East, Mizz Black found a book in her satchel. It reads like a romance novel, unless you happen to have been raised by Asanzi, in which case it still reads like a romance novel, but one that also serves as a broad strokes guide to the art of dealing death. Without the fluff, one who understands the nuance and intent of the novel can derive the following key points: Whispers in the Wind Assassination is an art form, each dead canvas a signature piece that speaks volumes about the artist. Killers are like straw in a barn, but a true assassin is unique; a honed elemental force of focus, restraint, and determination. Assassins are never in a state of being, but rather they exist in a state of becoming until their lives are no more. This balance between life and death is a necessary requirement for a true assassin, who is learning the art until the day she dies. The first step to becoming an assassin is to recognize your strengths and flaws, and then exploit your flaws as strengths. Once this is accomplished, you may step onto the path. There are core truths to be mastered by those seeking to master death, without which one might be considered little better than a thug, regardless of one’s prowess as a killer. These truths may be learned in many ways, in many orders, but without exception you must understand their unique application to you. The ability to blend in, imitate and infiltrate any environment will leave your mark in your grasp. Master this. The ability to deceive friend and foe alike, even the very gods themselves, will leave your mark unsuspecting. Master this. The ability to manipulate those around you, will leave your mark defenceless. Master this. Intent and Action are indivisible. Master the art of becoming a Master of the art, then begin to Prey. It really is quite the romance novel, complete with pirates and princesses and giants and sword fighting. Tears almost formed in Mizz Black's eyes as she finished reading the lovely novel. "He really does care!" ------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is a description I wrote for the Hexblade who is Mizz Black's Hexblade Warlock Matron. The example given for a Hexblade patron in the book was Blackrazor. Feel free to look that weapon up if you want to see an interesting weapon with some history (it has been around since 1980 in one form or another). Hexblade Warlock is from unearthed arcana, and has the following description: You have made your pact with a powerful, sentient magic weapon carved from the stuff of the Shadowfell. The mighty sword Blackrazor is the most notable of these weapons, several of which have spread across the multiverse over the ages. These weapons grow stronger as they consume the life essence of their victims. The strongest of them can use their ties to the Shadowfell to offer power to mortals who serve them. The Raven Queen forged the first of these weapons. They, along with the Hexblade warlocks, are another tool she can use to manipulate events in the Material Plane to her inscrutable ends. Without further adieu, I give you the Hexblade "Raven Claw", Matron of Miz Black Raven Claw Asanzi is the current wielder of Raven Claw, Mizz Black’s Hexblade Matron. Affectionately called Nylandria by the few creatures she has befriended, to all others she remains a neutral, nearly unfathomable entity known simply as Raven Claw. Characteristics of Raven Claw: +3 Dagger A viciously curved obsidian blade, etched with softly glowing violet eyes that only an attuned possessor can see, it is fixed to a silver pommel in the shape of a claw. Dread Judgement: The first time anyone is struck by Raven Claw they are judged as worthy or unworthy, according to the Raven Queen's inscrutable will. Those found worthy receive an offer or invitation from the Raven Queen, assuming that they survive, and are automatically aware that the Hexblade possesses this property if they ever attune to the blade themselves. Those who are unworthy suffer disadvantage on all attacks and saving throws for 1 round following the Raven Queen's judgement. Fortress of the Mind: The Hexblade is sentient and may communicate telepathically with an attuned possessor, if it so wishes. It may also choose not to reveal any or all of its abilities during attunement, with the exception of Dread Judgement to worthy wielders. Abilities not revealed remain latent and inactive to the wielder, even if they are normally passive bonuses. Once Raven Claw has revealed its abilities to an attuned possesor, they may be used without restriction. Raven Claw may also telepathically converse with the Raven Queen at will, and is under a permanent Mind Blank effect. A Conspiracy of Eyes: The Raven Queen perceives everything that occurs within 120ft of Raven Claw, as if she were present there herself. The wielder is never aware of this property unless Raven Claw or the Raven Queen wishes it so, and likewise immediately forgets that this property exists should Raven Claw or the Raven Queen so desire. Devour Carrion: When Raven Claw strikes it deals an additional 2d6 damage. This damage is necrotic if the target is alive, or radiant if the target is undead or not alive. If the creature has a vulnerability to that damage type, the wielder is healed for half of the Devour Carrion damage dealt. Dark Tidings: An attuned possessor of Raven Claw gains advantage on all attacks or spells made while either the wielder or the target are enveloped in darkness. Note that these attacks do not need to be made using Raven Claw. Dark Wings, Dark Words: An attuned possessor of Raven Claw may summon and dismiss shadowy raven wings at will. The wings are not restricted by armor or clothing and grant the effects of the fly spell without the need to concentrate. Attuned possessors also gain the effect of Tongues, and may flawlessly mimic any voice or sound they have heard since acquiring the Hexblade. Grave Mistake: Any attempt to destroy or irrevocably damage Raven Claw that would normally succeed instead causes the Hexblade to instantly return to the Raven Queen, intact and unharmed. Those who attempted the destruction witness what appears to be the legitimate destruction of the dagger, and gain the enmity of Raven Claw. History of Raven Claw Forged by the Raven Queen, Raven Claw is a +3 sentient Hexblade dagger, capable of being used as a focus for mystic and divine power. The creation of Hexblades is a unique process in that the raw material of the blade is granted sentience before being forged. They are then exposed to the divine essence of the Raven Queen, which assists them in deciding for themselves the nature of their power and form. Grateful for the opportunity to determine its own fate, Raven Claw became an emissary for the Raven Queen, determined to seek out souls compatible to the Raven Queen's cause and enlist their aid. Raven Claw's more obvious abilities were selected as an enticement to those who understand the power of knowledge and deceit, as they are more likely to reveal information of value to the Raven Queen via A Conspiracy of Eyes. It is highly sought after by creatures of darkness and by subjects of the Raven Queen, the latter of whom view its possession as a sign of her highest favour. Extremely powerful beings often view Hexblades with a high degree of suspicion, given that they possess the ability to empower warlocks. Such a feat is normally the domain of the gods. Personality of Raven Claw (Lawful Neutral): Charisma: 17 Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 14 Just as a Raven feeds on the dead and wounded after a battle, Raven Claw prefers to feed on the feeble and unworthy; picking away at the bones of society until yesterday's mistakes are rectified and the Raven Queen's will is done. Raven Claw exists in perpetual balance, weighing every situation, every individual, and judging them. No accusation is required, no sentence demanded, merely a measure of their intent and ability taken for the Raven Queen; the final arbiter. Raven Claw is usually slow to speak, but persuasive and earnest when it does, its convictions a foundation you could build a castle upon. The Hexblade can be sly in its approach, but only if it believes that its wielder will respond to nothing else. When wielded by an amiable host, Raven Claw enjoys discussing the nuances of law as they apply between mortals and gods, the intricacies of life beyond death in all their various incarnations, as well as the wickedness of all feline creatures. Cats are simply not to be trusted! The dagger also appreciates magical prowess, given its own creator's origin as a sorcerer queen, and fondly recounts various exploits of unimaginable eldritch power as the situation merits.
  14. It's similar to Divinity of Souls (DOS2), if you've played that. However, it is still in early access, so I believe there's a level cap of 4, and only the first chapter has been released. Also... There are still a number of abilities that do not function correctly. I just don't want you to be disappointed by your first experience. If you are interested in experiencing a polished and complete version of what this studio can produce as a final product, I definitely recommend DOS2. I really enjoyed it, and all you really need is one other person (and the lone wolf ability) in order to avoid having to play with any NPCs in your party. You won't last long without 4 characters in your party in BG3.
  15. This is a thread for crew name suggestions for our Vigilante Crew. What are we? We are... Mysterious vigilantes who prefer to terrorize our foes, and who live within a secret lair hidden inside a Leviathan Hunter shipwreck / floating shanty town. Who are we? My Preferred Names: We're the Gallows We're Gallow's Kiss We're the Shattered Shine - Dark Tower reference + alliteration + it also refers to the shattered sun We're Kraken's End - Subtle reference to our Lair, the Leviathan Hunter ship Blood Tide + a symbol of our struggle against great evil We're the Misfits of the Murk We're Sangnarok - Sang means "blood" in French, and Sangnarok is the name of Alicevil's mother's Leviathan Hunter Ship (ie. Bloody Apocalypse) We're the Mistcloaks We're the Murkcloaks We're the Calm Before Miscellaneous Names: We're Devil's Doom We're Keeper's Toll We're the Razorfins We're Siren's Breath We're the Broken Crows We're Last Gasp We're the Sea Shades We're the Sundered Souls We're the Tangletown Toughs (Tamorex suggested this) We're the Stoneguards We're Mental Please add your own suggestions below, or comment on these.
  16. Looks interesting, but I'm not immediately drawn into its design. I think Monster Train and Slay the Spire really nailed that aspect of the solo game, and Hearthstone and MTG also have designs that are fairly appealing. Then again, I'm also not a big fan of non-fantasy or non-sci-fi games in general, so that might be part of it.
  17. Yep... by starlight... and in a storm 😃 That's the reason for this line: Like a dawn that no one had witnessed in human memory,
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