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  1. Hey guys. This: and this: Are only true if it's meant, and it can't truly be meant if you foundationally cannot respect someone's perspective. And while I wholeheartedly believe that respect can conquer all situations, last night I was given clear context in the conversation through the sharing of screenshots. I slept on it, and I am deeply saddened. I've never recognized myself to be more tone deaf in my 10+ years of loving this place. For that I am sorry. To everyone that participated, and has read this thread. I wholeheartedly agree.
  2. Yeah, absolutely. Frankly, I'm not sure why the preamble of my post started with " Your opinions, DSO..." as if you needed to be educated on the fundamentals of opinions and what makes them. Sorry. I'm very hard set that our community and it's members would be able to tackle all issues by route of respect and understanding. I've also stated my feelings on how I felt Maday handled the situation wrong, and how it was a failure of the Code of Conduct. Please give Maday some time to respond to this thread.
  3. Maday - like anyone reading this post - can respond to this as they like. Your opinions, DSO, are subjective by nature. The content of what we are discussing, is extremely subjective, and a point of passion for many folks here. I expect some people will have their perspectives challenged in this thread. I also expect everyone to engage in as respectful, mature individuals in this thread. Because a large part of this discussion will hinge on the participants either being accepting of any differences encountered, or the difficult task of agreeing to disagree. If you (reader) don't feel you can handle that: Don't engage here. I'm not going to speak for Maday. I am speaking for me, and what my personal take is on how a community like ours should interact with each other. You won't be able to read this post without the implication of what comes with any Staff opinion, so no matter how I preface this it will read as the opinion of MadCast. I don't say that to muzzle any member or founder. The opinions in the OP are subjective, as are my own. I expect no-one to 'fall in line' simply because I said it. I've had some time to revisit and think on the Kal and Maday's interaction, and how it was a failure of both individuals. Having a leader of this community refusing to consider another perspective or what it implied was an issue in the moment that should not have happened. Having a member - a previous admin - unable to convey those terms in a way that befits the Code of Conduct was another. I regret what happened, and I regret that two members of our community could not engage in a matter that could have been a learning moment for those involved. It could have been an issue conquered by respect. It should have been an issue resolved by mature individuals that understood the necessity of our Code of Conduct. It wasn't. All of this would have been handled if members respected each other. There would never have been the argument on what a content creator stood for and how you support their message by providing them views. There never would have been indifference had the situation been explained with eloquence and the intent to educate. No error is greater than the other here. This was a failure to respect on both accounts. What was worse was that one person party to the issue, unfortunately, felt it necessary to no longer be a member. My opinion on their reasons, or the value that member provided to the community is irrelevant. Their decision played part to an issue unresolved, which lead members having concerns, which lead to you making this post. The resolution of this post/issue for the community is now a part our continual effort to be better people. We are fallible individuals that are a part of a community that strives to be greater. The community I want to lead/celebrate/work for/simply be a part of is above all a respectful one. I fail to adhere to that at all times, and I've seen two members falter here too. As I said to the members I spoke to after Town Hall: This is not the first time we have had subjective topics with individuals disagreeing and it leading to a failure to respect one another. This is not the first time that we will be required to challenge our individual views on issues that may or may not have been encountered. Our responsibility as a community - as members of all levels of MadCast - is to maintain an environment where we are not toxic, and where we respect everyone we encounter.
  4. Thats wild! What do you mean it works??? 💀💀 💀💀
  5. Samsies on the age game, my guy! Very happy to have you!
  6. Nobody tell @MadCast: LTTelamon Very glad to see you back, hope you and yours are doing well.
  7. No. But I know the limit of your strategic acumen peaks at knowing when the best time to take scuttle is. I'll beat ya.
  8. @MadCast: TheMaesen a pity you have to lose.
  9. Happy to see you, Bean. It's been a pleasure getting to know you.
  10. Happy Birthday @MadCast: Pushover. I hope you had a wonderful day, buddy.
  11. Congratulations @MadCast: Dakotism! It's been a pleasure getting to know you and a point of pride to have you representing MadCast. Thank you for getting involved!
  12. Missing @MadCast: RedJusticeand I from that picture.
  13. With attendance tracking being no longer required for membership contribution there is a convenient gap in the process of when we host events/gatherings on our Discord. Admins attending would take attendance to make sure it was noted that you were present and having a grand ol' time. But, we have no need anymore. So why not continue show where and when we are playing games? I invite you to all to share when you game together or attend an event with friends. From @MadCast: Kitty Stark's Social Saturdays to @MadCast: Kal's D&D Oneshot Campaigns - we all enjoy the content and company. What better way to highlight the good times then to remember them, and encourage others to join you for the next game.Post a screenshot, description, or just @ the people that attended and share in the revelry. I for one have had an awesome weekend of playing with folks in inhouses ( @MadCast: Lunalesk, @MadCast: Suix, @MadCast: horsedolphin3, @MadCast: TheMaesen, @MadCast: Dez, @MadCast: Mike, @MadCast: Phylactery and @MadCast: Feisort) and most recently tonight with @Dakotism, @TheGreatPartisan, @Ascent, @MadCast: Craiden, @MadCast: Pushover, @MadCast: majorhoward, and @doublestufforeo.
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