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  1. MadCast: Epic


    Never have I ever been so impressed.
  2. Congratulations @MadCast: Starlight! Welcome, officially.
  3. Thank you for your application.
  4. Welcome! Good luck on your candidacy.
  5. Heading into February 2020, the Admin Team’s goal is to take steps to ensure MadCast endures another twelve years. We want MadCast to remain a place where you have fun playing games together, where close friendships span life changes and continents, and where everyone who wants to remain active and engaged in the community has a home. In 2019, RedJustice and I joined Munsa as Staff, and that transition opened us to a new role that required a considerably different perspective. The community took part in a methodical approach to bring the Terms of Full Membership to the point where MadCast membership consisted of members who actively contribute towards the community. As anticipated, the enforcement of those Terms resulted in the visible shrinking of our membership list; while we have always identified as a close-knit community, we want to ensure that our membership grows and that MadCast endures for all of us to enjoy. Unfortunately, in the past year, the community hasn’t seen the healthy growth we think is necessary. We don't aim to be a many-thousand member community, we do want MadCast to achieve a sustainable membership that continues to bring in new faces and retain our current members. Every month we will organize ourselves around one major goal to improve community health. Some of these goals will be primarily executed by certain ranks or the entire Admin Team, while other goals will give Full Members the opportunity to get involved directly. You can expect to learn about the goals through forum posts in the Penthouse and at our Townhalls. In order to accomplish the ambitious set of objectives that we have this year, some of these goals will be implemented and then we will invite broader community feedback. Other goals will start with Full Member input before the Admin Team decides on a course of action. Your feedback and perspectives are valuable to us, and we hope you will engage with the Admin Team about the positive and negative ways these changes affect you. Staff set a January goal of organizing this initiative and laying out a community plan. Starting February we will visually overhaul our website and it’s facilities. This involves an entirely new website theme, a more modern color palette, and an updated wordmark, as well as a content refresh and reorganization. This will not resolve all of the website functionality and usage questions, but it will signal that we are an active, modern community to visitors. Because of the complexity and sheer number of tasks to be executed, we will solicit community feedback after major changes have rolled out. SFMs and RFMs will have some input opportunity during February, and will contribute towards some of the content for the new site. During this time, you can expect occasional short disruptions to the website experience as we test changes, which will be communicated to the best of our ability. We appreciate your patience and support with this. We want MadCast to thrive over the next decade. We want you to be a part of it. With your help, we will make it happen.
  6. Unfortunately, you will not see me present. I'll be at a night class. Rest assured that my two better thirds will share the good news.
  7. It is absolutely on the Feburary 3rd. Thank you, Narucabra. 😊
  8. Greetings, Please join us at 9 PM EST on February 3rd for a Town Hall to kick off MadCast's next decade. This will be a space to hear from and provide input to MadCast's RFMs, SFMs, and Staff. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Expect to have questions. We look forward to your company.
  9. My goal is to be higher than Ascent in at least one game. But after reading what I've quoted (and a quick Google search) I realize that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.