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  1. That's disheartening to see, but with some good things. It's one less presence for us as a community to manage in game. It was great to rep MadCast via tags, but I don't think I'll ever be changing my IGN away from MadCast Epic. It will be good to centralize onto discord (away from Riot's League client) and hopefully encourage more text based League players to be open to external communities.
  2. Hey guys. As a part of our ongoing Discord reorganization project: I have removed all Channel/Section subscription in our server. This means you will be able to see and interact with all public channels in our Discord. The #welcome message is still available to be used to subscribe to roles, and all this will provide is the ability to be 'pinged' or notified by people who are looking to get your attention. Thanks.
  3. Congratulations and thank you for volunteering.
  4. Agreed. I'm a huge fan of Impossible as well. I love me some blue stones. I'm a big fan of their leading song 'Black Holes (Solid Ground)', and their new single 'Let it Ride'. Right in there with bands like Royal Tusk (Edmonton baby) and Royal Blood: they scratch the same itch for me. I'm a pretty devout cultist for the singer Casey Crescenzo, known for layered tracks with heavy lyrics. He started a side project with a bandmate in the form of Honorary Astronaut, so that's my other geek out at the moment. Some of the album is fun and upbeat, some of it is a bit melancholy. Meta lyrics on making music, his career, life, and how his music never made it to where he wanted it to.
  5. Man, I gave this whole album two listens since release and I'm loving it. I read your text in the post preview and was like: shit. I'm totally gonna link him 'Can You Afford to Be an Original'. I'm so happy to see that you posted it first.
  6. I'm happy to see you valuing what we're trying to do. I appreciate how earnest your Introduction is. I look forward to playing games with you sometime soon (Risk of Rain 2 is good fun) and look forward to interacting with you during your candidacy.
  7. I can do many things for our Discord. There's even some of our Emojis that are of FM+ :FeelingFresh: I'm all for adding more.
  8. Looking forward to playing games with you. Welcome, Chess!
  9. I am really happy you think so as well. Welcome, Jay! I look forward to getting to know you.