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  1. There is an entire thread located here containing a list of many of our battle tags.
  2. buff made permanent!
  3. I don't get motion sickness. However, that sinking feeling in your stomach you get when free falling is something I get all the time in games.
  4. Anillo Softcore: Wizard - T5 WD - T3 Hardcore: WD - T1
  5. "You "just trying to say who you are to protect yourself" just looks to me like you're trying to get the citizens to kill a fellow citizen before you are killed, to me. You seen your name on the chopping blocks and seen you had nothing to lose so you told the citizens you were someone they needed! That is what is really going on here. If I die tonight, they will see you for what you really are and your time will come soon Cindy." Grabs a bottle of Rum and starts drinking from the bottle. "If this night will be my last, then I'm dying with a bottle in my hand and a liquor in my belly!" Vote
  6. "My guess is as good as yours Year3000. There is one question I would ask though. One thing does strike me as odd in today's accusations." Turns to Cindy and says, "You say to kill me and you will find THE LAST clone. However, I have replayed yesterday's events over and over in my mind and I do not recall knowing how many clones there are. Only the clones know how many are amongst them. So how do YOU know there are only two left?"
  7. Walks into the main bar-room, eyes in disbelief. Knowing that this was both a great victory for both sides, and unsure of whether to rejoice our friend's great accomplishment or grieve his death. Goes behind the bar, lines up several shot glasses and begins to fill them. "This round is on the house everyone!" Raises his drink. "A toast everyone! To our fallen friend. He will surely be missed, but his death was not in vain!" Then gulps down the shot and slams the glass on the bar, suspiciously looking around the room for the individuals responsible. Then turns to his assistant, "Cinchil! Fi
  8. People in my position hear much, Narucabra. A man tells his bartender more than he tells his wife. I've heard more rumors than you would believe! My favorite is the one I heard about Mel Gibson Jr. making the clone army to take over the world!
  9. Looks at Narucabra: "Hey hey now! There will be no fireworks inside my bar if you don't mind!" He then pours a drink for himself in the glass he just finished polishing. He normally wouldn't drink while tending bar. However, in times like this a drink is necessary to ease the tension. Looks around the bar in an attempt to break the silence again exclaims, "These dust storms sure are great for business!" and chuckles.
  10. I'll join in. p.s I don't know what you had planned for the clones to discuss among themselves, but I know LT has hosted quite a few werewolf/mafia games and had a forum section dedicated for the werewolves to have a group discussion. Assuming that is still on the website, I don't think it was complicated for the admins to give access to that forum for the werewolves. You might ask around about that and see if it's something we could use if it isn't too much trouble. That would surely beat communication via pm if there's more than 2 clones.
  11. There is sort of a thread like this, but I believe it has faded away. It was called funny videos, I think. It had many funny videos in it, obviously, but the majority of it were commercials I think. I love commercials as well. I had never seen the VW one. Here's another to get the ball rolling. I posted this in the other thread, but I love this commercial so much it's worth a second look!
  12. lol... thanks guys. Cinchil, i'm going outside to spartan grill in about 5 minutes. having ribs tonight!
  13. Kit got it! My youngest sister is 5 weeks shy of being 20 years younger than me. I am 29 years old and have moved over 40 times! However, sadly I have never left the country :/
  14. 1. I am almost 20 years older than my youngest sibling. 2. The amount of times I have moved is greater than the amount of years old I am. 3. I have went on vacation out of the country more than once.