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  1. Sir Galahad of the round table calls you to war. When. This weekend if you have Conan exiles and are interested in a short-term position at the round table this is your chance Contact me on discord redeyebliss#3974
  2. Ok, so. Here is a thing I hear bandied about quite often during events .. ' We have three support mains ' There is some form minor form of derision that accompanies this foreboding not quite insult. So here is the question. (although I put a period there, so it isn't really a question is it?) (However I put a question mark there, so... that was a question, even though it is rhetorical.) (and on and on, but back on topic) What do you mean when you declare yourself, or someone else a 'support main'. Also, furthering this, is that good or bad? How can a person change this.
  3. YAY!!!! My fave noob! Welcome! lets play games!
  4. Windup Girl (Paolo Bagoluchi) Low Town (Polansky) Wheel of Time Series (Jordan) Year One (Roberts) Amped (Wilson) A Brief History of the Dead (Brockmeier) The Black Jewel Series (Bishop) Firefly (Piers Anthony) and on and on. Those are the ones that come to mind first.
  5. I wasn't sure where to put this so this seemed like the most appropriate place. (I am sure I missed the proper place for it, apologies in advance) I am wondering if it wouldn't be useful to have a text channel to post memes in instead of spamming general chat with them. Thoughts/suggestions? https://imgur.com/gallery/qiS3BNu
  6. This reply is directed toward the SFM and the Staff as a suggestion on Discord. With all the new and different things that are happening might we consider a Role in MadCast that is separate/diff from RFM/SFM (or add it to either role in general) but something of a Janitorial/maintenance kind of thing. No powers really other than just making sure everything is tidy in Discord. An example (besides making sure that the channels that are not originally put there by management) might be managing pinned messages. (IE, in one of the main chats, we could make sure that old pins are remov
  7. I am so pleased with our super villain Hypno @MadCast: Epic and our whole team/community!
  8. Is this the warhammer series? I have Warhammer 40k DoW 2, but I don't think I ever played it
  9. YAY FOR RED! I am excited for all the drinking games!
  10. I typed out a whole big thing, but realized you weren't asking for general ADC advice There are lots of great ADC's around
  11. Def! We need people to represent all the different areas of MadCast
  12. It's been lots of fun getting to know you. +1 for speaking your mind!
  13. At the town hall meeting last night, I heard something that made me think. @MadCast: Epic said something to the effect that he joined MadCast when he was really young. (I forget just how young but teens I think) and he said that being in MadCast and starting to take on roles of more responsibility within MadCast really made him readjust how he acted. I thought it was a really great thing to realize, that we are as a community in some way shaping generations of upcoming adults. If I had a child, I don't think I would have any problem exposing them to MadCast. On a bigger scale, t