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    Video games (i.e. Heroes of the Storm, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Touhou, etc.), Magic: The Gathering (mostly Cube and Commander), Japanese Mahjong, Puzzles (i.e. Sudoku, Crossword, etc.), Badminton, Biking, Cooking, Baking, Science (especially Biology, Botany, and Health), Philosophy, Writing, Reading, Fan-fiction.

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    Just an ordinary introverted casual player of various video games. Generally, I find that I really enjoy activities that involve some form of creation. Although I am a coffee and tea enthusiast, I appreciate and enjoy 8+ hours of beauty sleep whenever possible.
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  1. HEROES OF THE STORM HOTFIX NOTES – JUNE 28, 2017 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT 6/28/201753 We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply balance changes and a few bug fixes. Heroes ASSASSIN SPECIALIST SUPPORT WARRIOR Genji Medivh Brightwing Dehaka Malthael Probius Lúcio D.Va Thrall Tassadar Zeratul Uther Zul'jin Return to Top Assassin Genji Talents Level 4 Shuriken Mastery (Q) Bonus damage reduced from 30 to 25 Dragon Claw (Active) Damage required reduced from 375 to 330 Damage dealt increased from 180 to 190 Level 7 Dodge (Passive) Cooldown increased from 8 to 12 seconds Return to Top Malthael Abilities Tormented Souls (R) Cooldown increased from 80 to 100 seconds Talents Level 4 Throwing Shade (E) Cooldown reduction increased from 2 to 4 seconds Added functionality: Now also reduces the Mana cost of Death Shroud on quest completion from 50 to 25 Level 13 Ethereal Existence (Trait) Armor reduced from 15 to 10 per Hero hit Maximum Armor bonus increased from 45 to 50 Inevitable End (Active) Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds Level 16 Memento Mori (Trait) Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 80% Level 20 Reaper of Souls (R) Added functionality: Now passively increases the duration of Tormented Souls by 1 second Return to Top Thrall Abilities Frostwolf Resilience (Trait) Heal amount increased from 210 to 223 Talents Level 1 Rolling Thunder (Q) Mana return increased from 10 to 12 Level 4 Feral Resilience (W) New functionality: Heroes hit by Feral Spirit grant Thrall 3 charges of Frostwolf Resilience Level 13 Spirit Shield (Passive) Cooldown reduction per Frostwolf Resilience stack increased from 5 to 8 seconds Level 20 Wind Rush (Active) Cooldown increased from 70 to 80 seconds Return to Top Zeratul Talents Level 16 Sentenced to Death (W) Bonus damage decreased from 50% to 40% Return to Top Zul'jin Abilities Guillotine (R) Base damage increased from 210 to 350 Damage multiplier at extremely low health decreased from 500% to 300% Talents Level 20 Ensnare (Active) Range increased from 7.8 to 10 Cooldown reduced from 60 to 45 seconds Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds Return to Top Specialist Medivh Talents Level 7 Raven Familiar (E) Ravens created by this talent will now only attack Heroic targets Return to Top Probius Abilities Pylon Overcharge (R) No longer gives Pylons bonus Health Return to Top Support Brightwing Abilities Pixie Dust (E) Movement Speed duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds No longer grants Block charges New functionality: Grants 30 Spell Armor for 3 seconds Talents Level 13 Shield Dust (E) Added functionality: Pixie Dust also grants 50 Physical Armor for the duration Return to Top Lúcio Abilities Healing Boost (W) Amp it Up Healing increased from 14.5 to 15.5 Talents Level 16 Up the Frequency (E) Cooldown per Basic Attack increased from .35 to .45 seconds Return to Top Tassadar Abilities Plasma Shield (Q) Lifesteal amount reduced from 45% to 40% Talents Level 1 Khaydarin Resonance (Q) First unlock shield value bonus increased from 15% to 20% Second unlock shield bonus increased from 30% to 40% Templar’s Will (Passive) Damage bonus of first quest unlock reduced from 150% to 125% Level 4 Khala’s Embrace (Q) Life steal amount reduced from 90% to 75% Return to Top Uther Talents Level 1 Hammer of the Lightbringer (E) Cooldown reduction per Basic Attack increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds Level 4 Pursuit of Justice (E) Movement Speed increased from 20% to 25% Level 7 Guardian of Ancient Kings (Trait) Armor reduced from 75 to 50 Level 16 Benediction (Active) Cooldown increased from 40 to 60 seconds Return to Top Warriors D.Va Stats Mech Basic Attack Damage reduced from 22.5 to 21 Mech Health reduced from 2060 to 2000 Mech Health Regeneration reduced from 4.86 to 4.17 Talents Level 1 Hit the Nitrous (Q) Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 50% Return to Top Dehaka Stats Basic Attack damage reduced from 110 to 105 Abilities Brushstalker (Z) Cooldown increased from 50 to 60 seconds Talents Level 13 Ferocious Stalker (W) New functionality: Increase the damage of Dark Swarm by 40% while the Brushstalker buff is active Return to Top Bug Fixes General Fixed several issues that could cause the game client to crash. Art Malthael: Casting Last Rites multiple times on the same target will no longer cause overhead visual effects from the second cast to appear untextured. Heroes, Abilities, and Talents Chromie: Fixed an issue that could allow two instances of Slowing Sands to exist at once. Dehaka: Completing Tissue Regeneration’s Quest will no longer prevent Essence earned via Hero takedowns from Healing Dehaka. Samuro: Fixed an issue causing Windwalk to last 9 seconds rather than 10. Tassadar: Nullification will now correctly apply multiplicatively when the target is also affected by other damage reduction effects. Tassadar: Can no longer use his Basic Attack during Dimensional Shift while in Archon form. Thrall: Percent Health damage dealt by Basic Attacks after casting Feral Spirit with the Alpha Wolf Talent now correctly count as Ability Damage. Thrall: The bonus Heal amount granted by Frostwolf's Grace will no longer apply to all Frostwolf Resilience procs. Tyrande: The Bonus Damage amount that appears in Ranger's buff bar tooltip will now update properly. Certain heroes got nerfed as expected, due to their performance and prevalance. Glad they fixed Chromie's Slowing Sands bug. I've heard some stories of people exploiting it to no end.
  2. Any game mode except for Brawls counts for this contest. Sounds good, rewarding people for playing your game seems legit.
  3. Nice intro. Best of luck in your candidacy.
  4. Would be nice to have a pic to refer to, but based on what info you offerred, I think Erebus sounds good.
  5. I will be available today to help out on quest and such. If you see me online on Blizzard/Battlenet, feel free to shoot me a whisper.
  6. All the more reason to get this wonderful game, with a deal like that.
  7. As far as I'm aware, @MadCast: MistakenMishaps, @MadCast: ZeroCool, and @MadCast: Shenaniquin play this lovely game called Monster Hunter Generations. This is a thread for anyone else who may be interested in getting together online for a hunt. Whether you need help farming a certain monster, or to finish urgent quests to unlock the next hunter rank, feel free to post your hunter rank and your availability for the upcoming week(s). For starters, I'm currently hunter rank 5, and available to assist in hunts. I'm available on June 1st, 8th, and 9th. I haven't progressed in this game as much as I want to, but the mere mention of this game re-invigorated my interest. You can also plug in your 3DS friend codes here too. My friend code is: 0903-2746-3598
  8. HEROES OF THE STORM PATCH NOTES — MAY 31, 2017 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT 5/31/2017120 We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply balance changes and a few bug fixes. Heroes ASSASSIN SPECIALIST SUPPORT WARRIOR Alarak Probius Tassadar Anub'arak Cassia Tyrande Dehaka Ragnaros E.T.C. Samuro D.Va Zul'jin Return to Top Assassin Alarak Talents Level 4 Chaos Reigns (Q) Damage bonus for hitting 15 enemy Heroes reduced from 60 to 50 Damage bonus for hitting 2 enemy Heroes with a single cast of Discord Strike reduced from 60 to 50 Damage bonus for hitting 3 enemy Heroes with a single cast of Discord Strike increased from 60 to 80 Show of Force (Passive) Damage increased from 70 to 77 Level 13 Pure Malice (Passive) Sadism gained per Ally death increased from 6 to 10% Maximum Sadism bonus increased from 30 to 40% Rite of Rak’shir (Active) Sadism bonus for killing the targeted Hero reduced from 6 to 5% Cassia Talents Level 1 Charged Strikes (Active) No longer causes attacks to bounce when attacking Structures. Ragnaros Talents Level 1 Sulfuras Hungers (Q) Bonus damage upon quest completion reduced from 100 to 90 Level 4 Catching Fire (Passive) Health regen reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 Level 13 Cauterized Wounds (Q) Healing bonus reduced from 50 to 40% Samuro Abilities Wind Walk (E) Cooldown increased from 13 to 15 seconds Duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds Zul'jin Abilities Guillotine (R) Can no longer be interrupted. Once cast, the axe is falling. Return to Top Specialist Probius Abilities Disruption Pulse (Q) Damage decreased from 150 to 142 Pylon Overcharge (R) Damage reduced from 52 to 48 Talents Level 4 Turbo Charged (Z) Movement Speed bonus decreased from 20 to 10% Level 7 Particle Accelerator (Q) Damage cap bonus increased from 40 to 50% Level 13 Aggressive Matrix (D) Damage bonus increased from 25 to 35% Shield Battery (D) Shield amount reduced by roughly 8% Support Tassadar Stats Basic Attack damage increased from 12 to 15 Abilities Plasma Shield (Q) Life steal amount increased from 30 to 45% Talents Level 4 Khala’s Embrace (Q) Life steal amount increased from 60 to 90% Tyrande Abilities Shadowstalk (R) Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds Mana cost reduced from 50 to 40 Talents Level 1 Ranger (W) Added functionality: Now also increases Sentinel Width by 25% Ranger’s Mark (D) Basic Attacks required per decreased from 60 to 50 Level 7 Huntress’ Fury (D) Splash range increased by roughly 30% Return to Top Warrior Anub'arak Abilities Burrow Charge (E) Cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds Talents Level 4 Bed of Barbs (Q) Movement Speed slow reduced from 30 to 25% Level 16 Epicenter (E) Cooldown reduction decreased from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds Dehaka Abilities Dark Swarm (W) Duration increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds Brushstalker (Z) Movement Speed buff duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds, and amount increased from 15 to 20% Talents Level 1 Enhanced Agility (Trait) Movement Speed buff duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds D.Va Abilities Boosters (Q) Cooldown reduced from 10 to 9 seconds Cooldown before being able to cancel the ability decreased from 1 to .5 seconds. Talents Level 1 Hit the Nitrous (Q) Movement Speed reduced from 375 to 325% The tooltip was adjusted to reflect the Movement Speed bonus, instead of the total speed, which is why these numbers will now appear 100% lower. Pro Moves (Passive) Movement Speed duration increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds Level 13 Ablative Armor (Passive) Reduce the threshold where Ablative Armor is active from 5% to 4% of D.Va’s maximum Health. Level 16 GG, WP (E) Damage bonus reduced from 75 to 50% E.T.C. Stats Attack Speed increased from 1 to 1.25 attacks per second. Talents Level 16 Aggressive Shredding (E) Cooldown reduction per Basic Attack reduced from 1 to .75 seconds Return to Top Bug Fixes A.I. D.Va: Veteran and Elite D.Va A.I. will now use Call Mech more frequently. Art Alarak: Discord Strike’s visual effects now properly match its crossbar area of effect. Heroes, Abilities, and Talents Alarak: Extended Lightning’s tooltip now correctly states that quest rewards will be granted after hitting 3 Heroes with the center of Lightning Surge. Alarak: Fixed an issue in which Lightning Surge dealt less damage than intended to enemy Heroes hit between Alarak and his primary target. Auriel: After learning Resurrect, Misha and Rexxar will no longer generate separate Spirits when Rexxar is killed. D.Va: Players will now correctly earn takedown credit toward certain Hero Talents and Abilities, like Seasoned Marksman or Li-Ming’s Critical Mass, after destroying D.Va’s Mech. Tyrande: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes affected by a Hunter’s Mark that was applied by Celestial Wrath will now correctly splash to nearby Heroes and Mercenaries. User Interface Emojis: Fixed an issue in which unintended emojis could overwrite portions of long-hand emoji codes that were typed in manually. Loot Chests: Fixed an issue that could generate an error after opening a D.Va Hero-Specific Loot Chest.
  9. This week, I will be hosting a couple custom games on the new shiny map, Hanamura, the first Overwatch themed map in Heroes of the Storm. Here we can discuss how the map works, what works well in this map, and some nuances that may be useful info the next time you find yourself in this battleground.