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  1. First off, morality and legality... while not completely different, they are far from the same. Their venn-diagrams would overlap slightly and namely because many times legality is derived from an authority figure using their morality to provide the basis for what becomes a law. That is an entirely different conversation though... There's quite a bit going on in US politics at the moment that really exhibits this right now, but as that's a recognized touchy space we shall leave it be at the moment. On to your bulleted questions - my responses: 1) Yes - if content is region loc
  2. Let me know (DM on discord ideally) as I might have a key I can pass along. Can't 100% promise it'll work but I have it since I was in the previous alphas and recently pre-ordered so I got access on steam too. I haven't activated it but have no idea if they potentially tied it to my account already due to the alpha. They issued new keys for this event so I'm thinking it's available to use. Also, I so miss the days of SWG. I've even played on the SWGemu server a bit but there's just not enough folks to make it enjoyable. The massive PvP raids that would occur on Scylla were phenomenal. Thi
  3. Is there a good idea on how many folks we might have? I plan to be there but I likely won't be around until about 830-9pm since I have to get the kid situated in bed and such that night before I can settle in and play some. Looking forward to it! Sidenote: are we planning to start in a certain area or try to "govern" a region or anything like that?
  4. Funny thing is that I can see people who have the "New World Confidential Test" in my steam feed. I can say things like it's fun and has some interesting mechanics. Beyond that the NDA doesn't allow release of much, yet. With that being said, that NDA will likely be lifted on 23 June when the Beta launches. It's a closed beta but I believe that pre-ordering gets you a spot in it.
  5. Good afternoon fellow MadCasters. Recently, as in Thursday night/Friday I was finally diagnosed with Diabetes. Not sure on type 1 vs type 2 yet because of the interesting nature of the symptoms that brought me into the ER to get checked out. The long and short of it was that I presented enough overlapping symptomology that it could go either way without doing a test for the antibody markers that would illuminate if I'm not really producing insulin or if I'm just extremely resistant at the moment. There's honestly a bit more to it than that (don't stress out medical folks, I'm just
  6. Sorry to hear about the hospital time. Hopefully all is getting better. Please do note that the RFMs likely will not take a look at the comments or vote on anything until after their holiday break, which ends on 2 Jan. So ideally shortly after or on the 3rd you'll hear something!
  7. Blizzard has always been good at this:
  8. I'm not sure where I had read this.. but likely a British site based on the terms... In general they are birds... and birds are flocks of "insert bird type"... however the other names are more fun! A group of ducklings is called a brood. A pair of ducks is called a brace. ducks (diving) - a dopping of ducks ducks (flying) - a plump of ducks ducks (on water) - a paddling of ducks or a raft of ducks Other terms: a flush of ducks, a sord of ducks, a twack of ducks
  9. I'm genuinely confused by this... elaborate?
  10. I'll echo the notes about the GPUs here. Unless you're wanting a power house card for VR, you really shouldn't "need" to upgrade that at all. AMD will be having new cards with their 7nm architecture out this year most likely. That'll help drive down some costs on the other competitors out there since most will not have that. That means it might be a good time (at that point) to consider a 20 series card. The only thing I would stay away from are the 2080TIs as they're still having some issues with them. Generally only when you're really taxing them out, but problems are problems in my boo
  11. Only time I really use ketchup is for making the sauce I use on my meatloaf. That's made of ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar. If I'm dipping fries, that's normally in in BBQ sauce I personally like mixing ranch into mashed potatoes for the flavoring and thickening. Oh, and you forgot dipping pizza crust in garlic butter...
  12. Eggs - over easy Either a chipotle sauce or hot sauce for flavor, I generally cook them using seasoning so I don't use sauce. Then some nice toasted sourdough to mop up the yolks.
  13. Hopefully that link works!
  14. On your 5000th post @MadCast Maday! Happy Birthday to MadCast and a proper congratulations to @MadCast: RedJustice and @MadCast: Epic!
  15. How has everyone been progressing? I finally got to get going and am sitting around the low 20s at the moment. Rolling a Scion with the aim of going Elementalist/inquisitor.