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  1. Well if Steven is out I am out to. This went from logging in once a week playing casually with some friends and ended up not being fun for me. It's just too bad even though I think Steven had some great Ideas he could never get the rest of the team on board and was pushed aside like he was a visitor. Good luck to you.
  2. I am not sure trying to select a "Team Captain" is such a great idea right this second because i still feel there are always 3 people talking at the same time and everyone that is talking must be the most important thing because there is always an excuse for talking when the shot caller is trying to direct everyone. We still have people doing there own thing (Me included) when the shot caller isn't actively calling anything and it is sometimes construed that they should have know better to be with the team vs where they were told to be 4 mins ago. I honestly dont think we can follow just one person or at least some of us are incapable of not trying to manage the group when they are not the shot caller or in control. If you are not the shot caller and you feel the shot caller is not active enough making calls say that. "X what are we doing" "What next?" "Can we go to X". Instead we just go because someone other than the shot caller says lets go get this or go here. To many strong players (egos, know it alls) in this group to be able to follow ones lead in my opinion. For instance when DB makes a team Comp no one questions it same for Lorenzo but as soon as Steven had an Idea for a Comp. 2 others wanted to debate with him at hero select. (Not good man). If this works great, if not it was all for not and nothing changes. I voted for Lorenzo because for the most part everyone follows his lead and does not argue with him durring hero select. I also think we still spend too much time worrying about others in our team durring the game instead of worrying about ourselves. I am not sure how some of you do it that you have enough time to tab and look at my build or someone else's then want to critique it. I think i will start asking at every level which ability the team wants so I am not critiqued durring the match and see how that goes. Win Lose or Draw i thought this was supposed to be fun but every thursday someone is being overbearing and knows more than the other. Just my 2 cents. About a 2 night a week team league, I cannot meet 2 nights a week. I have a family and other obligations again i wanted to do this for fun competitive play not to take over my life lol. I think we can have either a practice QMs on Thursday or Team League or scrims and not all 3, focus one one or the other and schedule it so we know ahead of time what is going on. Once in Hero select we should already know what we are doing and who is who. There should not be a debate durring this time period pre- select and one person talking. Discussions for X comp and z comp should be done before and after games not at hero select. If we can do that this might work. There are times i can't tell who is calling the shots. When DBSmiley is tanking and he is good at it he tends to take over. Other people have ideas and all though you may disagree with them we need to be unified and not torn at hero select. Off my soap box moving on.
  3. 1. Sylvanis - Because of the amount of push she can create and the amount of push the team can benefit from with things like the Garden Terror, Dragon Knight etc. 2. Falstad - I like his versatility and global movement. if someone in a lane needs help he can be there in seconds to assist. Once his stacks are up his ability to zone out enemies is great as well.
  4. I Heard Mr. Epic mention an orientation coming up but i cant find anything on the website or on the Calendar for events. If someone knows when that is exactly ii can plan ahead. Thank You
  5. I have read and agree to the terms of the "Terms of Full Membership. Thank you everyone for the votes of confidence.
  6. Most of these fixes or "nerfs" needed to happen as well as the buffs I see.
  7. I sent the teamspeak info to a few friends that may be looking for some more people to play OW specifically. I hope that was ok.
  8. LagSpike

    ARK Survival

    Apparently while in steam you can click on "View" then click on "Servers" and then you can add servers to your favorites and it automatically knows it's an ark server and will launch your game, and join the server. Hope this helps.
  9. LagSpike

    ARK Survival

    i'm not sure Lurama I dont play the game i just know some people that do that are looking for others so..... I know there is a way to set up fav. servers in steam and join from that list just not sure how to do that. Ill try and get some more information about it and make sure it is up to be joined. According to the Admins it may need an update so they are doing that now. Also they are putting together an Ananooki<sp> Server stay tuned for that information. Name: [ORP] Annunaki PvEvP Fresh 7/20 15X 30H/T | IP:
  10. LagSpike

    ARK Survival

    Just wanted to put this out there. I have a few friends that run an ARK Server. If you guys are interested in joining a casual moderated private server here is the information. Fresh Wipe 6/26/16 15XP 30TH Tek Tier Active Admins IP: