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  1. you should of all been astros players for halloween xD then shown ur roomates
  2. Love this freakin holiday! So much that I was halloween for halloween. Just some random halloween accessories and i look like i have a costume. I had a witch headband but it fell off :(. What were y'all for halloween this year?
  3. WElcome dude! So glad you found us. I'll be your mentor for your candidacy so hit me up when you see me on teamspeak
  4. Player Name: I Touch My Shelf Level: 30- Silver 1 Preferred roles: Support/ADC I am signing up as a free agent. Willing to be a captain.
  5. Knew this day would come when girls begin the hostile takeover of MadCast. Let it begin! jk but u totally deserve this girl! Congrats!
  6. I've played almost every sport probably. Volley, lacrosse, baseball, softball, bowling, ice skating, track, but I mainly focused on soccer and tennis. I chose tennis out of the 3, I used to to tournaments around Texas and got pretty high up in the rankings. I can cook almost any recipe you give me and it turns out pretty tasty. I can write lyrics on the spot, but was too lazy to learn the musical part to actually write a full song. I also do amateur kick boxing. I can touch my tongue a long way up my nose cause I was born without that thing under your tongue that restricts the length you can stretch it. I can also turn it upside down. I watch tons of Asian dramas from Korean ones to Thai Lakorns. And I can be shown almost any picture from a LOTR movie and know which movie it came from and what was happening in that scene. I can also read people pretty well, based on their tone of voice, usage of words, or facial expressions or mannerisms. I can also sew a mean quilt, horse ride, and know every word to every taylor swift song
  7. I want yoga pants karma with leggings a tank top and she carries a yoga mat. And her dance moves are yoga moves like down dog or crane so she can taunt her enemies with yoga moves when she kills them hehe
  8. I always wanted to be a teacher. I used to put stuffed animals in my rocking chair and teach them many things. (I had some pretty smart teddy bears). Hope one day I'll get through my education degree to help young kids and their thirst for knowledge!
  9. Rellim so glad to see ur intro girl! And ur 5'2? I'm 5'3? We can be funsize together!!! can't wait to play more with you
  10. Oh honey I once cut my own hair out of spite against someone else and let's just say me and scissors don't get along anymore. And you look totally adorable (and totally Jewish with that curly brown hair :P) but I did get my hair dyed blue at the ends lately.
  11. The crazier you are, my friend, the better. But in my opinion your not crazy, just quirky. Everybody has a little quirkiness in them, you just express yours in an awesome way. And if someone beats you to a pulp for that then screw them. I wish you luck on your candidacy
  12. So I've been struggling lately with life in general. I've heard a lot of advice from many different people yet none of it sticks in my head. It goes in one ear and out the other. Yet I read a quote long ago by the one and only bill gates, "Life is unfair, so get used to it." Of course its not easy to follow that advice as some would think, but that quote follows me wherever I go. When I'm going through a tough time like I am now I remind myself that no matter who I want to blame, be angry at, cry to, that won't help me move on with my life. Sometimes I just need to suck it up and know that life will be unfair so just do my best at whatever I can. It I make a mistake, I learn from it, not completely fail. It's called failing forward. Even if I did take 2 steps back I took one step forward. I just hope I can remind myself of that everyday.