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  1. Howdy! Took a little break with military and life, but would love to hop back in and join the family again.
  2. I like the space one, the battlecast one is cool too, but the space one took my vote
  3. Nightbringer yas cause im a filthy yas main turned adc, elementalist lux and omega squad teemo hard to pick between some but if I had to those would be the top 3
  4. I have seen Rythm used in many different servers, pretty simple to use as well, I believe it can also play off of youtube videos
  5. Player Name: TheRazorback Level: 30 Rank: Gold IV Preferred Roles: ADC, Top, Mid in order I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  6. Looks pretty sweet, really like that he doesn't have to shop
  7. "Cavs in 7" PS: Still don't like Draymond Green
  8. I agree, he is probably the main reason I'm not a big fan of GS, that and the fact that KD left OKC for them, but I feel like most of the beef and bad feelings I have towards GS is because of Draymond he is just a punk.
  9. I agree with most of this except the suspension of draymond, I think he should have been suspended earlier than he was tbh. With his antics in the OKC series before that as well. I do think we will see the refs favor the cavs though, especially in cleveland as most teams do get a little home court help
  10. Doesn't look good for the Cavs, but that is also what everyone said last year, wouldn't count them out
  11. League of Legends Name: TheRazorbackRank: Just hit Gold V woot wootTop Two Positions: Top and ADCPlay Style: passive unless aheadHours Available: varies but usually pretty late at nightFavorite Champions: Yasuo, yorick, caitlynContact Me: In game or TS
  12. In school pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with an associates degree in Nuclear Technology. Plan on being an operator at the nuclear power plant here in Russellville, Arkansas which is also where my college is, and where I grew up. Here recently though I've also been looking into to game design and plan on possibly taking some classes in that field here in the near future.
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