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  1. Lol...if bets are being placed I guess it's me and Shattered plus potentially one other unsuspecting participant.
  2. Just a suggestion, but if you already play support fairly often, you might want to consider looking into learning to tank. Being support can make you well suited for it because you are already used to watching the position of your team and paying attention to their health bars. Plus, I've noticed in organized play, there is almost always need for tank. Everyone loves to play assassin or specialist and feel like a play maker, but a strong tank saves the game. Just my two cents.
  3. I'm in. Who wants to carry me?
  4. Guess you had to apply certainly took your sweet time! :-P
  5. Stan would have to get good at hots himself before he can help someone else.
  6. That wrecking ball looks OP as hell. I'm excited for him. Although the troll possibilities with the talent to throw teammates may be far too tempting.
  7. Lolol...maybe I will change it to Septic...give me an excuse to be more toxic.
  8. Read and agreed. Thank you for accepting me. I am much excite.
  9. Lol...only fair since you carry me most of the time.
  10. Welcome, welcome. Good luck with your candidacy.
  11. Welcome. I hope your candidacy goes well. If you ever want to abandon the evils of LoL, then HotS is very welcoming.
  12. I don't know if we need all the bouncy-ass Overwatch characters on HotS...but It's hella cool that you got to meet their voices. Getting all of their autographs on that one poster would be super sweet.
  13. Does it count as being a responsible adult if you consider it making an investment in your entertainment?