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  1. Player Name: Brootos Level: 136 Preferred Roles: ADC Rank: Gold II I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  2. i mean I'm glad they have been doing stuff to AD items but i don't think it will make them as viable again, the overall META is to early game focused and ADCs are getting out classed by mages at almost all stages of the games. I'm pretty sure the normal AD build is around a couple hundred to 1000 less overall on the PBE changes right now, but it isn't often for ADCs to get that far in the build and the items just are not as strong so they are tend to feel like a glass cannon without the cannon part for the majority of the game. Some of this is my own opinion with some ADC streamers to influence it. I've played ADC mainly for the majority of the time I've played league and its a really fun role to learn and play so I wouldn't let this slump in how good the role is deter you away from picking up and learning ADC. Plus the META doesn't really affect lower elo play since the players make tons and tons of mistakes all the time. It would just be harder to do what your job is when a 5-0 talon one shots you 5 times and makes you go from 5-0-0 to 5-5-0 and there isn't a whole lot you can do about it until you get more gold.
  3. I'm out of school till august, so until I get a job for the summer I am free everyday pretty much.
  4. I've wanted to get a campaign with 4 people off the ground for a while so I would be down to join in.
  5. Welcome man! Looking forward to playing some games with you!
  6. Player Name: Brootos Level: 30 Rank: silver 2 Preferred Roles: ADC, JG I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  7. Great maybe when we can get a group going I will warn you I am also doing one with 3 others so I might not always be able to play but it shouldn't be a huge issue.
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