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  1. I miss playing with you all, and hope I can start again soon
  2. Did I say that I was representing the pallets of others? No. I am explaining the traditional flavors of a pizza that we all taste. Not based on what I think alone but based upon how PROFESSIONAL CHEFS view pizza and what they think the flavor profiles of a pizza should/need to be. I am not saying I am a professional or anything but many others like myself agree with those views.
  3. Yes! the toppings should meld and blend with the flavours, never take over
  4. Pineapple on pizza is wrong! Pineapple is usually an overpowering taste and shrouds the pallet of the traditional pizza flavors (Flattened base of leavened wheat based dough, Cheese, Sauce and/or tomato topping and only ingredients that compliments lightly the already existing flavors brought together) . You may as well just eat pineapple on its own as it DOES NOT compliment traditional pizza. (In Italy people actually get offended if they see a pizza ruined by pineapple so you will NEVER see it there)
  5. I'm liking what I am seeing guys
  6. I won't count mine but here it is!😂https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/PkdRMZ
  7. That's the point! Have fun building something with a chance of a prize
  8. I have heard from a ton of people about their dislike of this new expansion and I want to see what all of you guys think! Tell me what you like about it or what you dislike and how it can be better!
  9. Nope monitor and peripherals are not required! Thanks lurama!
  10. Nope CPU does not matter! It is your build! Just remember what it will be judged on!
  11. Winner will also have the gratitude of my friend who is building it for himself!
  12. I am having a competition for who can make the best gaming PC build with a budget of $2000-2500 Canadian Dollars or $1908 USD. There will be 2 prizes, for first place you will receive 50$ and for second place it will be a 25$ prize! ***Monitors and other exterior items are NOT required *** The decision will be based upon 1) Looks ( visible interior, colorful or plain etc...) 2) Power 3) Price (stay within budget range) 4) Compatibility Lastly, you will have one week to come up with your build! The winners will be mentioned in the comments and private messaged. (Feels free to ask any questions) Good luck and happy building!
  13. Hmm I do agree with you on Mike though... Maybe the noose has his name on it?
  14. Yea, you know... that Stan guy is really being hard about killing some people.... Maybe he is a wolf! Let's hang the man/or wolf! I VOTE STAN FOR THE GALLOWS
  15. Yea lets just start hanging people! Who volunteers?
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