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  1. Congratulations and a huge thank you Lizzie. It is more than deserved. Also congratulations and thanks are in order for Icarus and Khaos. Your work is much appreciated.
  2. UPDATE: I have one last bit of grading to do tonight, apologies. I am moving the information session to Tuesday at 9:30 PM EST. If you can’t make it, shoot me a message and I will fill you in!
  3. Hi all! I will be hosting a VALORANT information session on Sunday, May 10th beginning at 9:30 P.M. EST. At the event, I will be available to answer any questions anyone has about VALORANT, including how to get access! I will also be soliciting opinions on what events you'd like to see! Thanks a ton guys, and I will see you there!
  4. Hello all, For those of you who don't know me, or maybe haven't met me yet, I'm Mike! I've been a MadCast Full Member for a little over three years now, and was in the administration in varying capacities for a little over two of those years. I needed to step away to take a little time to finish up college and baseball a few months ago. However, with both of those now completed, I have found myself with more free time, some of which I would like to give to help the community again. I would like to work up to the release of Riot's new game VALORANT and bring it to MadCast. Past Riot games have been kind to MadCast, and I do not see why VALORANT cannot have similar success. Playing VALORANT has ignited my enjoyment of video games again, and I wish to "knock out two birds with one stone" and parlay that energy into the growth of MadCast. As of right now, VALORANT is in semi-closed beta and will be released later this summer. This gives me plenty of time to get used to the game and brainstorm ideas on how to host events for MadCast FMs, Candidates, and Associates. Leading up to release, I'd love to lend my hand to those events already in motion, and get to know and learn from the newer members of the admin team. I'd love to get involved in Social Saturdays, Catan, etc. As always, my inbox will always be open for any questions by those of you who are reading. I am also more than willing to make time on Discord to discuss VALORANT or my hopeful contributions to the team further. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to be of service to you again soon. Mike
  5. ughhh if this wasn't on during the Michael Jordan documentary I would play
  6. Hi all! I was curious as to who has VALORANT here in the community. I know myself and @MadCast: The Prince ran some wicked cool honey badger games the other day. I'm sure we'd both love to get other people in on some action as well. If you have the beta, shoot me a message on here or in discord and we can play! If we get enough, maybe we can run some customs or something! If you are looking at this post like wtf, check out the VALORANT website at It's a game by Riot that resembles CSGO pretty heavily. It's currently in beta, and you need to watch streams in order to qualify for a beta key 'drop' in Twitch. The game's website covers everything you need to know. Catch y'all in the lobbies!
  7. Honey Badgers don't give a shit!
  8. I'm just happy to see that Aaron Murray is back to perform aggressively average and disappoint another fanbase than UGA's this time.
  9. Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful holiday break and a Happy New Year! Help us ring in 2020 and kick off the New Year in MadCast style with our first Town Hall of 2020 on Monday, January 6 at 9 PM EST! As always, this will be a space to hear from MadCast RFMs, SFMs, and Staff. Everyone is invited to attend! Looking forward to seeing everyone Monday!