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  1. ill join u guys on this game. lets set up something with a few people
  2. New server info |BlackIce|Mods|RPVP|75K|PubCops|GangBases| Hi there MT519 here Dev/Mod/Owner of the BlackIce Server. I have worked/dev on many servers over the years and figured it was time for me to run one for myself. Now what does my server have ? well here is a list - Edited Map - Movement Menu - Bounty - Gang Bases - Gasstation Robbery - Bank Robbery - DLC Gear - MODS - Cars - Weapons - Effects - Sounds - Gear - Custom Jail - Talent Tree - T
  3. Server rules police and gen rules.cfg General Rules You must have a legal / legitimate copy of Arma 3 to join. We do not permit abusive language, constant fighting, racism or any such even if you are role-playing it. No voice in side chat! Feel free to use text chat over side but not your voice. Do not spam music or annoy people with voice changers in any VOIP channel. You must role-play at all times. Remember this is a role playing game. No in-game items of any kind can be traded for out of game currency or items of any kind. This is a roleplay server, your life is valu
  4. eh sounds good bro, i been posting all over about the server to public forums. lets hope we get a player base for the server and in turn more Madcast members
  5. not a problem. server is now live, i'm jumping from ts to ts and discord to discord talking to different communities and trying to get some Military groups to join! hype as fuck right now hope to see you and everyone else with the game online some time soon !!
  6. |BlackIce|Mods|RPVP|75K|PubCops|GangBases| Mod link Discord Link
  7. MT519

    flood in my area

    thanks yall, been working early mornings and getting stuff out of not just my place but a lot of the other homes in the area. so much stuff! but that's not even the worst part, its the damn media and press using this as a lead story and on top of all that people in my neighborhood are trying to use that and get free stuff.... making it seem like us working people are welfare bums and that we are in need.
  8. hey guys haven't been on for the past few days, we got hit with a flood. lots of damages and loss of items but we are ok. ill pop in here and there i'm back to work tomorrow so my morning LoL is no more
  9. Made for forum post on steam to bring in even more people to the server we are currently at 26 active players non Madcast members
  10. best show hands down. its to bad its going to end
  11. Man what a week, got a lot done added over 300 gear items 100 weapons a ton of scripts and addons! its looking good yall, almost ready to start posting on the Arma/Altis Forums