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  1. ill join u guys on this game. lets set up something with a few people
  2. New server info |BlackIce|Mods|RPVP|75K|PubCops|GangBases| Hi there MT519 here Dev/Mod/Owner of the BlackIce Server. I have worked/dev on many servers over the years and figured it was time for me to run one for myself. Now what does my server have ? well here is a list - Edited Map - Movement Menu - Bounty - Gang Bases - Gasstation Robbery - Bank Robbery - DLC Gear - MODS - Cars - Weapons - Effects - Sounds - Gear - Custom Jail - Talent Tree - Transport - Weapons - Gold - Shipwreaks - SpeedCams - Gag/Blindfold/Zipties - Civ Restraints - PvP Zones - All Illegal Areas - PvE - AI Combat for Milsim Players - Market System - DLC Cars - DLC Weapons - More Drug Fields This list will grow over time. Now we use Discord for our voice chat and to help keep everyone in the community(s) up2date on current/upcoming events and updates. Discord Link https://discord.gg/N2kcVgB Mod List http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098900143 - Mod list will change over time as well, i will post in Discord if new mods come in.
  3. Server rules police and gen rules.cfg General Rules You must have a legal / legitimate copy of Arma 3 to join. We do not permit abusive language, constant fighting, racism or any such even if you are role-playing it. No voice in side chat! Feel free to use text chat over side but not your voice. Do not spam music or annoy people with voice changers in any VOIP channel. You must role-play at all times. Remember this is a role playing game. No in-game items of any kind can be traded for out of game currency or items of any kind. This is a roleplay server, your life is valuable and you need to roleplay whenever possible. Repeatedly breaking roleplay or committing suicide just for fun may lead to kicks or bans. Avoiding bans by playing on a friends account or by getting a new account, VPN or any other way will result in a permanent ban. Telling people you are friends with the admins, or anything completely outside of the game to avoid roleplay or change a scenario is not allowed. Let it happen and if they do something wrong report them, be it players or just general cop complaints. Admins are not government employees, there's no use for the term in game unless you need help! Cheating, Glitching and Combat Logging Anyone caught cheating or hacking will be BANNED PERMANENTLY and your information will be shared to multiple online ban lists and Bohemia Interactive. (This includes hooking into the memory or using a debugger as well). Purposefully glitching or exploiting of any kind will be result in a PERMANENT BAN. Auto-clickers are logged and instantly PERMANENTLY BANNED. Money Hackers are logged and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. If someone gives you a large sum of money for no reason or outside of roleplay, talk to the admins and get it removed or you may be banned along side the hacker. You are not to combat log EVER! (Combat Logging May Result in Your gear being wiped, losing 100k minimum from your bank, a kick and / or a ban). (Combat logging is defined as leaving during any roleplay / firefight or disconnecting before you respawn). Rearming at a backpack or car of another player that has not given you access will get you PERMANENTLY BANNED. (It's logged, don't do it.) Getting out of jail via any other method other than paying bail or escaping via helicopter (or a vehicle attached to a helicopter) is not allowed. Killing yourself to get out of role play. Getting out of being tased, restrained, arrested, jail etc. If the log shows you got arrested then you died, you will be banned. Do not pay bail or get out of jail and kill yourself for an easy ride home. (Walk to a city and buy some items). Using clearly hacked items is not allowed. If a hacker comes in and spawns unobtainable items, you could be banned for using those items. Report the items to the admins IMMEDIATELY and stay away from them. Don't abuse bugs or game mechanics for gain. Is there a replicating gun somewhere? Report it and leave it alone. If an admin catches you abusing any glitch, it will result in a ban. Valid Roleplay Devices and Usages (Cellphones, direct-chat, voice, side etc) Text messages can only be used as roleplay when messaging vehicles / helicopters (find the name via scroll-wheel or tilde-key) or when messaging a player that has personally given you their number or they are a personal friend / gang-member you would know the number of. (Don't meta-game names or scroll-wheel / tilde-key players. Ask them for their name / cell number before texting them anything in roleplay). When messaging a helicopter you can tell them to leave or be shot down. You can't do anything else such as land or be destroyed or anything like that (the APD is exempt from this rule). (If you want to rob a helicopter follow it until it lands and rob them!) You can only text a vehicle if you are within 1km of it (point a to b, height doesn't matter) or 5km for Jets. When messaging a ground vehicle you can tell them to leave or be destroyed or stop or be destroyed (the APD is exempt from this rule). You must wait a full 15 seconds after sending a text message to act. (This makes sure that people receive the message). Side-chat is not roleplay. Talking / Using Voice in Side-Chat will result in a Permanent Ban and is not roleplay. Typing and talking in direct chat is valid roleplay. You are included in the roleplay if you are in a group with a player initiated on within 100m and within visual range. You need to give at least 5 seconds for talking in direct before acting and 10 seconds for typing in direct chat before acting in a roleplay scenario. (EX: If you type: Hands up or die, if you aim at me you die. You wait 10 seconds and if they don't comply kill them. Obviously if he aims at you or starts shooting you could kill him.) Shouts (alt + 1-4) are not a replacement for direct chat. They are used to guarantee you have announced yourself after you have initiated via direct chat. Running into a situation, armed or unarmed, just to initiate external support such as Air Support, Snipers, Other Members in the area, etc is Fail Roleplay and not allowed. This doesn't apply to sneaking around to ambush people and initiate support, or initiating support during a situation. Suicide initiation or Meat-shield Initiation isn't allowed. Lawless Zones are denoted on your map, usually with a Red and Orange Zone. There are other lawless zones and those can be found out using the legend on the left side of your map. In these zones no roleplay is required. You can shoot anyone on sight. You cannot shoot people outside of these zones from inside or inside of these zones from the outside. If you have team members (snipers or backup) outside of this radius they are not included. They have to roleplay just like normal. (Tell the cops you have a sniper or have your teammate message the police that if they don't leave they'll snipe them, etc.) Temporary Lawless Zones (Robberies, Federal Reserve, Etc) These rules apply when an active robbery is announced. (Via the map, or server / admin messages). While there is an active situation the area within a 100m radius of the building / robbery is considered a temporary lawless zone. These zones are only active during the announced event (robbery or whatnot). Any cops or civilians that enter this area can be killed on sight. (This doesn't include players running down main roads, or driving through). Cops responding to the event can be shot and disabled (sirens and lights on and clearly in the zone [not cops with sirens rolling down the main roads.]). If you have any questions, wait until they close to the start of the event! If you have team members (snipers or backup) outside of this radius they are not included. They have to roleplay just like normal. (Tell the cops you have a sniper or have your teammate message the police vehicles and tell them to leave. Cop Interaction, Declaring War and Robbing the Reserve You CAN NOT kidnap a cop unless there are at least 5 officers on. 7 Police Officers need to be on to declare war. All wars must be approved by an Admin and an Admin message must be sent to all players before the war begins. See the Police Interactions sections below. New Life Rule (Applies to Civilians at All Times and Cops [When 5 or More are on Only]) If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death. (That's not 100m from the scene of your death, that's if you die in Kavala, spawn in Athira and don't show back up for 10 minutes in Kavala). If you die during roleplay (not because of a glitch), your past dealings are forgotten but you also cannot seek revenge. Once re-spawned you must act like you have no memory of what happened before you died. If your friends are in a situation and have not died, after the 10 minutes you can return. If you are RDM'd (Not Including Lawless Zones or Wars), it is not a new life. If you manually respawn it is not a new life. If you kill yourself to avoid roleplay it is not a new life. Abusing these systems will get you banned. Random Death-Match (RDM) Killing anyone without a roleplay cause is bannable. (You cannot roleplay that you are just a killer / murderer / terrorist to kill someone). Declaring a war is not a cause to kill anyone even cops. You can only kill those who are actively participating. Cops and civilians or rebels can only commence in a shootout if there are reasons relating to a crime or self defense. If you are not involved at the start of the shootout you must be made known through roleplay or it's RDM (tell the cops to stop shooting your friends, have your friends announce you or stand by and watch). If you are killed in the crossfire of a firefight, it is not RDM. Killing someone in an attempt to protect yourself or others is not RDMing as long as there was role play initiated among the people you're defending and attacking. (This doesn't include if you weren't in the original situation. Civilians can and will shoot people they see shooting at cops). Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow demands is considered RDM. These are judged by admins on a case by case basis. To make your case and prevent it from getting thrown out because of conflicting stories - record a video AND HAVE IT READY. (Post a report up on the forums). Vehicle Death-Match (VDM) and Vehicles Purposefully running people over is bannable. There's a difference between accidents and running someone over and the admins know it. Purposely throwing yourself in front of vehicles is not allowed. Ramming or shooting vehicles in order to cause an explosion / disable them is not allowed. (You can shoot cars to disable them after initiation but not to blow up surrounding things or kill players). Trying to enter a vehicle that doesn't belong you in order to annoy or grief the owner without roleplay is not allowed. Purchasing multiple vehicles to blow up or troll with is not allowed. The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it and/or fire warning shots in a role-play scenario. You are not to deliberately destroy enemy vehicles unless RP has initiated and you are immediately threatened by explosive warfare. Aviation Purposely ramming or crashing a helicopter into anything including vehicles, helicopters, structures and / or players is not allowed. Flying low over a city is not bannable but is illegal. Each time you do it you get a count. Hovering, moving slowly or landing in Police areas, hospitals or the Green Zones in cities will get you kicked (and your helicopter removed), doing so repeatedly will result in a ban. Stealing helicopters without proper warning and significant time for the driver to get into the vehicle is not allowed. If they land and run away without locking, fine, steal it, they messed up, if they just get out, and you're sitting there trolling waiting to get in before they get a chance to lock it when they get out, ban. Boats Repeatedly pushing boats to glitch them out is not allowed. Pushing a boat with the intention of hurting someone is not allowed. Purposely running over swimmers or divers is not allowed. Spawning many boasts to glitch out or abuse the physics in the game is not allowed. Police Interactions Officers must roleplay at all times. Officers not role-playing should be reported on the forums with proof immediately. Officers are not to tase first. Police doing so will be removed and severe cases may be a ban. Constantly looking in a cop's backpack or vehicle or lock-picking police vehicles, keeping the police from being productive, will result in your removal from the server. Civilians can be arrested for following cops in game in order to give away their position. Civilians or Rebels whom take up arms to kill cops in town or elsewhere for no RP reason will be considered to be RDMing. See above RDMing section. Following and/or harassing cops for long periods of time with be considered griefing and/or spamming and will result in your removal from the server. Actively blocking cops from doing their duties can lead to your arrest. You cannot fire into the police HQ's. Constantly doing these things, or any "trolling" of police officers will result in your removal from the server. Police HQ is an "Off-Limits" zone. This means nobody can enter this zone even to break someone out. This is a ban-able offense. The police dept is the only place that can allow cops to do their job. If you would like to break someone out RP it with the ride to the PD or the Jail. (See the Green Zone section above). Sirens are not initiation. When you are pulled over you must initiate verbally like normally. Medic Interactions Medics must roleplay at all times. Medics cannot choose sides. They are neutral. A medic can roll with the cops, but if a civilian dies, unless the police tell the medic not to revive them due to severe injuries the medic must revive the civilian, even if that means the civilian will need to be police processed. Medics cannot loot dead bodies or dropped items unless asked by some other player. Medics must only revive players they have been requested to revive. This can be on another player's request, a medic request or a cop's request. Killing medics are not allowed unless they are refusing to leave, refusing to stop reviving or attacking you. You cannot commit any crimes against medics except in the cases above. You cannot loot medics. You cannot loot, steal or lock-pick medic vehicles. You cannot drive medic vehicles. Medics may carry weapons but they can only be used if being shot at by civilians or when a medic is threatened. Threatening medics will get you reported to the police. (Medics are neutral not on your side). Medics can only have civilians in their vehicles to take them to hospitals or to the police. Press and Taxi Interactions While on duty, press or taxi drivers cannot commit crimes or have crimes commit on them. (No robbing, knocking out, etc). For Press: on duty is described as wearing a press vest, hat, and only driving in a press vehicle or riding in a non-military vehicle. For Taxi Drivers: on duty is described as taking fares, being in a taxi, or being seen recently driving or exiting the driver side of a taxi. Taxi customers can have crimes committed to them and can be committing crimes (robbing gas stations along a path, robbing players during stops, etc). Taxis can be texted to "stop or be destroyed" or "leave the area or be destroyed" and must comply or they can be destroyed. Taxis must stop for the APD when being hailed or pulled over. Press must leave leave private property when the property's owner or keeper tells them to do so or they can be killed. (A civ's home, the hospital when told by a medic, the area surrounding PD when told by a cop). Press and Taxi Drivers must respect the personal area (10-15 meters) around players and move away from vehicles or players when asked or they may be shot or arrested. Did you accidentally kill a buddy? Let the police know immediately and you'll be let off the hook. Telling the police about your accidental manslaughter right as your being arrested only makes it seem like you're being untruthful. Let us know immediately please, and of course we'll fix it. <3 Just text the police and they will ask whoever you killed if it was an accident and if it's self defense they will contact any witnesses. Teamspeak Rules Teamspeak/Discord channels are split up for a reason. Cops are to be in cop channels when online as cops. Civilians cannot be in any cop channels in order to gather information on police location and movements. Civilians can be in the cop channels when helping or working with the cops. You can only have 1 identity per person. You are not allowed to have bots or anything like that without admin permission. (You can connect with your phone when you are out or whatnot though). The admin help channels are to talk with admins or report immediate issues (combat log reports with proof, RDMers in the server, hackers, glitches and ETC.). If you have a Compensation Request or something to report please do it on the forums, the admins will ask you to come into the Teamspeak if they need more information or you request to talk about it there. (This isn't because the admins hate you, it's because they are busy keeping the small hamsters that run the server in their wheels!). Final Thought Are you cool in real life?, why act any different in a game then? Be positive - be funny - but don't be a douche-bag.... In real life that shit doesn't fly, and it certainly doesn't here. There are no child admins on this server - we expect you guys to act like adults - even if you're 14!... With your help we can build a server community where everyone has the same objective - have the most fun in Altis Life possible. We think it's about quality - not quantity. If your attitude is poor, you are expendable. With that being said , to those of you who have given our server a chance, and really liked it , we appreciate you! Eventually we will make custom guns and scopes for our server - in which case we are making a list of original members, who will be rewarded eventually for being a pioneer to the server. We love you sexy betches, look forward to seeing you on the island! The staff is very approachable in the teamspeak/Discord, just hop on in and ask any questions. We made these rules not to be hard-asses but to make everything we expect as easy to digest and laid out as possible for our great community and player-base! Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment, be that a kick, removal of money or items, a ban and / or a permanent ban. The punishment is up to the staff member at the time, you can appeal punishments on the forums through the support section. Head Admins always have the final say. vehicle rules Vehicles in a parking lot, or are reasonably parked elsewhere will not be impounded. Vehicles that look abandoned, broken, with no driver, or left in the middle of the road can be impounded. Boats should be parked reasonably on shore. Any vehicle that hasn't moved in a significant amount of time may be impounded. Aviation laws No helicopter can land within city limits without authorization from the highest ranking officer online. Civilian helicopters may not land on the docks by the police station in #Kavala unless permission is given by the police to do so. Helicopters cannot fly below 150m over the city without authorization. Helicopters cannot hover over the city unless it is being used in a police operation. Aircraft are not permitted to land on roads. Vehicle searches Vehicles searches are permitted in the following situations: A vehicle that has been stopped if larger than an Offroad. A vehicle has stopped at a police checkpoint. A vehicle has been witnessed to be leaving an illegal area. Civilian and police interaction General civilian and police interaction laws Civilians can be arrested/detained for looking in cops backpacks/vehicles. Civilians can be arrested for following cops in game in order to give away their position. Following and/or harassing cops for long periods of time is reasonable cause for the officer to jail you. Actively blocking cops from doing their duties can lead to your arrest. Civilians accessing any police base must have permission to access from the police. The helipad by the police base in Kavala is considered as part of the police base. Loitering around a police base after being asked to leave is a reasonable reason to place a civilian in jail. Raiding Raiding illegal areas All civilians in a raid area may be restrained and searched. If nothing illegal is found, you must let them go. If illegal items are found during a search, you may proceed to arrest them. Lethal force is only authorized if the situation falls under 'Use of Lethal Force'. After the area is secure, the officers must leave the area. Backup may be called in if the situation turns bad. House raiding A police officer may raid your house if you are caught doing an illegal activity To raid a house police must have 4 members of the police force present. If a police officer is killed during the raid the police may continue the raid If your house is raided and illegal items are found the police may confiscate the items If whilst your house is being raided the police find firearms when you do not hold a firearms licence they may confiscate any firearms found on the premises. Firearm laws General firearm laws Any firearm that has Automatic or burst fire functionality is considered an illegal firearm. A civilian may own any Rifle/Pistol provided they own a firearms licence. A civilian may not carry anything other than a pistol whilst within city/town limits any rifles must be in their vehicle/house. If a police officer approaches you outside of the city/town limits are you are seen to be holding a firearm the police officer is permitted to use non-lethal force to ensure their safety. If you turn to face a police officer with a firearm drawn and not lowered the police officer may use lethal force to protect themselves from danger. Illegal items all drugs and cop gear Illegal firearms Everything higher then a 556 is illegal Illegal vehicles The following vehicles are illegal for civilians to operate. Police are permitted to use lethal force in order to disable the vehicle Ifrit Ka-60 [Rebel Model] Littlebird [Rebel Model] Police Speedboat Hunter [Police] Police off-road Rebel off-road Discipline All police officers start off with a clean slate. Abusing police powers/Breaking police side rules may result in a warning. Serious offences may result in an instant demotion/Blacklisting. 3 warnings will result in a demotion/blacklisting. If an officer has been demoted they are unable to receive a new promotion for 1 month. If an officer has been blacklisted they must wait 2 months before they are able to apply to be whitelisted again. there is a download of the rules if u wish to have a on hand copy
  4. eh sounds good bro, i been posting all over about the server to public forums. lets hope we get a player base for the server and in turn more Madcast members
  5. not a problem. server is now live, i'm jumping from ts to ts and discord to discord talking to different communities and trying to get some Military groups to join! hype as fuck right now hope to see you and everyone else with the game online some time soon !!
  6. |BlackIce|Mods|RPVP|75K|PubCops|GangBases| Mod link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098900143 Discord Link https://discord.gg/N2kcVgB
  7. MT519

    flood in my area

    thanks yall, been working early mornings and getting stuff out of not just my place but a lot of the other homes in the area. so much stuff! but that's not even the worst part, its the damn media and press using this as a lead story and on top of all that people in my neighborhood are trying to use that and get free stuff.... making it seem like us working people are welfare bums and that we are in need.
  8. hey guys haven't been on for the past few days, we got hit with a flood. lots of damages and loss of items but we are ok. ill pop in here and there i'm back to work tomorrow so my morning LoL is no more
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/10/2579854400743723383/ Made for forum post on steam to bring in even more people to the server we are currently at 26 active players non Madcast members
  10. best show hands down. its to bad its going to end
  11. Man what a week, got a lot done added over 300 gear items 100 weapons a ton of scripts and addons! its looking good yall, almost ready to start posting on the Arma/Altis Forums
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