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  1. Hi everyone, I'll be taking over today's event. There is a lot for me to learn so be gentle. I hope to see you all there! Thanks, Exgameplayer
  2. Hi everyone, I'll be taking over today for support. I hope to learn a lot from everyone. Thank you, Exgamplayer
  3. I think the old format is good. The teams should not be balanced as much in my opinion. It would be nice for both a low and a high elo team. If the team that was mostly high elo asked their lane counterparts if there was something they wanted to practice or practice against it would be better for the players. I feel as it is now a lot of players that should be in gold and up are not playing ranked so they can go into the lower elo and stomp. If we focused on the players learning instead of balance the high elo players could take it easier on low elo and low elo would have the ability to experiment more. This with the removal of the aram could free up time to do a high elo vod review of the game. The match making riot has right now is wonky at best. I understand that it may be boring for high elo due to the pace that they are forced to play at, but as the community gets better everyone will be looking to close games faster. I also know that high elo will not be punished nearly as much and may unconsciously punish even the smallest mistake but that will be what pushes the lower player to improve. I am not implying that high elo sit on their thumbs and not win. The high elo team should be talking about what all of them notice in all lanes. The excuse that someone was pushed up to far and thats why they died is lame and unimaginative. It could be that they had jung close but the jung went for scuttle and not reinforced their call. some high elo jung will drop what they are doing to aid in the skirmish but a majority of the time when I go back to other elos the jung will only focus on one thing at a time and not what the team needs to succeed even if they are spitting distance from the fight. I understand that my post is a bit on the long side, but thank you for reading it. TLDR: I think stack the teams high vs low and the high elo focusing on helping low elo grow. Revision 1: May be a buddy system for reviews?
  4. Good to see you brother. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. Player Name: exgameplayer Level: 100` Preferred Roles: Support/Fill Rank: Gold I am signing up as a free agent. I am willing to captain should the need arise but would prefer not to.
  6. Player Name: exgameplayer Level: 83 Preferred Roles: Support Jungle I am signing up as a free agent. I am not available to captain but can assist in duties.
  7. League of Legends Name: ExgameplayerRank: Bronze 2Top Two Positions: Support, Mid Play Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): I am more aggressive in lane and like to roam Hours Available (Use Eastern Time Zone): erm lol I'm in hawaii so I'm only free on the weekends or holidays Favorite Champions: Any support or control mage Contact Me With (Skype, discord, league, etc - this is when you are not in TS): Skype: jasonrutkowski1 Discord: exgameplayer
  8. Welcome, I hope to learn many tips from you.
  9. Welcome, I had a grand time playing with you. Hope to many wins are to come.