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  1. Welcome to the community and good luck!
  2. UltronFtw

    House move

    Hehe, I've been in this house for 2 years and still haven't finished getting organized. Glad your done with the move though!
  3. Lol, well I got finished. A good night's sleep and a few cups of coffee tend to do wonders for solving problems. Didn't even have to demo anything.
  4. My A/C drain is stopped up, and it's in a hard to reach space. Typical homeowner project, I need two more arms, double jointed, and 6ft long, with extra elbows. Spent 6 hrs working on it last night (including the trip to Lowe's). The main drain is 1" copper pipe going into a T at the drain in the slab, with the vent for that drain on top of the T. My snake keeps going up the vent instead of down the drain lol. Just shoot me now. I already had to replace the p-trap section of PVC pipe coming from the air handler to the drain line. Got too physical with it. And its 100 outside ri
  5. UltronFtw

    House move

    Did you get finished?
  6. Pretty nasty looking rig man, grats on getting finished!
  7. Welcome to the community, looking forward to playing some games!