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  1. Isn't there a way to add exception on Chrome I wonder quietly to myself.
  2. Thank you LTTelamon. also candymaniam I love your banner thing. Now I feel like making something like that too
  3. Oh! Wow! Yes thanks! I was wondering what Baal was writing to me about replying in my thread I guess now I figured it out! Thanks for the warm welcome. As for the Full Member Terms, I read them and agree.
  4. Wow this is really well done. Whoever made this should probably work in the industry. This is really impressive.
  5. So coming from a safety background in social media (not amazon though) and a hobby-scam-baiter a little bit of input and I hope it will help you determine the validity of the emails etc. First of all, Amazon is apparently aware of scam and phishing attempts and they have a page with some information on it: Two important points they list, and so I would like to repeat them here is, check the sent from, reply to and so on informations in the emails and see if they are all * AND look for
  6. Congratulations Baal! Good Mentor > Will be a good Admin
  7. Hi. I used to use "video to video" video converter but when I had to reinstall my windows, and I downloaded it again, not only did I get a virus with now (which i did not before) but also it didn't work, telling me that I am missing some *.lib. I checked and it is not missing. Theoretically I could use the video converter that comes with my Movavi suite. But as good as the Movavi video editor is, the video converter is complete shit. It takes forever and then later, the converted videos make my Movavi crash. I googled the error. I tried the "fixes" but nothing helped. Does any
  8. So today... I built a house out of wood... 'n'amsayin'?
  9. I don't have one single song. But I have several that just keep coming back: Don't look back in anger - Oasis Rule the world - Walk of the earth What's up - 4 non blondes Toxicity - System of a Down
  10. I don't know if any of you noticed today's Google Doodle. But you can create your own short musical composition in it. It kinda awakened my inner music nerd after many years of sleep. This was just too fun. Here is mine: Who wants to give it a try and show off theirs?
  11. i am pretty jealous now. When i draw a face it looks like I am 3 yo an holding a pen for the first time
  12. So in case the problem still persists and you don't want to spend lots of money on upgrading your cooling system. I am assuming you have a computer, not a laptop there. You can open your computer and just vacuum the thing carefully. You can also get a compressed air spray for quick strong air bursts if needed. Also you can get yourself cooling paste and replace the cooling paste on your board directly (maybe it went dry). But VERY carefully. If you haven't done that before, get someone to help who has. Those three things are usually my first 3 go-to things and it is also usual
  13. MasterWonton: If you want to start a Coder Dojo, you can do that. They have some guidance for that on the website and they also have a forum etc. Epic: Yea you should have been there. Such a smart and creative bunch. Also thanks.
  14. Yesterday (Saturday) I was judging at a competition called "The Coolest projects" (link below) and I wanted to share the experience because it was amazing. So just a little bit of background info on this. All over the world, but mainly in Europe, there are so-called "Coder Dojo's". A Coder Dojo is usually offered by big tech or gaming companies. Kids and teenagers can go there to learn coding for free. And these Coder Dojos are staffed by employees of these companies but they volunteer for this. So this means, it is free for the kids because nobody actually earns any money with this ser
  15. Thanks for the recording of it. Due to time zone issues, I couldn't participate. So that's great.