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  1. I like that you are actively trying to find ways to improve on MadCast's most popular League event... it's a pretty ballsy change. Maybe my opinion won't mean much here since I haven't been to League of Learning in probably a month or so and I haven't ever participated in a League of Learning where there wasn't a high elo group and a low elo group, but I think most people like League of Learning for the inhouse aspect. I can go and queue up a norm any day of the week with a few friends. I don't understand why this is different (apart from the recruiting aspect) and how I seriously expect this to improve gameplay without putting more time into reviewing replays since I won't have the feedback from my opponents. Maybe some people would enjoy setting aside additional time to review replays of their gameplay with someone else, but I would think there are a lot who would not. No one asked me, but I found that a beneficial aspect of climbing and getting better was being able to see another person's perspective on something.
  2. Much needed nerfs. Disgustingly op champ. Now I can continue to ban Morgana.
  3. Thanks to Mike and the other admins who helped put this on. It’s always a good time playing competitive inhouses. Naturally, there are good and bad things about this tournament and I think the bad outweighed the good. One thing I have to say is maybe don’t let candidates play in these events. A member of my team was banned and that left my team in an unfavorable position. To put any team in a situation like that without any kind of probationary status/warning to the team is simply unfair to anyone playing. I almost feel like the captain of the team could act a second mentor in terms of keeping their members in shape if any problems arise… but that’s just me. Props to Mike for being on top of things and actively trying and succeeding to fill the position of the banned member from my team. I understand that anyone can be banned, but at least full members might get an extra chance than a candidate would given a tournament setting. To try and prevent this issue, instead of not allowing candidates to play at all, there might need to be some stricter requirements for them. Example, if a candidate is in their second candidacy, there is probably a solid reason from their first candidacy (since they didn’t join MadCast) that should not allow them to commit to a tournament that lasts many months. Or maybe if a candidate is in their first candidacy they should have been a candidate for at least 15 days before being able to play in the tournament, just so we can try and gauge if they will be active and ready to commit to a long-term tournament. These are not perfect ideas, but I am just spitballing since my team had someone banned from MadCast. I’m not trying to come off as being bitchy about it either, but my team had a pretty solid strategy set up on how we wanted to approach games. After the member was banned, we had to quickly adapt to an unknown player that was about to become our fifth (which I think we did a good job of). A second point I want to make is how open people are to accepting forfeits. I am specifically referring to when a player had an extreme family emergency and was not able to make a game. I get that there needs to be some standard in place where a team must forfeit, but it just doesn’t make sense to me how often people were crying for a forfeit win. We are here to play in a competitive tournament where there is no prize pool or anything… why be so adamant on forfeit wins? We are trying to play and have fun. Again, I know there needs to be a standard or something because people might be moving their schedules around for these games, but it was just surprising to me. I think attitudes in general might have been an issue here as well, but not too bad. One player I was talking to said that his team had a disadvantage because they were playing against my team. I’m not going to beat around the bush… I understand that I am a higher elo, but if you think you are at an inherent disadvantage before a game even starts because of knowledge you had before this tournament started, why are you signing up to play a tournament? By the way, my team lost that match. Another player was talking about how we have “Masters playing against Bronze”. This was a drafted season… every team is going to have a variety of elos. If this is going to be a problem for people, they need to stop signing up because these comments get old. We are all signing up to have fun and play with each other. Something to also understand is that one way to seriously improve at the game is to play against people that might be better than you. But just because I might be better than you does not make my team unbeatable gods, as you can see from the result of the tournament. Another obvious problem was already mentioned in other posts as well. The draft was pretty much nullified completely because of the result of the tournament. I believe my team had two additions throughout the entire tournament, because one of my players was banned, while the team that ended up winning had like five(?) additions. I do agree with Pushover that the team needed the help, but it perhaps got too much help. It was a completely new team than the one earlier in the season and the whole concept of balance was skewed. I also believe I recall Mike saying somewhere that all captains approved of roster additions. I hate to call you out Mike, but I feel certain I didn’t approve every addition (correct me if I am wrong, please). Due to all of this happening, I can’t see long-term tournaments sustaining with the number of teams we had unless the member base were to increase. The captains and Mike discussed before the tournament the pros and cons of three teams versus four. It’s an awkward situation because too many teams can lead to heavy roster changes, like we saw this season, while too few teams will leave too many people sitting on the bench. Mike and I had been discussing the feasibility of just doing a bracket tournament, like what Pushover had mentioned. I personally like this idea because banned players wouldn’t be a problem for a team. I’m not going to keep talking about the roster problems, I think Pushover said it nicely. I hope this feedback helps… I am not trying to sound salty or mean or anything like that.
  4. I think this is a great idea. It is a different story to hear feedback and then watch it again than to just hear it and forget about it the next day.
  5. Can't say I agree with a sign up. League of Learning is something I want to attend to just chill and play if I can make it that week. MCL is definitely something I am trying harder in, so a signup is more necessary since it is a long-term and more serious commitment. I wouldn't want to punish a player for arriving early to the event because they forgot to sign up and I don't think you can expect consistency when signing up for a weekly event (at least from me because there is no way I'd remember). I think a sign up sheet would be good if we were getting like 40+ people. I think the event usually ends at around ~11:15 anyways, which is probably largely due to our discussions being at least 15 minutes after each game... or it used to be since we deviated from the traditional lane by lane into late game rundown.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly with Ropes. It's funny he mentions this being in the lower elo games, when I had whispered to Epic that I felt the same way in higher elo games. It looks like we have a case of attitude problems on our hands... and to be quite honest it gets less and less fun each week. Communication stops, thoughtless plays occur, and bickering intensifies. I don't want to sit here and name names, but there are plenty of people in the higher elo games who I am referring to. I've said it a hundred times to so many people, but maintaining a positive attitude and looking at mistakes or lost fights from a perspective where it's only my fault seriously improved my gameplay (especially when I was actively climbing the ladder). If there is no desire to learn or get better from recognizing your own faults, you won't get better.
  7. Ok phew... the word "rework" scared me. I was about to rant about how disappointed I am in Riot for reworking an incredibly unique adc that offers a different kit than the "traditional" adc... but they are just changing his w and his model. Probably a much needed change tbh. His current w is pretty garbage.
  8. I like this idea too. Dez and I traded roles the second game and I think it's safe to say we both enjoyed offrolling,
  9. @MadCast: Mike Not sure if it is mentioned in the original thread, but how do we determine blue side / red side? Are all four teams playing at the same time (this might impact streaming if someone is streaming)? Also, were we intended to play one team three times?
  10. kyro

    Pup Reaply

    Welcome back, good luck
  11. Player Name: kyroo1 Level: 119ish Preferred Roles: Rank: Diamond I I am signing up as a free agent. I can captain
  12. I wouldn't necessarily agree that top lane is more about helping the team. If anything, I feel the top lane has remained the steadiest among the five positions. People can still play tanks to farm in lane and look for a tp play, or people can still play bruisers and try to force kills and get an early tower. But it certainly is true that the team needs to follow up on the jungler. Because of this, the top lane "I'm going to take your tower" mentality and style of play has inevitably decreased. This contradicts what I just said, but I feel the top laner is able to ignore his jungler more easily than the bot lane should. Adding to that, I often force myself to take an extremely awkward path to assist my jungler that I would never do in the past. In the past it used to be that you left the jungler if he was overextended in the river by his own doing. Now it feels like I have to force myself to go to the river to help him because I know the game is weighted more heavily from this one play. To add to your discussion on damage as a whole, I sometimes I do feel it is over the top. I will be playing Braum or Ali and just get decimated by the combo of an itemless Zoe. A Tiamat Talon will slam his face on his keyboard and do 80% of my hp without an auto attack. And to answer Support Welfare's question, I think the longer game would be more beneficial to League. Riot has made it known in the past that they do not want longer games, though. If the games were longer, champions like Vayne and Jinx could really come online if the team played properly. This could allow teams to build compositions around snowballing or the late game. Now you just can't build a late game team and reasonably expect to win the game in a solo queue setting. Games hardly exceed 30 minutes it seems, so it is just a battle of which mage or bruiser can snowball and take control of the game first.
  13. I want to start a discussion about general thoughts on League. I wanted to hear thoughts on the current state of everyone’s mental, whether you are having fun playing, or maybe some encouraging words. I feel like making this thread because I've played this game for so long and it means a lot to me. I’ve been playing League since January of 2014 (I believe) and I am going through a severe burnout phase that I have never gone through before. I have no desire to play this game or maintain my rank. It has gotten to the point where I have decided that I am going to let myself decay because I seriously dread having to play ranked so that I can avoid decay (the decay process is different in my rank than in most). Most people would probably read this and think I just need a break. In my opinion, I take breaks from this game more frequently than the average player with the most recent break coming about two and a half weeks ago. After these breaks I generally feel rejuvenated and ready to play. As I’ve said already, that was not the case this time and I just can’t get the fire back that I had in the past. In today’s game, the jungler decides the game. I find it annoying that one single player is unable to make mistakes in the game or else all map pressure is lost, towers are lost, and the enemy team slowly constricts you. I feel I enjoy the game the most when playing the jungle, as support is just stale to me and my impact on the game is minimal compared to a few patches ago. Although jungle is more playable for me right now, I still feel like I’m not having fun. I’m not trying to go off and sound like Hashinshin, but I think it might contribute to my problem. I could go on, but I want to hear your thoughts as well.
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