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    Rising to the top, 2 games a day.
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  1. Tolerance is a virtue my friend. Greatness does not discriminate. : )
  2. League of Legends Name: XxKNDYGamingxXRank: Gold 2Top Two Positions: Top, JunglePlay Style: Controlled aggression.Hours Available: After 11 PM EST.Favorite Champions: Jayce, Darius, Renekton, FoiraContact Me With : League of Legends Client, Discord, Tinder.
  3. I know! Thought of it all by myself too. : ) IGN: XxKNDYGamingxX Rank: Gold 2 Tag: NA prospect
  4. Hello, I am a mechanically gifted and dedicated aspiring esports athlete. I hope to use this platform to propel blooming esports career, so that I can present my talent on the biggest and best stage League of Legends professional scene has to offer. In other words, I am the top 14.45% of what League of Legends has to offer. Rising to the top, 2 games a day.