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    Aviation and Baseball pretty much. Modern medicine and pharmacy is cool too.

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  1. A Kenosha on the list!? I'm just south of the border from you..
  2. Welcome buddy! Was a blast playing that ARAM with you this evening
  3. Hey all, one way to get better at league or stay entertained it to see how the pro's do it, and a no better way to do that is by watching twitch streams. Who do you find yourself watching the most and who do you follow on twitch? Anyone on TSM (past or previous) --Dyrus, TheOddone, Chaox, Bjergsen Imaqtpie Tyler1 (rito unban pls.) Annie Bot Voyboy Shiphtur Cowsep (mains master yi and lives in Korea) If you don't currently watch streams, I recommend everyone listed above. Share who you watch?
  4. Hey all, just posting "A post that will "blow your mind!"" I heard about you all from my guy MadCast: Mike. He and I go way back in another gaming community we used to be apart of, and he told me about this community. I have played League since beta, and peaked about Gold I (I blame it on going to school for my lack of Plat. LOL.) I stopped playing for about a year and a half and just got back into it and climbed my way back to Gold, hopefully to climb higher soon. I am currently a college student, hacking away at my pre-req's for pharmacy school. Other than league, I play Arma (II & III), Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, HOTS, and I fly on FSX. I currently have a part time (at least that is what they call me so they don't have to give me benefits) job as a Pharmacy Technician with CVS/Pharmacy - Target, helping people on their path to better health. One thing that I enjoy is helping and seeing people get better at things, and being in a community of all different skill levels of all sorts of video games will not only help me grow as a player, but also share my knowledge with others. Competitive gaming is something that is always evolving, and theory crafting with friends is a fun thing to do, whether it's trying out crazy comps in normal games, or planning out weird level 1 jungle invades; Also introducing others into games that they may have not played before, Arma for example. It has many many different game modes, all packed into one platform. The members I have already talked to seem to be amazing people, and I can't wait to get to know y'all even better. Edit: Forgot to say, this is me applying for full membership. >.< -Reverse