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  1. ^ This. It makes kiting so much easier. A tip I have for csing tho is using auto attack range indicator (default key: A) to get used to your champion's range and taking advantage of that knowledge. For builds, I generally use Probuilds or naopgg as indicators of core items and possible situational items that work well.
  2. Mm that sounds good. I'm just never got the ingredients or all the fancy equipment to actually create something decent
  3. I've never tried cooking, but nevertheless, I'm excited about the cookbook. Hopefully, I won't burn down the house :#
  4. Narcos definitely. It's a rendition of Pablo Escobar's life. Although it's like a documentary, the way it's portrayed is like thrilling and will make you surprised, especially if you don't know about Pablo Escobar's infamous reputation already.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. I'm interested in this game like many others but I'm a bit skeptical since there's so much potential that might never be touched upon.
  7. Add me! ign: TheDeathStrider Don't worry about the name xD. I just was trying to think of the edgiest name when creating the account
  8. I would love some tutoring too. I main ADC and a lot of times, I don't know what to do after laning phase