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  1. I'd love to join in on the April 7th (Tuesday) 8pm session. Mordendra - lvl 3 Oath of the Watcher Paladin
  2. Same thing @MadCast: Suixide22. Although I'd almost be willing to put on a skirt if it means I can level my Paladin up some! lol. Sorry to hear your suffering @MadCast: RedJustice. Hope things get better for you soon.
  3. until
    Welcome to Monday Night League Smackdown! Hosted by MadCast: Icarus where we do some fun in-house competitive games with friends. Each game will have a captain assigned to the teams where they will draft pick from the pool of participants. This is a no holds barred, try hard, hit them where the sun don't shine match on Summoner's Rift. The event starts at 9pm EST and will run for 2 games. If you have any questions about the event please contact MadCast: Icarus. Remember that even though its a competitive game mode that you should still have fun and always adhere to the MadCast CoC. For a refresher you can find the MadCast CoC HERE.
  4. League of Learning! You know it and you know you want to be part of it! Join me tonight for some inhouse fun. See you there.
  5. I'll join in on this one (10:30 EST on the 25th) if there ends up being room. No need for anyone to sit out on my account though. Mordendra - Level 3 Dragonborn, oath of the Watcher paladin
  6. I'd like to nominate @MadCast: Icarus for his running of his first event tonight "League Smackdown" which I'd love to see as a recurring event. Great job putting the event together Icarus
  7. Thursday comes again which means time for some games with friends. Come join me for some in house games with lane breakdowns at the end of each match. See you there!
  8. I'm usually available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at any point.
  9. I'm also wanting to list any gems you are prioritizing here so we can trade them as needed. With that being said I'm looking for Diamond as well as Amethyst gems.
  10. Here is a list of some resources for Wolcen that some of us have come across. - This is a database of all the gear in the game so far. It gives you the range that the stats can roll and breaks them down by tier (how strong the base stats can be on the gear) - This is a great site to search for builds. It has a fairly good filter system that can help you narrow down what you are looking for and the play style you are wanting to shoot for. Feel free to add any that you come across. The game is very fun and I'd like to see it stick around for a good long time. Gathering resources and helping each other out will help further that goal.
  11. I wanted to start a post to help people gear out as fast as they can by getting everyone playing aware of what gear/stats others are looking for. That way we can trade gear between each other and push further in the game. That being said I'd like to follow a standardized format for this so that things are easy to read and find. example : My level: 59 General gear stat priority - Wisdom > CDR > Ailment (poison > fire) > Res All Specific piece I'm looking for - Head piece: Type - Heavy Stats - Res All > Health > CDR Notes: I'd prefer a high Res All stats (300+) but anything over 182 (current helm) would be a big help As a side note everyone keep an eye out for "The Trial". Its a unique belt that is central to almost every viable build in the game right now. It basically doubles your damage by placing a mark on the enemy every time you attack. No matter what level you are if you find it you should pick it up. Even if you don't use it I promise that someone in the group will.
  12. Thursday night League of Learning games! Bring your friends and lets have some fun. See you there.
  13. Monday night League of Legends event hosted by MadCast: Icarus. In-house 5v5 games. Come join the gang for some fun try hard games! Details can be found HERE
  14. League of Learning is here again everyone! Come join me for some in house fun with game breakdown after each game.
  15. Would love to have you stop by at any time. Always more fun with more people. Looking forward to seeing you tonight sir!