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  1. I can't make the Sunday session because I work but you can have my spot on Tuesday and I'll move to an alternate. @MadCast: Bainick
  2. Tuesday, May 19th 7pm Lasai Volo - lvl 5 Wu Jen Mystic I'll try not to break your encounters Munsa!
  3. I'd like to spend my downtime to start learning to use Alchemy Supplies.
  4. Ascent – off meta games. Path of Exile and the new stuff coming for it down the road Cloud – Mafia shout out JigglesTheFett – Talking a little about Living D&D and the influx of newer players joining. If interested talk to one of the DM about joining. Qrow – Years of service awards have been given out. Working on tracking “countable” awards such as guides and the like. Any suggestions for new awards talk to Qrow about any ideas. Quanta – Talked about “dont start together” and running the server. (edit: here is the correction because Quanta was busting my balls about it. its "Don't Starve Together") Kitty Stark – Kitty’s LoA due to moving. Asking for someone to take over Social Saturdays until LoA is over. Went over some of the games associated with the event. The Prince – Shout out to LizzieJay and Stan for running things in Destiny 2. Elections coming up. Living D&D games Support Welfare – League of Learning is on hold for the time being. Full Membership Terms and what can be done to meet them at this point. End of cycle elections coming up. My status as an admin in the community going forward with my new job opportunity. Doublestufforeo – Epic game launcher and the free games its offering on a regular basis. Love for Destiny 2 RedJustice – nothing specific to add Munsa – Exploring the new “normal” with the pandemic. Living D&D sessions and the new things to come. Epic – Not able to attend Icarus – Talked about his event and feedback threads associated with it. MadCast: Support WelfareToday at 6:41 PM @everyone Remember that Town Hall is tonight at 9pm EST! Join us for some insight as to whats going on in the community and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have of our admin team. See you guys there MadCast: doublestufforeoToday at 7:45 PM @everyone Town Hall begins in 15 minutes, please be prompt as usual. MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:45 PM ya boy gotta be muted for probably most of the meeting sorry no u MadCast: doublestufforeoToday at 7:47 PM That's okay Don, if you have any questions please direct them in here. and we will respond appropriately. MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:47 PM ok boss ❤️ MadCast: BainickToday at 7:47 PM probable apologies, in a dnd campaign atm (A dragon age one to be exact) MadCast: narucabraToday at 7:48 PM lulz MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:48 PM ahhh Munsa the smartest of asses MadCast: narucabraToday at 7:48 PM always good to have a back up MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:48 PM or break out @MadCast: Support Welfare Conversion into an oathbreaker!!!! oooooooh the story line! MadCast: narucabraToday at 7:49 PM followed by multiclassing into warlock what? MadCast: Support WelfareToday at 7:49 PM i thought about it but dont really like that line of game play. plus it would be tough to not just kill all my allies. >.< I have been working on creating a Mystic though MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:50 PM gotcha MadCast: Support WelfareToday at 7:50 PM I'm really liking the Mystic stuff so far MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:50 PM still would been a kool kat kinda thing xd uwu <# ❤️ MadCast: StarlightToday at 7:50 PM MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 7:51 PM silas could punch a teleport hall into existence with his glorious muskles one day siri gonna say no u @MadCast: Munsa no youre wonderful MadCast: StarlightToday at 7:58 PM i just am very excited for @MadCast: LithiumLilli and he dnd stuff MadCast: QrowToday at 8:04 PM MadCast Gaming MadCast Gaming MadCast Gaming Member to Member Award Nominations I have been kind of slack on keeping up with MadCast awards and had this idea to let you guys nominate each other for the awards. You can find the awards list here: I am open to new award recommendations but they need to be more than one-person specific so we can use it again.... MadCast: LizzieJayToday at 8:05 PM :slight_smile: MadCast: CloudToday at 8:10 PM you dont need to worry about meeting any requirements, this is talking about full members who are wearing a tag MadCast: IcarusToday at 8:11 PM For Full Members who want to know the requirements for FMs. MadCast Gaming MadCast Rules, Structure, and Organization (Read First) Welcome to the MadCast forums. It is our hope that you will take the time to read every thread in New to MadCast so that you are aware of all our rules, policies, and terms. Perusing this entire forum will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and understand the reasoning be... MadCast: StarlightToday at 8:12 PM harmon is great MadCast: ChibiushiToday at 8:12 PM thats how math works MadCast: StarlightToday at 8:12 PM @Harmon your pretty great made me laugh haha MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:12 PM MadCast grandpa tag for Harmon! OMG MadCast: EmaxxyToday at 8:14 PM Hopefully the new job stuff goes well! Good luck! MadCast: Kitty StarkToday at 8:14 PM @Harmon Here is the text chat related to what is going on with Town Hall. You can post any other questions here if you don't want to be disruptive but still wish to talk. MadCast: StarlightToday at 8:15 PM MEOWNING KITTY MadCast: The PrinceToday at 8:15 PM Crashlands = a more funny Don't Starve game. MadCast: ChibiushiToday at 8:17 PM Can't @MadCast: Starlight do it so that we can call it antisocial Saturday? MadCast: StarlightToday at 8:17 PM i was so gonna volunteer then saw u typing XD im def down to do it to help out i dont mind at all but if anyone wants to, im ok with someone else, cause ive ran an event before MadCast: CloudToday at 8:19 PM i was thinking about you or lili when i thought of FMs running it MadCast: QuantaToday at 8:19 PM xp? MadCast: Kitty StarkToday at 8:19 PM MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:21 PM ❤️ MadCast: KalToday at 8:21 PM 👍 I gotta drop, laters all. Be well MadCast: Kitty StarkToday at 8:22 PM Goodnight Kal! MadCast: ChibiushiToday at 8:22 PM @MadCast: Quanta fishing over here thirsty AF MadCast: CloudToday at 8:23 PM xD or xP so close MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:24 PM ZINGER MadCast: QuantaToday at 8:24 PM Huh? This chat hasn't let me type back for a bit MadCast: ChibiushiToday at 8:25 PM FM = Frequency Modulation MadCast: Support WelfareToday at 8:25 PM MadCast Gaming Introductions Post an introduction thread to announce your arrival on our site. This is also the forum where you may elect to apply for Full Membership. MadCast: ChibiushiToday at 8:26 PM Imma just comment on Hawk's thread that IDK if we need any more space hamsters MadCast: Suixide22Today at 8:26 PM so whats the post Town Hall happening? MadCast: Support WelfareToday at 8:26 PM ^ candidates at town hall tonight [C] Hawkeye620Today at 8:26 PM Kitty forced me MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:26 PM she forced me too MadCast: narucabraToday at 8:26 PM lol MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:26 PM i was able to escape by simply changing my profile picture I'm already posting on Harmon's thread for Senior Senior Full Member MadCast: Suixide22Today at 8:29 PM anyone for some League? or Catan? MadCast: DismaToday at 8:29 PM I'd just like to drop by and say that @MadCast Maday sucks, that is all. MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:29 PM Thank you, Disma MadCast: narucabraToday at 8:29 PM good to see ya disma 😛 MadCast: Don ScuoglioToday at 8:30 PM The fact that I know almost nothing about Maday, I can now judge a founder accordingly MadCast: narucabraToday at 8:33 PM the dark tomes wait for the stars to align and the cult of disma will return MadCast: Suixide22Today at 8:33 PM if anyone wants to get on some Catan come join me for a quick game Colonist: Play Settlers of Catan Alternative - Free Online Game Online board game alternative to the popular game Settlers of Catan and PlayCatan. Colonist allows you to play now without the need to download or sign in. MadCast: DismaToday at 8:33 PM @MadCast: narucabra Naru, good to see the Team Disma faithful are still alive and well MadCast: narucabraToday at 8:35 PM have a good night folks
  5. Here are the final images of the Dice Tray. I put the velvet lining in and I took a couple pictures with my dice collection as well.
  6. I would like to encourage this to be standard practice for all the DMs going forward but it will not be enforced by any means. I kind of stole this idea from Prince when I seen him doing it in his thread. Just makes things more convenient for non-SFM+ members to search through and sign up.
  7. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have gone through the Signup Master threads and hid all the posts that do not pertain to the current session being run. So, DMs, don't be surprised if you see nothing in your signup threads (other than Munsa and Prince as they can still see hidden posts). I did this in an attempt to help the DMs find and update their threads quicker. It should eliminate the need for digging through multiple pages to find signups for the current session.
  8. Date of purchase: 4-28-2020 Gold before: 6000 gp Gold after: 0 gp Item purchased: Armor +2
  9. April 29 at 7PM Mordendra - lvl 5 paladin, oath of the watcher
  10. So because you guys got me hooked on D&D I started getting a few dice sets. I then decided to start watching "Critical Roll" on YouTube. I seen some of the stuff they give away as gifts, one of which being dice trays. I got the idea in my head to make my own so here it is! I still have plans to put velvet cloth lining in the tray but otherwise its finished up and I think it looks really good.
  11. Tuesday the 28th please. Mordendra - lvl 5 paladin
  12. Tonight is the night! League of Learning in house games at 9pm EST. See you guys tonight.
  13. I'm going to base this off the assumption that "skull of telepathy" is comparable to "helm of telepathy" in the Sane Magical Prices PDF that was pinned in the D&D channel. Unless I'm mistaken you are getting a crazy good deal as the item would typically go for 12000 gold. With that said I'd like to stick to the 1000 gold. If I'm mistaken on comparing the 2 items please let me know and I am willing to re-evaluate.
  14. @MadCast: Starlight At this point the 12 hours have passed and the auction is closed. The item is now yours! Congrats and enjoy your new Beholder Plate, sold for 1100gp.
  15. Ah. Good to know. I just assumed as all the items I've seen so far have required it. As the item is a custom item the description didn't explicitly say one way or another. Thank you for the information