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  1. Whats up all of you amazing people!!! I just wanted to put this here so if anyone needs to talk or wants to ask for some good vibes or share something they are going through you can. My family has had a really really rough week. My uncle died two nights ago due to COVID and last night my aunt tried to kill herself. with COVID restrictions and living so far away I cant go home to be with them which is very very hard and all on top of finals and trying to stay positive for the holidays for the kiddos! My point is you are never alone we all go through some rough shit but that does not make what y
  2. I DEMAND A TACO EMOJI!!!! I have a sparkly one made if you need one for reference ^.^
  3. well if no one else is going to jump lol ill post some links to a few of my projects, they were all for a photography class so like one of the projects was a scavenger hunt which is why some of the pictures dont fit together so this one was a narrative story ( ***trigger warning mental health struggles and suicide***) https://adobe.ly/3cMGaTQ this one was a sound response where we had to listen to a sound then portray that sound through photography https://adobe.ly/3jWnEuH and this one was the scavenger hunt so each photo had a different criteria it had to fill
  4. Do we have any photographers or photography enthusiasts in here?? I would love to see everyone's favorites!
  5. Support from a fellow long namer!! ❤️
  6. What’s the last day we can donate? I know you said you’re shopping the 10th but is there a last day you would like donations?
  7. Thanks everyone!! Been a long couple of weeks but we are finally starting to find a rhythm!
  8. Hey everyone! Meet the newest member of the taco platter! Baby Jaxon!
  10. I am 24 years old and have been active duty in the Air Force for 6 1/2 years. I have never once voted and here’s why. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. No candidates I fully support have made it far enough for me to vote for. Example in the last presidential election I supported Dr. Ben Carson, has he made it all the way I would have voted and voted for him. Since he didn’t and I did not fully support either candidate I did not vote. I 100% believe voting or choosing not to vote is your individual right not a responsibility but I also agree with the philosophy of if you don’t vote
  11. My still in the works fav Spotify playlist rn
  12. haha I'm about to name them teemo because of the tiny satanry . and yes kitty I have one tiny Satan already and my pregnancy with him was 100x easier than this one lol. bloody has been incredible through all my hormone induced rage fits lol