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  1. [ @MadCast: majorhoward ] "Why of course I would love to make some money Ogma! I must say that the local brew is quite.... lacking in aroma, richness, and to be frank flavor. How much money are you looking for an initial investor? I must admit I'm not as flush with cash as I once was." Rodrigo brushes off a hair from his new Raiment of the Prince waistcoat. "Right now I can invest 50 gold into your enterprise. I know its a paltry sum, but perhaps we can come to some sort of other arrangement?" Rodrigo nods his head toward the beat up lute case strapped to his back.
  2. Date of Purchase: 2/18/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 959 gold, 2 silver, 35 copper Gold After Purchase: 59 gold, 2 silver, 35 copper Raiment of the Prince (900gp) - A gloriously embroidered garment, made of the richest cloth from the far reaches of the Empire. Small jewels are sewn into the fabric, giving it a soft shimmer. It is light to the touch, and smoother than the finest silk. While wearing this romper, a character may cast the Friends cantrip twice per long rest.
  3. Time: 6/8 Tempo: Allegro Verse I Our story begins with a hero most brave, the drunken dwarf Ogma with big axe in hand, a slayer of goblins and drinker of booze, those monsters don't know the hell they'll go through. Chorus Till Valhall! Till Valhall! We'll suffer no ogres till Valhall! Till Valhall! Till Valhall! We'll crush all their skulls till then! Verse II Without delay he assaulted his foe, the axe cut through everything including the bone, blood, gore, and a boot everywhere they were slung, but Ogma kept going said he wasn't done! Chorus Verse III Ogma kept looking for a mightier foe, something to challenge his winning ego. The only release he found in the bottle, and Ogma kept singing 'cause he'd find his battle! Chorus Verse IV Kato the druid wanted some fun, said ogres were fighting and they would not run, Ogma picked up his axe and mounted his wolf, cause this was the moment that'd see him through, Chorus (x2)
  4. The Great Bard Rodrigo Kattago is taking commissions. 50 gold for standard song (one verse and one chorus) + 50 gold per additional verse. 50 gold for the song to be performed publicly. Please comment below with your name, character name, your order for lyrics or performance, and notable action that you wish your song to be about, and amount paid. Commissions will be completed in the order of them being placed. Order of Commissions 1. JigglestheFett, Drake, 1 Standard song+performance, The Gnome Artificer with Guns, 100 gold (paid in trade) Satisfied Customers 1. Hubert IV of House Skyfall 2. Ogma the Dwarf
  5. Demons await in a basement most fowl, Our brave Hubert investigates with a scowl. But little prepared was he to face, The evil foe of Interloper's Inc. Bravely outnumbered he was doomed to fall, But he took down those demons, standing mighty tall, Saving the town, the fate that await The Dashing Adventurer of Interloper's Inc. Lyrics by Rodrigo The Great Bard Rodrigo would like to inform all members of Interloper's Inc. that he is open to commissions for said members.
  6. I would like to participate in the Missing Person Scenario. It seems like a lot of people could only play on Saturday night so I can do that if it starts at 9:30pm.
  7. That sounds like a tier 3-4 base to me. A good goal to strive toward.
  8. I personally didn't enjoy the Funday Mondays, but don't let me stop you. If you want any help with anything just let me know.
  9. Date of Purchase: 2/5/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 304 gold, 2 silver, 35 copper Gold After Purchase: 29 gold, 2 silver, 35 copper Soupstone - 100gp Fatespinner Knickknack - 175gp
  10. Interlopers Inc Theme Song Verse I Forest dark and scary, Harbor many foes, Many went a missing Chasing the village hoes. But people do not be scared, For your saviors are in sync, The dashing adventurers Of INTERLOPERS INC. Chorus Interlopers Inc! Interlopers Inc! There’s no better adventurers Than Interlopers Inc! Interlopers Inc! Interlopers Inc! Don’t worry you’re all safe now, With Interlopers Inc! Verse II The Monsters cannot stand, Against their mighty foe, Gave folks confidence, To chase the village hoe. And people be emboldened, For your saviors are in sync, The dashing adventurers, Of INTERLOPERS INC! Chorus Verse III Goblins killed by the hundreds Felled with mighty blows Delivered by adventurers Defending village hoes Who’d perform these feats, The mightiest ever seen, None other than adventurers, From INTERLOPERS INC! Chorus Verse IV There’s a mighty warrior Tee is his name Crushing goblin shitters Hoping they’ll be tamed But then he met some fugus Which feat had him out-the sink? He crushed those nasty mushrooms, For Interlopers Inc! Chorus Verse V The spider big and nasty, Hidden in its web, Layed a horrible ambush For the heroes it was said. But little did this creature know That the heroes were in sync They turned around a slayed the foe For Interlopers Inc! Verse VI Ogma saw the spider And charged be beast most foul Engaged the beast with his axe Screaming his furious howl! The spider had no chance With each blow the legs went crink For Ogma was an adventurer From INTERLOPER INC! Chorus (x2) Lyrics and song by Rodrigo Owned and published by Interloper's Inc Incorporated
  11. Monday or Tuesday will work for me, but Sunday is a no go. I'm travelling.
  12. Date of Purchase: 1/29/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 10 gold, 40 silver, 100 copper Gold After Purchase: 40 silver, 85 copper 5 Torches - 5 cp 1 Rope, Hempen - 1 gp 1 Grappling hook - 2 gp 1 Ball bearings (bag of 1,000) - 1 gp 5 Soap - 2 cp 1 Tent, two-person - 2gp 1 Mirror, steel - 5gp
  13. I'll take the orc monk with piloting skills.
  14. Count me interested. Friday nights are no go for me, but Saturday night after 9:00pm est will work for me.