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  1. Gokudera27 formally MadCast Gokudera, would like to have his tags back.
  2. I'll be there. Let the battle of the OTP's begin.
  3. I'm ready to start playing this again. Finally have a job that ends at 6:30 on Tuesdays. I look forward to finally being the mafia. XD
  4. Yeah I have been away for a bit but I still have the steam version if we are wanting to get a group together.
  5. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/359494806390439938/477318326750674976/8-15_NA1-2842506143_02.webm
  6. Player name: MadCast Gokudera Level: 92 Preferred Roles: Adc then Mid Rank: Gold V
  7. I will play if we can get some people together.
  8. I have the free version and would love to get a game going with whoever wants to play. My steam name is MadCast: Gokudera.
  9. Gokudera

    Civ. V Players

    Hello all, I just wanted to see if there are any Sid Meier's Civ. 5 players out there who would like to play a Multiplayer game every now and then. You can find me in the discord most nights or just message me here on the forums if you are interested. Thanks for your time.
  10. I have a new job that has me working all Saturdays so I will be unable to play on that day. If we happen to do the tournament match on Sundays then I can schedule myself every Sunday off if necessary.
  11. I find that as I play these Thursday events more and more, the sessions seem to hinder on when to roam and the constant vision that we are able to exploit on the map. If possible I was wondering if we could revisit that topic going forward into the month of March. For vision, where to ward and why, as for roaming, when to roam and when not to as well as why it's better to take a tower or leave it standing in relation to roaming.
  12. I ended up in silver 3 after placements and have since gone a little higher to silver 2, but the last couple of games have been full of people either int/afking or just flaming someone until they afk, i don't think i've had a full team of 5 for the last 6 ranked in a row. I am trying to think of a better mid laner to help other lanes regain control or push a small advantage into a better one, but I haven't practiced much outside of LB, which is garbo right now, and morgana, who can win lane but I find her hard to outroam my competition, anyone have some suggestions?
  13. I have read and I agree to the conditions mentioned in the Terms of Full Membership.
  14. I just wanted to thank all the people who have commented on this thread. I have been trying to implement some of these strategies, and it has been going decent so far. I'll update this later after I get some more games down.
  15. I need to buy PS+ and a CoD game again, what games do you have? I prefer multiplayer but am not adverse to playing zombies if that is more your style.
  16. I am Gold 5 at the moment so there is a lot of people just flaming and either afking or just side wave pushing. I used to play a lot of adc but with most of the supports in my ranked games leaving me for dry, I have gravitated towards mid more and more. Most mid laners have a oops I messed up let me just bug out real quick button that helps with positioning and other things i'm working on now, that ADC's just don't have. Plus the adc is usually the first one targeted at my lvl they just all in them so Mid is safer. XD Thanks for the comments though, i'll look to be online earlier to play with some more members if possible.
  17. Recently I made a New England Corn Chowder that I loved and felt like sharing with people on here. NEW ENGLAND CORN CHOWDER AND CORNBREAD INGREDIENTS- 16oz of Prosciutto uncooked or Cherrywood smoked Bacon uncooked (will be referred to as P/CB) 1 large onion 2 - 32oz Swanson chicken broth 48-62oz Heavy Cream 3 Cans of regular corn drained 3 Cans of Creamed corn not drained 3-4 pounds of russet potatoes/roughly 6-8 potatoes 1 box of Honey Cornbread mix (personally I like Krusteaz) Usually milk, eggs, and vegetable oil for the cornbread (depends on what box you buy) Utensils - A medium sized bowl for holding the cut up potatoes A very large pot A skillet or large saucepan A large muffin pan A whisk A Ladle A spatula Tongs Potato peeler Very sharp Cutting Knife PREPERATION- First things first you have to peel the potatoes. After you peel them you should cut them in half and then cut each of those halves twice. As you cut them up place them in the medium bowl as we will be using those later. Next, you need to dice the onion into small pieces, around the size of the small McDonalds onions. After you cut the onions cut the pieces of prosciutto or cherrywood bacon once longways and then 5 times across per piece, you don't have to cut these too small b/c they will shrink when you cook them. Now you want to place the pieces of P/CB into a large saucepan over high heat and cook them to your liking. After you are done cooking the bacon, take it out of the pan and drain the bacon grease into a bowl, you are going to use it in a second. Clean the large saucepan you just used to make sure that there is no brown or burnt spots on it from the bacon you just made. After it is clean you need to take your large skillet or saucepan and put it on the stove over medium high heat, or on a scale of 2-9 put it on a 6 or 7 depending on how hot your stove top gets. Add the bacon grease back to the pan and put your diced onions into the pan. Start cooking it while moving around the onions to make sure they don't burn. Once this mixture has caramelized you put the mixture, as well as the bacon grease and the P/CB into the big pot. Put the big pot onto the burner you were using for the onion mixture and keep the heat at its' current level. Now you will add the cut up potatoes. After you put in the potatoes you need to add the swanson chicken stock until your pot is half full. After you add the chicken stock you need to cover the chowder with a pot cover for 30 minutes stirring every 5 minutes to make sure nothing burns. After 30 minutes has passed take out a piece of potato and make sure it is cooked to your liking. If it is, then you need to turn the dial of your burner down to the simmer or low setting. Finally it's time to add your drained cans of corn, and your cream corn cans to the mix. After adding the corn you then need to add your Heavy Cream until you have almost a completely filled pot, making sure to leave about half an inch so that you can stir and if it bubbles you won't have any spills to clean up. You can now add some pepper if you like but you may want to save the salt until after you scoop some of the chowder out into bowls as the P/CB and the chicken stock already have salt in them. *As a side note if you make it too salty you can add some granulated sugar to the mixture and cook it a little in order to counteract the saltiness. Anyway after you add the Corn and Heavy Cream it should need about 10-15 minutes of cooking, whilst stirring every 5 minutes, to be ready to serve. Now is the time to make your Cornbread. Follow the instructions on the box for the cornbread, but there is a small trick to this as well. Use muffin pans as this allows the mix to rise more, and you also want to spray the pans with PAM baking spray as to ensure no sticking of the cornbread. Also, when you are combining the ingredients for the cornbread together make sure to use a whisk, not a spatula. The whisk will incorporate more air into the mixture and will make for lighter cornbread. You also want to only fill the cornbread pans about 2/3 of the way full with mixture as this mix will rise. *A very important side note is that you should never boil the chowder after you add the heavy cream. If you do it will curdle the chowder and it will be ruined. *As a side note if for some reason the Chowder is not as thick as you would like it then all you need to do is measure out 3/4 cup of flour in a measuring cup, and take out 2 sticks of butter. Put the butter in a saucepan over medium high heat, no hotter, and melt it until it is all melted. After it has completely melted you can gradually add the 3/4 cup of flour to the butter while mixing the two together in the saucepan. The time necessary to finish this after the butter has melted varies but it will take no longer than 6 minutes. The below picture is what it will look like when it's ready to be added to the chowder. This mixture will thicken the chowder enough to satisfy most.
  18. I was wondering if anyone in this group is going to buy, or has bought, WW3 and for what system. I was looking into buying it but don't have anyone to play multiplayer with. I have both consoles so I can go either way with this. Probably won't get it for a couple of months anyway. I have to recover from all the christmas gift spending.
  19. Awesome feedback from everyone thank you. If anyone is up for a game later I will be happy to play with people to work on this and other aspects of the game. I'm usually online at 10pm EST.
  20. So a topic I have been discussing with members Pushover and Racer is a teams' ability to give and follow orders, or shot-calling. I think that when going together in a team of 5's, the members of the team should designate a shot-caller for the game. The rest of the team should follow the shot-callers advice and proceed accordingly with trust that they can accomplish whatever goal the shot-caller has set before them. I think that whether or not the action taken is the correct one or not, the team working together on command can only help the instincts of the players as a whole. In addition, the players will learn a thing or two about how to shot-call themselves based off of the success or failure of the team plays they work on together. Can somebody comment what they think below and let me know what they think on this matter. Maybe we can include this in the league of learning.
  21. I just saw this, and I have to say my old nostalgia game is Sonic 2 Adventure Battle and YuGiOh the Falsebound Kingdom for Gamecube.
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