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  1. Does @MadCast: Epic even know half the teams participating? Or even the 3 NA teams participating? And he's trying to talk smack to me??
  2. MadCast: TheMaesen

    Nova Drift

    If you were like me and were thinking, "This sounds fun, wait its been over 24 hours and the sale isnt on steam now. I guess I missed the boat on this one" do I have news for you. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/nova-drift?hmb_source=search_bar its still on sale on humblebundle for another 13 ish days.
  3. I can come as well. That Anarchy drop calls to me.
  4. I’m down but If someone else wants in I can also step out. Although I do want to try for anarchy (maybe a couple times ;p)
  5. Is marble race a game I just don’t know about.... or are you talking about like... betting... on marble races? My vote depends heavily on your answer.
  6. Yo, I can totally fill if you need me. Thanks fam. (For Kitty)
  7. Pushover’s Perfect Postgame - The forum thread where Pushover talks you through the replays and teaches you the 3 P’s of league of legends: Preperation, Power, and Flaming teammates. Coming soon.
  8. So is it 4 weeks of the same topic or? I guess I’m a little confused on the wording “second week of four, first week of newest topic”.
  9. I think you are making more out of this than intended Epic. While his comments are very sarcastic, they are not negative in nature. Nobody's work is being attacked here. Considering what I said above, this just comes off as a rude comment to me. My 2 cents, take them or leave them.
  10. I wouldn't drive an hour to see my mom, I'd rather die than drive to Dallas to do stuff.
  11. Only way C9 doesnt go to group B is if G2 or EDG get knocked out.
  12. I think both FNC and TL both got off a little easy. Group B looks pretty rough with Gen G and RNG.
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