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    I'm your typical Canadian dude, I just like to eat food, sleep, play video games and work. Between these tasks I spend a lot of time with my rescue dog, Dude. He is the best.
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  1. I walk my dog, a quick 30m walk to the park and back and most times I'm calmer, a lot of the time tilting can be avoided by muting people so most of the time in ranked I just mute everyone but my jungler/ADC.
  2. I'm signing up. New studio based in BC Canada, game seems promising.
  3. With the new reverts to Leblanc you guys should consider trying her, I used to main LB before swapping to support and its one of the best champions to learn if you're interested in learning how to punish enemy laners because her performance is so much based on how well you can shutdown the opposing mid laner and then spread your dominance across the map. It was super helpful when I started mid to progress the recommended route Annie (Easy champ) -> Farming Champ (Anivia, Ryze, Ziggs, Malz, etc) -> Harass Champ (Leblanc) because you learn all the different skills required to excel at the position. But now I'm just a filthy Bard main.
  4. GPP was shutdown by Nvidia 2 days after you posted this , the program itself is absolutely terrible, it was designed specifically to force partners into agreements with Nvidia due to their larger market share and the potential loss of sales as a result of not playing Nvidia's game. The fact that Nvidia was willing to do this makes me not want to purchase their products but with AMD's cards costing much more than double MSRP even exceeding the inflation you'd expect by the mining increases my options are to wait for the next generations of Vega and hope they are a better value or swap to Nvidia. An interesting point I heard about this program and the potential problems with its cancellations is that some brands (Asus as an example) spent money developing a new brand for AMD cards (AREZ) an then announced it and started switching branding over and likely produced packaging and other marketing materials so all of their money was either wasted (if they go back to the ROG branding for AMD cards) or was just a colossal waste of time due to Nvidias own greed. AMD just can't catch a break, this happened to AMD back in 2005 and they sued Intel for unfair business practices and were rewarded 1.25b as a result of the shenanigans Intel pulled, this was very similar to what Nvidia tried to do.
  5. Still playing it, leveled a mage to max, finished my Warrior and now I'm leveling my rogue if anyone wants to join me
  6. This looks pretty good.
  7. The Kennen changes look fun, people mention it makes him more of an ADC but I think he will be back in top lane pretty quickly to counter a lot of his favorable matchups.
  8. Brand wouldn't be considered easy due to the skillshots dramatically affecting how much damage he does in a team fight and correctly utilizing the combo's for the most amount of tri-procs of his passive, I would say the easiest middle champions to learn how to play would be Annie, Malzahar and Veigar.
  9. This is my preferred path too, the tear helps so much, similar build on Nami (Tear -> Ardent Censer). Taric is so much about denying the enemies ability to kill you by abusing his ultimate, using the E damage to catch lower ranked players out due to how much damage it does is also one of his strengths, I mostly play Bard, Taric and Brand personally.
  10. I played Diablo 3 from launch until this season, I think I'm done with the game until larger changes come, maybe when Diablo 4 comes out or if they add new content because as it stands I've played all relevant high-end builds at some point and the necromancer gave me another few months of enjoyment, I think it needs some sort of new type of content to do, endlessly grinding rifts season after season has finally caught up with me :P.
  11. Black Mirror is really good at times and other times it's just okay, obviously if you haven't watch Game of Thrones, if you want something animated try Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, SuperMansion, if you like food try watching Ugly Delicious, Somebody Feed Phil, No Reservations, The Layover, etc. Right now I've just been watching Ugly Delicious and other food related stuff on YouTube.
  12. Yeah in Canada we're not so lucky our prices don't matter and our large PC Vendors are going out of business (NCIX) with Memory Express and Newegg not offering those types of deals we're mostly screwed and end up having to be lucky with a sale, I myself am waiting for the next generation, hopefully the mining boom will be done.
  13. This isn't to do with RAM, this is all to do with mining, the cost of GPU's in the current generation are nearly 2 x MSRP in Canada, 1080 is retailing for on average $800 - $900 at the moment but was originally priced at most $700 with most people getting them for $600. a GTX 1060 is $400 for the 6GB model, it's worth $200.
  14. Intel processors tend to be better for single-threaded applications (older games), most games will run fine on either or with the top honestly belonging to Intel and the best value belonging to AMD with their Ryzen 5 1600X, personally I went with AMD for my previous builds but for my most recent build (2.5years) I went with an Intel i5 4690k. You honestly won't go wrong with either company, my personal recommendation is for a Ryzen 1600(X if you're going to OC) and then waiting for a decent GPU sale given the current mining situation good luck!
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